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7 Days to Die

How to Build a Dew Collector in 7 Days to Die

Posted on by justin
Added in Alpha 21, the Dew Collector in 7 Days to Die provides zombie apocalypse survivors with another means to gather clean drinking water. Continue reading to learn how to build this placeable workstation and how to use it properly.

7 Days to Die Dew Collector Crafting Recipe

7 Days to Die Dew Collector First, players must read at least 2x Forge Ahead magazines to unlock the Dew Collector crafting recipe. Then, craft the Dew Collector in 7 Days to Die requires the following items:
  • 1x Water Filter
  • 100x Scrap Polymers
  • 4x Short Iron Pipe
  • 4x Duct Tape
Purchase a Water Filter from a Trader who sells it. Then, gather the Scrap Polymers by harvesting various metal and plastic objects, including (but not limited to) traffic cones, TVs, battery banks, and ovens. It’s also possible to harvest Scrap Polymers from trash piles at the hospital. As for the Short Iron Pipe, you must use 12x Iron and 6x Clay at the Forge to craft this resource. Note that the materials needed to craft a Short Iron Pipe decrease as your Advanced Engineering level increases. Finally, craft one Duct Tape unit by combining 1x Glue with 10x Cloth Fragment. It’s also possible to loot Duct Tape from fallen zombies or find it in some containers.

How to Use the Dew Collector

7 Days to Die Dew Collactor Use After crafting the Dew Collector in 7 Days to Die, find a location with a clear view of the sky in your base and place the workstation at that spot. Once placed, it’ll collect water and provide you with three jars of clean drinking water every 24 in-game hours, regardless of the weather or time of day. Players can place multiple Dew Collectors in a small area to create a water-gathering plant. However, putting one Dew Collector increases the area's heatmap, which can increase the rate of summoning the undead in that area. In particular, placing ten Dew Collectors guarantees that a Screamer will spawn in that area once every five in-game hours.
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