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Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide

Posted on by bisecthosting

Welcome to potions and brews hosted by Bisect Wizarding School! Alchemy may seem quite daunting at first, but after learning how each item works, it’s as easy as taking a sip of suspicious stew. Ready your cauldrons and put on those witch hats because today we share our Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide.

Preparatory Work

Step 1, Crafting the Brewing Stand
Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide - Brewing Stand Crafting Recipe

Before class can commence, a brewing stand is a must for every student. But where do we begin? Brewing stands require three cobblestone, or three of a cobble variant if preferred, and a single Blaze Rod. The cobblestone is obtained by breaking stone with a pickaxe, but the blaze rod will be a little more troublesome to get.

Students will need to venture forth into the nether and find a nether fortress where the mob called blazes spawn. They float about and shoot fire, so be ready with some ranged weapons and fire protection enchantments!

The blaze rods drop fairly quickly, but don’t leave with just one! You will need many as they also power the brewing and alchemy that’s about to be done. Try to get as many as possible, preferably with a looting enchanted sword if there is one on hand.

Once done, head back to your alchemy lab and place down your newly built brewing stand.

Step 2, Powering the Brewing Stand
Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide - Blaze Powder Crafting Recipe

Similar to how a furnace is powered by coal, brewing stands are powered by blaze powder. An item you thankfully already have! Blaze powder is crafted by placing a single blaze rod on the crafting table. From there, put it right into your stand!

Step 3, Crafting Bottles
Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide - Glass Bottle Crafting Recipe

A potion can’t be made without something to put it in! Next, we need three glass blocks to craft bottles. A relatively simple task! Glass is obtained by digging some sand and putting it in a furnace. The sand will then smelt into glass!

Step 4, Preparing a Water Source
Brewing Room Example

The final bit of preparation an aspiring alchemist needs is a water source to fill bottles with. Any water block will do, including cauldrons filled with water. I personally made some waterfalls in my brewing room. Its appearance, location, and amount are entirely up to you!

Potions and Brews 101

Step 1, Fill the Bottles with Water
Minecraft Water Bottle

Every potion begins with a bottle of water. Be sure to fill all three slots of the brewing stand! Making one or two potions at a time wastes resources and is never worth it. Always three!

Step 2, Awkward Potion
Minecraft Nether Wart Item

The first transformation at hand comes from placing a single nether wart in the brewing stand. This will turn the bottle of water into an awkward potion which is the root of all potions. I personally keep a chest full of awkward potions to skip having to do this step when brewing.

The only exception to this rule is when making Weakness Potions. These are made with a fermented spider eye which turns the bottle of water directly into a potion of weakness. But again, this is an exception. Everything else uses a nether wart at this stage.

Step 3, The Branching Tree

This is where brewing branches many which ways. So, for everyone’s ease, I made a table to help find what you need. Remember, this step will only work if three Awkward Potions are currently in the brewing stand!

SugarPotion of Swiftness
Rabbit’s FootPotion of Leaping
Blaze PowderPotion of Strength
Glistering MelonPotion of Healing
Spider EyePotion of Poison
Ghast TearPotion of Regeneration
Magma CreamPotion of Fire Resistance
PufferfishPotion of Water Breathing
Golden CarrotPotion of Night Vision
Turtle ShellPotion of Turtle Master
Phantom MembranePotion of Slow Falling
Step 4, Enhancing or Extending

Don’t remove those potions just yet! Potions can be extended or enhanced, but you can’t have both, so now a choice has come.

Enhanced potions will significantly increase the strength of a potion, but the time it lasts is shortened in exchange. Extended potions significantly increase the time a potion lasts, but the benefits it provides remain at rank one. Will you use glowstone dust to enhance the potion or redstone to make it last longer?

However, not all potions can be enhanced or extended. So, another table we shall provide!

PotionGlowstone DustRedstone
Potion of SwiftnessPotion of Swiftness IIPotion of Swiftness +
Potion of LeapingPotion of Leaping IIPotion of Leaping +
Potion of StrengthPotion of Strength IIPotion of Strength +
Potion of HealingPotion of Healing IINo Effect
Potion of PoisonPotion of Poison IIPotion of Poison +
Potion of RegenerationPotion of Regeneration IIPotion of Regeneration +
Potion of Fire ResistanceNo EffectPotion of Fire Resistance +
Potion of Water BreathingNo EffectPotion of Water Breathing +
Potion of Night VisionNo EffectPotion of Night Vision +
Potion of Turtle MasterPotion of Turtle Master IIPotion of Turtle Master +
Potion of Slow FallingNo EffectPotion of Slow Falling +

Remember, a potion can not be enhanced and extended! It is one or the other!

Step 5, Corruption (Optional)

Some Potions can be corrupted, adding one final set of branches to our very large tree. Doing so will turn the potion into something else entirely. However, it usually follows the theme of opposites. A healing potion, for example, would become a harming potion.

Corruptions are done by putting a fermented spider eye in the brewing stand with three completed potions. Those already enhanced or extended will become their corresponding enhanced or extended variations.

PotionFermented Spider Eye
Potion of SwiftnessPotion of Slowness
Potion of LeapingPotion of Slowness
Potion of StrengthNo Effect
Potion of HealingPotion of Harming
Potion of PoisonPotion of Harming
Potion of RegenerationNo Effect
Potion of Fire ResistanceNo Effect
Potion of Water BreathingNo Effect
Potion of Night VisionPotion of Invisibility
Potion of Turtle MasterNo Effect
Potion of Slow FallingNo Effect
Water BottlePotion of Weakness

Combat Witchery 101

Step 1, Splash Potions
Minecraft Splash Potion

Every potion made so far can be turned into a splash potion by placing a single gunpowder in the brewing stand. Splash potions are weaker than drinking directly from the bottle, but they can be thrown, allowing multiple players to benefit while also skipping the drinking period.

However, the main benefit of splash potions is turning the negative potions into ranged weapons. This is especially strong in PVP environments.

Step 2, Lingering Potions
Minecraft Lingering Potion

Taking splash potions one step further, they can be turned into lingering potions. This is done by placing a bottle of dragon’s breath in a brewing stand that contains three splash potions which then turns them into lingering potions.

When lingering potions are thrown, they leave a cloud on the ground causing negative or positive effects depending on the potion. For example, a lingering potion of harming will hurt people who enter the cloud, while a lingering potion of regeneration will heal them.

Dragon’s breath itself is obtained by right-clicking the Ender Dragon’s harmful breath with an empty glass bottle. It is the cloud of purple on the ground that hurts a lot during the fight!

Step 3, Tipped Arrows
Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide - Tipped Arrow Crafting Recipe

Finally, lingering potions can be transformed once more, but this time it is not done in a brewing stand. If a lingering potion is placed on a crafting table surrounded by eight arrows, tipped arrows can be made, which inflict the potion’s effect upon landing a hit. This is particularly deadly in PVP when using poison and harming arrows!

However, it is always funny to shoot your friend with an arrow of healing.

Minecraft 1.19 Potion Guide

Congratulations! You’ve made it all the way through potions and brews hosted by Bisect Wizarding School! We hope this invisible diploma will do. Didn’t receive it? What do you mean? Its right next to you!

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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