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7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Item IDs and Console Commands

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 21 minutes)
Fighting waves of the undead in 7 Days to Die can be quite a nerve-wracking experience if you don’t have the necessary items to survive. Thankfully, you can use console commands to give yourself an edge against zombie hordes. So, keep reading to learn all the item IDs in 7 Days to Die, and the console commands you can use to catch up and get ahead of the undead.

How to Use Console Commands in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die All Item IDs 7 Days to Die players can access the command console in both single and multiplayer scenarios. However, only some console commands can be used in online multiplayer. But you can still open the command console by pressing the F1, F2, or double quotation (“) keys on your keyboard. Warning: Excessive use of console commands in 7 Days to Die may corrupt the character and/or world file. Create a backup before attempting to use these special commands.

7 Days to Die Console Commands

Command Name



giveself giveself [item id] [quality level (1-6)] Give yourself the indicated item with the specified quality level.
buff buff [buff id] Applies a buff to yourself.
debuff debuff [buff id] Removes a buff from yourself.
buffplayer buffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id] Applies a buff to a specified player.
debuffplayer debuffplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [buff id] Removes a buff to a specified player.
switchview switchview Switches between 1st person and 3rd person POVs.
systeminfo systeminfo Print info about the current system CPU or operating system.
debugmenu debugmenu Toggles debug mode on or off.
exhausted exhausted Exhausts your character.
giveselfxp giveselfxp [xp amount] Give your character the specified amount of XP.
creativemenu creativemenu Toggles the creative menu.
spawnsupplycrate spawnsupplycrate Spawn a supply crate above your character.
admin admin ['add' / 'remove' / 'list'] [steam id / player name / entity id] [permission level] Manages the user permission level.
kick kick [steam id / player name / entity id] ["kick message"] Kick any particular player from the game using this command.
kickall kickall ["kick message"] Kicks all players from the game.
whitelist whitelist ['add' / 'remove' / 'list'] [steam id / player name / entity id] Adds or removes any player in the white list.
ban ban ['add' / 'remove' / 'list'] [steam id / player name / entity id] [duration + duration unit] ["message"] Ban or unban any player in the game.
killall killall Kills all players in the current game instance.
teleport teleport [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [offset x y z] [view direction] Teleports your character to the designated location.
teleportplayer teleportplayer [steam id / player name / entity id] [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] [view direction] Teleports a character to the designated location.
showclouds showclouds [texture file name] Shows one layer of clouds.
repairchunkdensity repairchunkdensity [x z] ['fix'] Checks if block densities in a chunk match the actual block type.
weather weather [weather setting] Changes the in-game weather.
weathersurvival weathersurvival ['on' / 'off'] Enable or disable the weather in survival mode.
spawnentity spawnentity [player id] [entity id] Displays a list of entities that can be spawned.
spawnwanderinghorde spawnwanderinghorde Summon a wandering zombie horde.
givequest givequest [quest id] Triggers the specified quest.
removequest removequest [quest id] Removes the specified quest.
say say ["message"] Sends a message to all connected clients.
cp cp ['add' / 'remove' / 'list'] [command] [0 - 1000] Adds a command to the command permission list with the desired permission level.
listplayers listplayers Lists all players with their IDs, positions, health, stats, and IP addresses.
version version Print the currently running version of the game and loaded mods.
water limit water limit [amount] Controls the flow of water in the map.
thirsty thirsty Make your character thirsty.
spectrum spectrum [spectrum id] Forces a lighting spectrum.
gettime gettime Print the current number of days and time.
spawnscouts spawnscouts [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] Summons any screamer at the designated location or player.
listents listents Lists all zombies, players, and animals.
shutdown shutdown Shuts down the current game.
spawnairdrop spawnairdrop Spawns an air drop.
staticmap staticmap Toggles the Navazgane map between static and dynamic.
listplayerids listplayerids Lists all players and their IDs.
setgamestat setgamestat [game stat] [value] Sets any game statistic to the designated value.
getgamestat getgamestat [string] Prints a list of current game stats.
setgamepref setgamepref [game preference] [value] Sets the game preference to your desired value.
getgamepref getgamepref [string] Prints a list of current game preferences.
starve starve Makes your character hungry.
settempunit settempunit [c / f] Toggles the temperature unit to between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
memcl memcl Prints the memory information on client and calls garbage collector.
mem mem Prints the memory information and calls garbage collector.
traderarea traderarea Shows all trade areas.
exportitemicons exportitemicons Exports all item coins to the game folder.
lights lights Turns light-emitting objects on or off.
shownexthordetime shownexthordetime Displays the wandering horde’s next spawn time.
pplist pplist Prints the persistent player data.
clear clear Clears all output text in the command console.
listthreads listthreads You can execute the listthreads console command to list the threads.
spawnscreen spawnscreen Displays the spawn screen.
showalbedo showalbedo Hide or show the albedo in the gBuffer.
settime settime ['day' / 'night'] [0-24000] [d hh mm] Sets the game’s time.
help help [command] Prints the help text for supported commands.
sounddebug sounddebug Enables or disables the SoundManager debug output.
shownormals shownormals Shows or hides the normal maps in gBuffer.
loggamestate loggamestate [header] [true / false] Writes the information about the current state of the game.
chunkcache chunkcache Shows all loaded chunks in the cache.
loglevel loglevel [log level] [true / false] Enables or disables log messages shown on the connection.
saveworld saveworld Saves the world.
showchunkdata showchunkdata Displays some current data chunks.
aiddebug aiddebug Enables or disables the AIDirector debug output.
showspecular showspecular Enables or disables the display of specular values in gBuffer.

7 Days to Die Item IDs

With the command console open, you can give your character in 7 Days to Die the desired item by using the giveself command along with their item ids. For example, if you want the Bone Knife, you must input the following command: giveself meleeBoneShiv. With that, here are all the in-game objects and their item IDs in 7 Days to Die that you can use with the giveself command.
  • .44 Magnum: gun44Magnum
  • AK-47 Assault Rifle: gunAK47
  • Blunderbuss: gunBlunderbuss
  • Compound Bow: gunCompoundBow
  • Crossbow: gunCrossbow
  • Hunting Rifle: gunHuntingRifle
  • Marksman Rifle: gunMR10
  • Pistol: gunPistol
  • Shotgun: gunPumpShotgun
  • Rocket Launcher: gunRocketLauncher
  • SMG-5: gunSMG5
  • Wooden Bow: gunWoodenBow
  • Molotov Cocktail: thrownAmmoMolotovCocktail
  • Pipe Bomb: thrownAmmoPipeBomb
  • .44 Magnum Round: ammo44MagnumBullet
  • .44 Magnum AP Round: ammo44MagnumBulletAP
  • 7.62mm AP Round: ammo762mmBulletAP
  • 7.62mm Round: ammo762mmBulletFMJ
  • 9mm Round: ammo9mmBullet
  • 9mm JHP Round: ammo9mmBulletJHP
  • Flaming Arrow: ammoArrowFlaming
  • Iron Arrow: ammoArrowIron
  • Steel Arrow: ammoArrowSteelAP
  • Stone Arrow: ammoArrowStone
  • Blunderbuss Ammo: ammoBlunderbuss
  • Exploding Crossbow Bolt: ammoCrossbowBoltExploding
  • Iron Crossbow Bolt: ammoCrossbowBoltIron
  • Steel Crossbow Bolt: ammoCrossbowBoltSteelAP
  • Stone Crossbow Bolt: ammoCrossbowBoltStone
  • Iron Dart: ammoDartSteel
  • Rocket HE: ammoRocketHE
  • Shotgun Shell: ammoShotgunShell
  • Shotgun Slug: ammoShotgunSlug
  • Buckshot: resourceBuckshot
  • Bone Knife: meleeBoneShiv
  • Candy Cane Club: meleeCandyCaneClub
  • Candy Cane Knife: meleeCandyCaneShiv
  • Barbed Club: meleeClubBarbed
  • Iron Reinforced Club: meleeClubIron
  • Spiked Club: meleeClubSpiked
  • Wooden Club: meleeClubWood
  • Hunting Knife: meleeToolHuntingKnife
  • Machete: meleeToolMachete
  • Iron Sledgehammer: meleeToolSledgehammer
  • Advanced Muffled Connectors: modArmorAdvancedMuffledConnectors
  • Advanced Muffled Connectors Schematic: modArmorAdvancedMuffledConnectorsSchematic
  • Customized Fittings: modArmorCustomizedFittings
  • Customized Fittings Schematic: modArmorCustomizedFittingsSchematic
  • Helmet Light: modArmorHelmetLight
  • Helmet Light Schematic: modArmorHelmetLightSchematic
  • Improved Fittings: modArmorImprovedFittings
  • Improved Fittings Schematic: modArmorImprovedFittingsSchematic
  • Muffled Connectors: modArmorMuffledConnectors
  • Muffled Connectors Schematic: modArmorMuffledConnectorsSchematic
  • Flaming Arrow Schematic: ammoArrowFlamingSchematic
  • Exploding Crossbow Bolt Schematic: ammoCrossbowBoltExplodingSchematic
  • Gas Can Schematic: ammoGasCanSchematic
  • Shotgun Slug Schematic: ammoShotgunSlugSchematic
  • Leather Armor Schematic: armorLeatherChestSchematic
  • Scrap Armor Schematic: armorScrapChestSchematic
  • Steel Armor Schematic: armorSteelChestSchematic
  • Battery Bank Schematic: batterybankSchematic
  • Tasting And Brewing: beerSchematic
  • First Aid Kit Schematic: firstAidKitSchematic
  • Enforcer Magazine: gun44MagnumSchematic
  • AK-47 Schematic: gunAK47Schematic
  • Compound Bow Schematic: gunCompoundBowSchematic
  • Crossbow Schematic: gunCrossbowSchematic
  • Hunting Rifle Schematic: gunHuntingRifleSchematic
  • MR-10 Schematic: gunMR10Schematic
  • Pistol Book: gunPistolSchematic
  • Shotgun Schematic: gunPumpShotgunSchematic
  • Rocket Launcher Schematic: gunRocketLauncherSchematic
  • SMG-5 Schematic: gunSMG5Schematic
  • Nailgun Schematic: gunToolNailgunSchematic
  • Auger Schematic: meleeToolAugerSchematic
  • Chainsaw Schematic: meleeToolChainsawSchematic
  • Hunting Knife Book: meleeToolHuntingKnifeSchematic
  • Sledgehammer Schematic: meleeToolSledgehammerSchematic
  • Barrel Extender Schematic: modGunBarrelExtenderSchematic
  • Bipod Schematic: modGunBipodSchematic
  • Polymer String Schematic: modGunBowPolymerStringSchematic
  • Shotgun Choke Schematic: modGunChokeSchematic
  • Cripple 'Em Schematic: modGunCrippleEmSchematic
  • Shotgun Duckbill Schematic: modGunDuckbillSchematic
  • Weapon Flashlight Schematic: modGunFlashlightSchematic
  • Fore Grip Schematic: modGunForegripSchematic
  • Magazine Extender Schematic: modGunMagazineExtenderSchematic
  • Feel the Heat Schematic: modGunMeleeFeelTheHeatSchematic
  • Rad Remover Schematic: modGunMeleeRadRemoverSchematic
  • The Hunter Schematic: modGunMeleeTheHunterSchematic
  • Muzzle Brake Schematic: modGunMuzzleBrakeSchematic
  • Reflex Sight Schematic: modGunReflexSightSchematic
  • Retracting Stock Schematic: modGunRetractingStockSchematic
  • Rod and Spring Replacement Schematic: modGunRodAndSpringSchematic
  • Scope 8x Schematic: modGunScopeLargeSchematic
  • Scope 4x Schematic: modGunScopeMediumSchematic
  • Scope 2x Schematic: modGunScopeSmallSchematic
  • Silencer Schematic: modGunSoundSuppressorSilencerSchematic
  • Trigger Group: Full Auto Schematic: modGunTriggerGroupAutomaticSchematic
  • Trigger Group: Burst Schematic: modGunTriggerGroupBurstSchematic
  • Trigger Group: Semi Schematic: modGunTriggerGroupSemiSchematic
  • Bunker Buster Schematic: modMeleeBunkerBusterSchematic
  • Barbed Wire Mod Schematic: modMeleeClubBarbedWireSchematic
  • Burning Shaft Mod Schematic: modMeleeClubBurningShaftSchematic
  • Metal Spikes Mod Schematic: modMeleeClubMetalSpikesSchematic
  • Ergonomic Grip Schematic: modMeleeErgonomicGripSchematic
  • Fortifying Grip Schematic: modMeleeFortifyingGripSchematic
  • Grave Digger Schematic: modMeleeGraveDiggerSchematic
  • Iron Breaker Schematic: modMeleeIronBreakerSchematic
  • Serrated Blade Schematic: modMeleeSerratedBladeSchematic
  • Structural Brace Schematic: modMeleeStructuralBraceSchematic
  • Tempered Blade Schematic: modMeleeTemperedBladeSchematic
  • Weighted Head Schematic: modMeleeWeightedHeadSchematic
  • Wood Splitter: modMeleeWoodSplitterSchematic
  • Sawed-off Shotgun Barrel Schematic: modShotgunSawedOffBarrelSchematic
  • Painting: Decorations: paintMagazineDecorations
  • Painting: Faux: paintMagazineFaux
  • Painting: Masonry: paintMagazineMasonry
  • Painting: Metal: paintMagazineMetal
  • Painting: Wall Coverings: paintMagazineWallCoverings
  • Painting: Wood and Roofing: paintMagazineWoodAndRoofing
  • Schematic Test: schematicMaster
  • Minibikes For Dumbshits: vehicleMinibikesForDumbshitsSchematic
  • Padded Boots: armorClothBoots
  • Padded Gloves: armorClothGloves
  • Padded Hood: armorClothHat
  • Padded Chest Armor: armorClothJacket
  • Padded Leg Armor: armorClothPants
  • Football Helmet: armorFootballHelmet
  • Iron Boots: armorIronBoots
  • Iron Chest Armor: armorIronChest
  • Iron Gloves: armorIronGloves
  • Iron Helmet: armorIronHelmet
  • Iron Leg Armor: armorIronLegs
  • Leather Boots: armorLeatherBoots
  • Leather Chest Armor: armorLeatherChest
  • Leather Gloves: armorLeatherGloves
  • Leather Hood: armorLeatherHood
  • Leather Leg Armor: armorLeatherPants
  • Military Boots: armorMilitaryBoots
  • Military Gloves: armorMilitaryGloves
  • Military Helmet: armorMilitaryHelmet
  • Military Leg Armor: armorMilitaryLegs
  • Military Vest: armorMilitaryVest
  • Mining Helmet: armorMiningHelmet
  • Scrap Boots: armorScrapBoots
  • Scrap Chest Armor: armorScrapChest
  • Scrap Gloves: armorScrapGloves
  • Scrap Helmet: armorScrapHelmet
  • Scrap Leg Armor: armorScrapLegs
  • Steel Boots: armorSteelBoots
  • Steel Chest Armor: armorSteelChest
  • Steel Gloves: armorSteelGloves
  • Steel Helmet: armorSteelHelmet
  • Steel Leg Armor: armorSteelLegs
  • SWAT Helmet: armorSwatHelmet
  • BDU Bottoms: armyPants
  • BDU Top: armyShirt
  • Lucky Goggles: aviatorGoggles
  • Baseball Cap: ballCap
  • Bandana: bandana
  • Cigar: cigar
  • Cigarette: cigarette
  • Cowboy Boots: cowboyBoots
  • Cowboy Hat: cowboyHat
  • Blue Denim Pants: denimPants
  • Shorts: denimShortsPants
  • Dress Shoes: dressShoes
  • Facial Piercings: facialPiercings
  • Flannel Shirt: flannelShirt
  • Gasmask: gasMask
  • Ski Goggles: goggles
  • Black Goth Boots: gothBootsBlack
  • Black Goth Pants: gothicPants
  • Hazmat Boots: hazmatBoots
  • Hazmat Gloves: hazmatGloves
  • Hazmat Mask: hazmatMask
  • Hazmat Pants: hazmatPants
  • Hazmat Jacket: hazmatShirt
  • Hooded Sweatshirt: hoodedSweatshirt
  • College Jacket: jacketLetter
  • Jacket: jacketWhite
  • Leather Duster: leatherDuster
  • Leather Poncho: leatherPoncho
  • Nerdy Glasses: nerdGlasses
  • Night Vision Goggles: nightvisionGoggles
  • Overalls: overalls
  • Plant Fiber Gloves: plantFiberGloves
  • Plant Fiber Hood: plantFiberHood
  • Plant Fiber Pants: plantFiberPants
  • Plant Fiber Shirt: plantFiberShirt
  • Plant Fiber Shoes: plantFiberShoes
  • Press Boy Cap: pressboyCap
  • Puffer Coat: pufferCoat
  • Running Shoes: runningShoes
  • Santa Hat: santaHat
  • Shades: shades
  • Shirt: shirt
  • Skirt: skirt
  • Skull Cap: skullCap
  • Suit Jacket: suitJacket
  • Suit Pants: suitPants
  • Sweatshirt: sweatshirt
  • Tank Top: tankTop
  • T-Shirt: tshirt
  • Worn Boots: wornBoots
  • Barbed Wire Fence: barbedFence
  • Barbed Wire: barbedWireSheet
  • Air Filter Land Mine: mineAirFilter
  • Tin Land Mine: mineCandyTin
  • Hubcap Land Mine: mineHubcap
  • R Iron Log Spike 5: rScrapIronLogSpike5
  • Reinforced Wood Log Spike 2: rWoodLogSpike2
  • Reinforced Wood Metal Log Spike 3: rWoodMetalLogSpike3
  • Iron Log Spike: scrapIronLogSpike4
  • Steel Log Spike 6: steelLogSpike6
  • Explosive Charge (Ammo): tnt
  • Trap Spikes Damage 1: trapSpikesDamage1
  • Trap Spikes Damage 2: trapSpikesDamage2
  • Trap Spikes Damage 3: trapSpikesDamage3
  • Trap Spikes Damage 4: trapSpikesDamage4
  • Trap Spikes Damage 5: trapSpikesDamage5
  • Iron Spikes Trap 1: trapSpikesIronDmg1
  • Iron Spikes Trap 2: trapSpikesIronDmg2
  • Wood Spikes: trapSpikesNew
  • Wood Spikes Trap 1: trapSpikesWoodDmg1
  • Wood Spikes Trap 2: trapSpikesWoodDmg2
  • Wood Log Spike: woodLogSpike1
  • Ammo Pile, Large: cntAmmoPileLarge
  • Ammo Pile, Medium: cntAmmoPileMedium
  • Ammo Pile, Small: cntAmmoPileSmall
  • Weathered Backpack: cntBackpack01
  • Moldy Backpack: cntBackpack03
  • Empty Bath Tub: cntBathTubEmpty
  • Bath Tub... filled: cntBathTubGore
  • Beverage Cooler: cntBeerCooler
  • Small Trash Bin: cntBin
  • Birdnest: cntBirdnest
  • Empty Bookcase: cntBookcaseEmpty
  • Bookcase: cntBookcaseFull
  • City Bus: cntBusCity
  • School Bus: cntBusSchool
  • Short School Bus: cntBusSchoolShort
  • Shuttle Bus: cntBusShuttle
  • Cabinet Door: cntCabinetBottomBrokenDoor
  • Cabinet Filler (No Loot): cntCabinetBottomFiller
  • Cabinet Red, Open: cntCabinetBottomOpen
  • = Cabinet Old = Random Helper: cntCabinetOldBottomLootHelper
  • Cabinet, Open: cntCabinetOldBottomOpen
  • Cabinet Rounded (No Loot): cntCabinetOldCNRRoundFiller
  • Old Sink: cntCabinetOldSink
  • Sedan: cntCar03SedanDamage0
  • Damaged Sedan: cntCar03SedanDamage1
  • Car Wreck: cntCar03SedanDamage2
  • Cash Register: cntCashRegister
  • Cash Register Empty: cntCashRegisterEmpty
  • Charcoal Grill: cntCharcoalGrillClosed
  • Charcoal Grill (Open): cntCharcoalGrillOpen
  • Wooden Chest: cntChest01
  • Chest: cntChest02
  • Coffin: cntCoffin
  • = Construction Loot = Random Helper: cntConstructionSuppliesRandomLootHelper
  • Cooler: cntCoolerClosed
  • Cooler (Open): cntCoolerOpen
  • Cupboard: cntCupboardCabinetFullOldTopClosed
  • Cupboard: cntCupboardCabinetFullRedTopClosed
  • = Cupboard Old = Random Helper: cntCupboardCabinetOldTopLootHelper
  • Cupboard Old, Open: cntCupboardCabinetOldTopOpen
  • = Cupboard Red = Random Helper: cntCupboardCabinetRedTopLootHelper
  • Cupboard Red, Open: cntCupboardCabinetRedTopOpen
  • Cupboard: cntCupboardCornerCNROld
  • Cupboard: cntCupboardCornerCNRRed
  • Desk Safe: cntDeskSafe
  • Duffle Bag: cntDuffle01
  • Dumpster: cntDumpster
  • Fancy Garbage Can: cntFancyGarbageCan
  • Courier Satchel: cntFetchQuestSatchel
  • File Cabinet: cntFileCabinetShortClosed
  • File Cabinet Short (Open): cntFileCabinetShortOpen
  • File Cabinet: cntFileCabinetTallClosed
  • File Cabinet Tall (Open): cntFileCabinetTallOpen
  • Food Pile, Large: cntFoodPileLarge
  • Food Pile, Medium: cntFoodPileMedium
  • Food Pile, Small: cntFoodPileSmall
  • Refrigerator, Stainless Steel: cntFridgeStainlessSteel
  • Refrigerator, Open: cntFridgeStainlessSteelVer2Open
  • = Garage Loot = Random Helper: cntGarageRandomLootHelper
  • Garage Storage: cntGarageStorage
  • Gas Grill: cntGasGrillClosed
  • Gas Grill (Open): cntGasGrillOpen
  • Gas Pump: cntGasPump
  • Sink: cntGraniteSink
  • Gun Safe: cntGunSafe
  • Hardened Chest: cntHardenedChestSecure
  • Laundry Basket, Empty: cntLaundryBasketVer1Empty
  • Laundry Basket: cntLaundryBasketVer2Full
  • Lockers: cntLockersShortClosed
  • Lockers Short (Open): cntLockersShortOpen
  • Lockers: cntLockersTallClosed
  • Lockers: cntLockersTallDoubleClosed
  • Lockers Tall Double (Open): cntLockersTallDoubleOpen
  • Lockers: cntLockersTallMixClosed
  • Lockers: cntLockersTallMixLinkClosed
  • Lockers Mixed 2 (open): cntLockersTallMixLinkOpen
  • Lockers Mixed 1 (open): cntLockersTallMixOpen
  • Lockers Tall (Open): cntLockersTallOpen
  • Reinforced Chest: cntLootChestHero
  • Luggage: cntLuggageBigClosed
  • Luggage, open: cntLuggageBigOpen
  • Luggage: cntLuggageMediumClosed
  • Luggage, open: cntLuggageMediumOpen
  • Luggage: cntLuggagePileAClosed
  • Luggage, open: cntLuggagePileAOpen
  • Luggage: cntLuggagePileBClosed
  • Luggage, open: cntLuggagePileBOpen
  • Mailbox: cntMailbox
  • Mail Box: cntMailBox01
  • Mail Box: cntMailBox02
  • Mail Box: cntMailBox03
  • Medicine Cabinet, Closed: cntMedicineCabinetClosed
  • Medicine Cabinet, Closed: cntMedicineCabinetFaucetClosed
  • Medicine Cabinet: cntMedicineCabinetFaucetOpen
  • Medicine Cabinet: cntMedicineCabinetOpen
  • Medical Supplies: cntMedicLootPileA
  • Medical Supplies: cntMedicLootPileB
  • Iron Desk, Open: cntMetalDesk02Open
  • = Metal Desk = Random Helper: cntMetalDesk02RandomLootHelper
  • Microwave: cntMicrowaveOvenVer1Closed
  • Microwave, Open: cntMicrowaveOvenVer1Open
  • Munitions Box: cntMunitionsBox
  • Night Stand: cntNightstandClosed
  • Night Stand (Open): cntNightstandOpen
  • Pill Case: cntPillCase
  • Medical Cabinet: cntPillCaseClosed
  • Medical Cabinet Empty: cntPillCaseEmpty
  • Purse: cntPurse01
  • Prefab Test Loot: cntQuestTestLoot
  • Retro Refrigerator: cntRetroFridgeVer1Closed
  • Retro Refrigerator, Open: cntRetroFridgeVer2Open
  • Crack-A-Book Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateBookstore
  • Pass-N-Gas Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateCarParts
  • Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateHero
  • Pop-N-Pills Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateLabEquipment
  • Shamway Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateShamway
  • Shotgun Messiah Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateShotgunMessiah
  • Working Stiff Sealed Shipping Crate: cntShippingCrateWorkingStiffs
  • Shopping Cart: cntShoppingCart
  • Rotting Sports Bag: cntSportsBag01
  • Weathered Sports Bag: cntSportsBag02
  • Storage Box: cntStorageGeneric
  • Old Stove: cntStoveOldVer1Closed
  • Old Stove, Open: cntStoveOldVer2Open
  • Suitcase: cntSuitcase
  • Toilet: cntToilet01
  • Fancy Toilet: cntToilet02
  • Commercial Toilet: cntToilet03
  • = Tools / Forge = Random Helper: cntToolsAndForgeRandomLootHelper
  • Trash Compactor: cntTrashCompactor
  • Trash Pile: cntTrashPile01
  • Pile of Garbage: cntTrashPile02
  • Mound of Garbage: cntTrashPile03
  • Abandoned Rubbish: cntTrashPile04
  • Rotting Trash: cntTrashPile05
  • Spoiled Trash: cntTrashPile06
  • Garbage Pile: cntTrashPile07
  • Foul Trash: cntTrashPile08
  • Old Trash: cntTrashPile09
  • Trash Can: cntTrash_can01
  • Player Vending Machine: cntVendingMachine
  • Broken Vending Machine: cntVendingMachine2Broken
  • Vending Machine Rental: cntVendingMachineTrader
  • Wall Oven: cntWallOven
  • Wall Safe: cntWallSafe
  • Washing Machine: cntWashingMachine
  • = Wasteland Loot = Random Helper: cntWastelandRandomLootHelper
  • Water Cooler Bottle: cntWaterCoolerBottle
  • Water Cooler: cntWaterCoolerFull
  • Weapons Bag: cntWeaponsBagLarge
  • Weapons Bag: cntWeaponsBagSmall
  • Wooden Desk: cntWoodDesk01Closed
  • Wooden Desk, Open: cntWoodDesk01Open
  • Tree Stump: treeStump
  • Boiled Water: drinkCanBoiledWater
  • Empty Can: drinkCanEmpty
  • Mega Crush: drinkCanMegaCrush
  • Can of Murky Water: drinkCanRiverWater
  • Beer: drinkJarBeer
  • Bottled Water: drinkJarBoiledWater
  • Coffee: drinkJarCoffee
  • Glass Jar: drinkJarEmpty
  • Golden Rod Tea: drinkJarGoldenRodTea
  • Grain Alcohol: drinkJarGrainAlcohol
  • Grandpa's Awesome Sauce: drinkJarGrandpasAwesomeSauce
  • Grandpa's Learn'n Elixir: drinkJarGrandpasLearningElixir
  • Grandpa's Fergit'n Elixir: drinkJarGrandpasForgettingElixir
  • Grandpa's Moonshine: drinkJarGrandpasMoonshine
  • Red Tea: drinkJarRedTea
  • Bottled Murky Water: drinkJarRiverWater
  • Yucca Cocktail: drinkJarYuccaCocktail
  • Yucca Juice: drinkJarYuccaJuice
  • Yucca Juice Smoothie: drinkYuccaJuiceSmoothie
  • Bacon and Eggs: foodBaconAndEggs
  • Baked Potato: foodBakedPotato
  • Blueberry Pie: foodBlueberryPie
  • Boiled Meat: foodBoiledMeat
  • Large Beef Ration: foodCanBeef
  • Can of Cat Food: foodCanCatfood
  • Chicken Ration: foodCanChicken
  • Can of Chili: foodCanChili
  • Can of Dog Food: foodCanDogfood
  • Can of Sham: foodCanHam
  • Lamb Rations: foodCanLamb
  • Can of Miso: foodCanMiso
  • Can of Pasta: foodCanPasta
  • Can of Pears: foodCanPears
  • Can of Peas: foodCanPeas
  • Can of Salmon: foodCanSalmon
  • Chicken Soup: foodCanSoup
  • Can of Stock: foodCanStock
  • Can of Tuna: foodCanTuna
  • Charred Meat: foodCharredMeat
  • Chili Dog: foodChiliDog
  • Corn Bread: foodCornBread
  • Corn Meal: foodCornMeal
  • Corn on the Cob: foodCornOnTheCob
  • Egg: foodEgg
  • Boiled Egg: foodEggBoiled
  • Fish Tacos: foodFishTacos
  • Grilled Meat: foodGrilledMeat
  • Hobo Stew: foodHoboStew
  • Jar of Honey: foodHoney
  • Meat Stew: foodMeatStew
  • Moldy Bread: foodMoldyBread
  • Raw Meat: foodRawMeat
  • Rotting Flesh: foodRottingFlesh
  • Sham Chowder: foodShamChowder
  • Old Sham Sandwich: foodShamSandwich
  • Steak and Potato Meal: foodSteakAndPotato
  • Vegetable Stew: foodVegetableStew
  • Antibiotics: drugAntibiotics
  • Fort Bites: drugFortBites
  • Painkillers: drugPainkillers
  • Recog: drugRecog
  • Steroids: drugSteroids
  • Vitamins: drugVitamins
  • Aloe Cream: medicalAloeCream
  • Bandage: medicalBandage
  • Blood Bag: medicalBloodBag
  • Blood Draw Kit: medicalBloodDrawKit
  • First Aid Bandage: medicalFirstAidBandage
  • First Aid Kit: medicalFirstAidKit
  • Splint: medicalSplint
  • Blueberries: foodCropBlueberries
  • Ear of Corn: foodCropCorn
  • Mushrooms: foodCropMushrooms
  • Potato: foodCropPotato
  • Yucca Fruit: foodCropYuccaFruit
  • Mushrooms 01 (POI): mushroom01
  • Mushrooms 02 (POI): mushroom02
  • Aloe Vera (Seed): plantedAloe1
  • Aloe Vera Plant 3 (POI): plantedAloe3Harvest
  • Blueberry (Seed): plantedBlueberry1
  • Blueberry Plant 3 (POI): plantedBlueberry3Harvest
  • Chrysanthemum (Seed): plantedChrysanthemum1
  • Chrysanthemum 3 (POI): plantedChrysanthemum3Harvest
  • Coffee (Seed): plantedCoffee1
  • Coffee Plant 3 (POI): plantedCoffee3Harvest
  • Corn (Seed): plantedCorn1
  • Corn (Growing): plantedCorn2
  • Corn Plant 3 (POI): plantedCorn3Harvest
  • Cotton (Seed): plantedCotton1
  • Cotton 3 (POI): plantedCotton3Harvest
  • Goldenrod (Seed): plantedGoldenrod1
  • Goldenrod Flower 3 (POI): plantedGoldenrod3Harvest
  • Hop (Seed): plantedHop1
  • Hop Plant 3 (POI): plantedHop3Harvest
  • Mushroom Spores (Seed): plantedMushroom1
  • Mushrooms 3 (POI): plantedMushroom3Harvest
  • Potato (Seed): plantedPotato1
  • Potato Plant 3 (POI): plantedPotato3Harvest
  • Snowberry (Seed): plantedSnowberry1
  • Snowberry Plant 3 (POI): plantedSnowberry3Harvest
  • Yucca (Seed): plantedYucca1
  • Yucca Plant 3 (POI): plantedYucca3Harvest
  • Aloe Vera Leaf: resourceCropAloeLeaf
  • Coffee Beans: resourceCropCoffeeBeans
  • Nailgun: gunToolNailgun
  • Auger: meleeToolAuger
  • Chainsaw: meleeToolChainsaw
  • Claw Hammer: meleeToolClawHammer
  • Iron Fireaxe: meleeToolFireaxeIron
  • Iron Garden Hoe: meleeToolHoeIron
  • Paint Brush: meleeToolPaintTool
  • Iron Pickaxe: meleeToolPickaxeIron
  • Steel Pickaxe: meleeToolPickaxeSteel
  • Iron Shovel: meleeToolShovelIron
  • Stone Shovel: meleeToolShovelStone
  • Stone Axe: meleeToolStoneAxe
  • Wire Tool: meleeToolWireTool
  • Wrench: meleeToolWrench
You can try out the giveself command to spawn in-game items using their item IDs in 7 Days to Die now alongside all the new content of the Alpha 21 update.
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