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7 Days to Die

How To Purify Water in 7 Days To Die

Posted on by justin
7 Days to Die leans towards reality for its survival mechanics. For instance, your character can become dehydrated and die if it's left unchecked. But scouring Navezgane for hydration will likely give you murky water that's unsafe to drink. So, continue reading this guide to learn how to purify water in 7 Days to Die and drink it safely.

Purifying Water in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Purify Water Purify Murky Water in 7 Days to Die by placing it in a Cooking Pot over a Campfire. First, you can make the Campfire by crafting it using 5x Small Stone. Next, craft the Cooking pot at the Forge using 25x Iron and 5x Clay Soil. A combustible material should also be powering the flame to purify the water. These combustible items include (but aren't limited to) the following:
  • Wood Log
  • Wood Blocks
  • Baseball Bat
  • Candy Cane Club
  • Steel Club
  • Claw Hammer
  • Leather Poncho
  • Denim Pants
  • Plant Fiber Clothing
Next, wait 40 seconds for the fire to cleanse the Murky Water. If successful, the Murky Water will transform into Water. This process removes the “+12% Dysentery Chance” effect of drinking murky water. Note: Drinking Murky Water will inflict 5 health damage as of Alpha 21. With that, you can drink Water, which restores hydration by 20. Drinking plain water also grants +15% stamina regen. Tip: Use spawn commands and item IDs to bypass this process.

How to Get Pure Mineral Water in 7 Days to Die

Aside from purifying Murky Water and transforming it into plain Water, you can also craft Pure Mineral Water. Consuming this item grants the following effects:
  • +60 to Hydration
  • +15% to Stamina regen
  • 20% Dysentery reduction
  • Enables the Efficient Digestion buff (-15% Water and Food Loss) for 5 minutes
First, unlock the recipe by finding and reading the Wasteland Treasures Vol. 4: Water. Then, craft Pure Mineral Water by interacting with a Cooking Pot over a functioning Campfire. The items you’ll need for this item are 1x Water, 1x Coal, 1x Goldenrod Flower, and 1x Chrysanthemum Flower. Note: You can also find Pure Mineral Water in Water Cooler Bottles in basements of houses.
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