The Disadvantages of Hosting a Home Minecraft Server
The Disadvantages of Hosting a Home Minecraft Server

For many Minecraft players, the game experience is the connections you make in multiplayer. For this to work, players will have to find the perfect server for their own gameplay goals.

One easy solution for this is creating a server. But while this is the right move for most players, hosting that server at home might not be.

Let’s go over the disadvantages of hosting a home Minecraft server.


Minecraft servers require routine maintenance and upkeep, especially if you have an active and large playerbase.

If Minecraft servers aren’t maintained, they can go down and keep players from joining or playing. There are also many technical issues that can wreak havoc on home Minecraft servers.

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Whether it’s game updates, connection issues, or even players causing problems – juggling everything while trying to host your own server can be a logistical nightmare.


At the end of the day, to understand how to run a Minecraft server, you’ll need some experience. It’s not something you can learn from a YouTube video or an article.

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To gain this experience is a bumpy road when starting your own Minecraft server, as you won’t have knowledgeable experts on-hand. 


To run a Minecraft server, you’ll need the right hardware, internet connection, and time to keep things smooth.

In the end, this ends up being quite a cost to most Minecraft players.


There’s plenty to keep track of when starting a Minecraft server. For starters, you’ll have to control for variables like population, mod packs, rule sets, resets, and general moderation.

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When tasked with managing everything on your Minecraft server, it can feel more like you’re working than playing the game.

Why Using a Minecraft Server Hosting Service Solves Issues

To avoid the regular hassle of hosting your own Minecraft server, you can simply use a Minecraft server hosting service.

These services take on the headaches of maintaining your server and give you an easy way to keep everything perfect.

This is where Bisect Hosting steps in.

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As a top of the line Minecraft server hosting service for over 7 years, we offer exceptional service with the background to help players of all experience levels create and maintain their own Minecraft server.

With 24-hour customer service, a wide range of data centers, and plenty of customization options – Bisect Hosting makes creating a Minecraft server as simple and smooth as starting a single player game.

If after all that, you can still set up your own Minecraft Dedicated Server

A dedicated root server (also shortened simply to “dedicated server”) is a hosting system that provides users with a complete solution. All hardware requirements are covered.

In contrast to other server types, dedicated servers offer the high performance capacity exclusively earmarked for your project’s needs. This endows dedicated root servers with wider bandwidth and also has the added benefit of making servers less prone to lagging.

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