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All Vanilla Minecraft Structures

Posted on by bisecthosting

From cities hidden far beneath the earth to monuments that line the deep sea, the world of Minecraft is steeped in mystery. Who built them, where did they go, and why are Steve and Alex all alone? Today we will be exploring all “human” made structures in Minecraft and sharing what little lore we know.


All Surface Structures


All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Village
Screenshot by ThyLienMaster

Biomes: Plains, Desert, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy Taiga, Snowy Plains, Sunflower Plains

Villages can spawn in just about any overworld Biome. Most are filled with villagers who hold various jobs, and through kindness and trade, players can raise their reputation with them. Watch out for pillager and zombie raids, however! As some players may find, there are occasionally large villages where only zombie villagers remain.

Pillager Outposts

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Pillager Outpost
Screenshot by Nixinova

Biomes: Plains, Desert, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy Taiga, Snowy Plains

Always watching from their towers in the distance, pillager outposts are found in the same biomes as villages. With a tower at its center, tents at its side, and cells containing allay and iron golems, players can choose to sneak their way to the loot or bravely save the innocent mobs jailed within.

Should the player slay the outpost’s leader, be warry of the bad omen his spirit leaves behind. It may just lead to a village raid somewhere down the line.

Swamp Hut

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Witch Hut
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Swamp

Found only in swamps, these small structures are the homes of witches and cats. Outside of a cauldron and crafting table, there is not usually much to find inside, but beware! It is said that a slain witch can always re-appear.

Desert Pyramid

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Desert Temple
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Desert

Found only in deserts, these ancient sandstone pyramids are filled with hieroglyphics, hidden loot, and an explosive surprise. Look beneath the floor at its center but be wary of the pressure plate waiting at the bottom. Who built them remains unknown, yet it’s clear they did not want anyone taking their stuff!

Desert Well

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Desert Well
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Desert

Beneath the desert’s burning sun, some lucky players may find a well filled with water. It holds no loot and hides no secret, but the water would be a life savior if they ever added thirst! Perhaps it was made by the same forgotten people as the desert pyramids?

Jungle Temple

Minecraft Screenshot: Jungle Temple
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Jungle, Bamboo Jungle

Deep within Minecraft’s jungles are cobblestone structures rarely seen, but for those who brave their halls, a puzzle of redstone levers awaits. Further still, one wrong step may trip a booby-trapped wire, but the loot makes it all worthwhile.


Minecraft Screenshot: Igloo
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Snowy Plains, Snowy Taiga

Little did players expect one of Minecraft’s creepier structures to be an igloo. Most are cozy homes, but hidden beneath their carpets occasionally generates a trapdoor. Those who descend its ladder will find a secret lab with the supplies needed to cure a zombie villager, and beyond a sign, two cages with a villager and zombie villager waiting side by side.

Where its owner went, nobody knows, but it is clear their work was recent!

Woodland Mansion

Minecraft Screenshot: Woodland Mansion
Screenshot by Lama Minecr

Biomes: Dark Forest

Found only in the depths of dark forests are mansions absurdly large in size! Loot-filled randomly generated rooms wait behind each door, but beware the evokers and vindicators that call it home!

Storage rooms, spider rooms, and obsidian rooms are just a few of the rooms that may be found inside. Not to mention the totem of undying it could have stored away! Keep an eye out for secret rooms too. Not all of them are so easily spotted.

Ruined Portals

Minecraft Screenshot: Ruined Portal
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: All

Scattered across the overworld and nether are ruined nether portals. Some may have chests and others crying obsidian, but each makes for convenient passages across dimensions. Or, at the very least, a safe source of obsidian.

All Underground Structures


Minecraft Screenshot: Mineshafts
Screenshot by Deshman-gpuser

Biomes: All

Proof of civilizations from times before are mineshafts still found deep in the earth. Forgotten chests sit in minecarts, rails lead to dead ends, and poison spiders now call the tunnels home. Braving their maze-like halls will yield plenty of loot, but don’t lose your way!


Minecraft Screenshot: End Portal
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: All

Containing the entrance to The End, these rare stonebrick structures are located using eyes of ender. The halls within twist and turn, libraries contain lost knowledge we, unfortunately, can’t read, and silverfish watch from within blocks waiting for their chance to strike.

If you jump into the end, you can’t leave until the Ender Dragon is dead!


Minecraft Screenshot: Dungeon
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: All

Minecraft’s oldest structure still generates just as it did way back when. One mob spawner, lots of mossy cobblestone, and loot chests containing your standard rewards. Perfect for mob farms or training with weapons, but not so much for lore.

Ancient City

Minecraft Screenshot: Ancient City
Screenshot by LuminesceIncandesce

Biomes: Deep Dark

Coming in 1.19 is a lost city found within the deep dark biome far underground. Guarded by the warden, this mysterious place is full of loot and statues, but not a single inhabitant remains to be found. Enjoy your spoils of unique blocks or claim the city as your own, but make sure to light it up to avoid mobs. It is called the deep dark biome, you know?

All Underwater Structures

Ocean Ruins

Minecraft Screenshot: Ocean Ruins
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Ocean, Beach

Along the dark ocean floor, occasional village ruins wait to be found. Made of cobblestone or sandstone and usually containing some loot chests, players are left to question who made them. Was it the drowned that now wait within?


Minecraft Screenshot: Shipwreck
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: Ocean, Beach, Stony Shore, Snowy Beach

Found sometimes on beaches but mainly in the sea are ruined boats left behind from a time unseen. Clearly sea-faring vessels, they are of no simple make, and their loot is not something any would willingly throw away. Unfortunately, none contain a captain’s log to tell us more than that.

Ocean Monument

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Ocean Monument
Screenshot by Amber

Biomes: Deep Ocean, Deep Frozen Ocean, Deep Cold Ocean, Deep Lukewarm Ocean

Home to Minecraft’s only mini-boss, Ocean Monuments are large deep-sea structures of prismarine blocks filled with Guardians and Elder Guardians. Clearing one out is no easy feat, but to do so leaves the monument’s many spoils in the player’s hands. The treasure room, randomly generated sponge rooms, and plenty of sea lanterns all being examples.

Enchanted armor for sea ventures or water-breathing potions are a must-have! The guardians will not give their temple up lightly.

All Nether Structures

Nether Fortress

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Nether Fortress
Screenshot by Vincentobun

Biomes: Any

The home of Withers and Blazes is no easy place to traverse. Their bridges, halls, and towers are all made of netherbricks, netherwort farms grow within, and blaze spawners ensure there is always something waiting for battle.

Who built them is ever unknown, but Minecraft’s second boss can be called with the skulls of the wither skeletons that roam its halls.

Bastion Remnants

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: Bastion Remnants
Screenshot by Windwend

Biomes: Nether Wastes, Crimson Forest, Warped Forest, Soul Sand Valley

The home of piglins is a castle of crumbling blackstone. Any civilization they once held is long gone, yet they cling to what remains. Inside, the player will find plenty of loot in its randomly generated sections alongside the piglin’s beloved gold, but know they will not take kindly to those who come to loot.

All End Structures

End City

All Vanilla Minecraft Structures: End City
Screenshot by Goro488

Biomes: The End, End Midlands, End Highlands

Far from the island where the Ender Dragon is fought are floating cities of endstone and purpur blocks. Shulkers guard their treasures and floating ships may carry elytra, but to find them requires a couple stacks of blocks for towering. Where the inhabitants went is as always unknown.

A List's End

As of 1.18, those are all the “human” made structures to be found within Minecraft. Does the overworld’s trend of ruins being underground or at the bottom of the sea suggest a cataclysm that forced survivors underground? What happened to the sprawling civilizations of the nether? Where are the citizens of the End Cities?

At this time, we do not know, but perhaps someday Mojang will share just a little more.

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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