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February’s Must See Minecraft Reddit Posts

Posted on by bisecthosting

Reddit’s /r/Minecraft is home to a wide variety of Minecraft fans. Developers included! And when a community as creative as Minecraft’s comes together, amazing creations are bound to be shared. Today we will be returning to /r/Minecraft for February’s must see Minecraft Reddit posts that you absolutely do not want to miss.

A Matter of Perspective

The warden is not yet out, but that has not stopped players from exploring every detail of it in Bedrock Edition’s experimental mode! Take, for example, the image above by /u/unsuspecting_emu. That is a lot of health for a boss that drops no rewards! The developers have stated that the warden is not supposed to be something players defeat, and for most of us, that means get ready to sneak!

Creepy Crawlies

The talent of the Minecraft community never ceases to amaze, and /u/Voxeer_ only proves it. Alongside a friend, they created a stunning yet creepy bite-sized animation. If not told otherwise, I would have thought it was a clip from Minecraft Story Mode!


It is a fantastic feeling to look over your hard work and remember how it all began. A feeling perfectly captured by /u/zentalist who thought to take and share some screenshots! Thanks to them, we can see how drastically their blue dye farm changed in real-time. Can you spot the sparse few areas that remained the same?

Banner Art Editor

As a fan of banner and pixel art, this post is one I am glad to have found! /u/Synkedam created a web-based editor for banner art which saves a ton of hassle in game. The best part? They shared it with all of us for free! The editor can be found on their webpage here.

Wither Rose Farm

From EXP to pumpkins, the Minecraft community has found just about every way to farm each item in the game. Wither roses being no exception. Using the bedrock portal from beating the ender dragon, a newly spawned wither, and a lot of snowmen, /u/Whoevers shows us step by step how to get as many wither roses as you will ever need. Complete with pictures too!

Content Yet Explored

Reddit Logo: Must See Reddit Posts

February’s must see minecraft reddit posts has reached its end, but /r/Minecraft’s hasn’t! We only picked five from a sea of so many excellent posts waiting to be seen. Check out the top posts of all time for years upon years worth of content. You won’t be disappointed!

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