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7 Days to Die

How to Build a Base in 7 Days to Die

Posted on by justin
To build a base in 7 Days to Die, particularly one that can stand the test of time, is essential for players to survive the multiple waves of zombies heading their way. And while it’s safe to say that there’s no “perfect” base design in the game, some tried and tested fundamentals can help players survive the dangerous nights. With that, here are some 7 Days to Die base-building tips that can help you make it to the morning.

How to Build a Base in 7 Days To Die

The Beginning

Build a Base in 7 Days to Die Each player starts with nothing as they begin searching for materials throughout the game’s map. At this point, time is of the essence as the clock is ticking before the first wave of zombies arrives. For new players, it can be good to start their first bases on a flat location. Search the area for wood, clay, and rocks (at least 500 of each material should suffice). After collecting the starting materials, start digging a foundation for the base. A 6 x 6 hole should serve well for now. Then, place wood, rocks, and clay to fortify the base. Make sure to leave a small space for the door. Also, elevate the entrance to help restrict the zombies’ approach. Next, create a roof but open a small spot to snipe vultures. Don’t forget to leave several traps around the perimeter. If a player decides to leave the construction behind for another day, they need to find a nearby house as a temporary shelter. Remember that houses often have little to no protection against zombies, so prepare for a night of constant fighting.


Base Renovations 7 Days To Die After the first zombie horde, players should now have additional time to gather extra materials. Take this moment to find ingredients to fortify your base while also repairing any destroyed sections. Remember that each material has its dedicated Block HP, and these individual materials can break down with enough strong hits from enemies or explosions. The Block HP of different materials are:
  • Wood Frame: 50 HP
  • Wood Block: 225 HP
  • Cobblestone Block: 1,500 HP
  • Concrete Block: 2,500 HP
  • Concrete Block (Sturdy): 5,000 HP
Players can also stack different materials on top of each other to further fortify their bases’ defenses. For example, stacking stone and wood can increase the Block HP for the entire assembly.


Defense 7 Days to Die 7 Days To Die is a game about defending against zombie hordes, so it’s best not to skimp out on static base defenses. Thankfully, the game gives players several ways to protect their base against the undead beyond their own fighting. Some examples of extra base security to set up include:

Turrets And Spike Traps

Turret As staple items for tower defense-like games, turrets, and spike traps help kill zombies in 7 Days to Die before they can set foot in your base’s perimeter. But remember that turrets are only short- to medium-range static weapons. Also, spike traps need to be as close to zombies as possible to be effective. With that, it’s wise to lay these defensive measures near the zombies’ path. Players may also add wooden carpets on top of deep holes to trap the undead horde if they get too close to the base.

Land Mines

Land Mine Land mines are excellent tools for massive damage to a wide area, killing many zombies. These explosives detonate as soon as zombies step on them. However, players must watch out because the blast zone can still affect them. Also, the land mine will disappear once it explodes.


Watchtower Players can either build a watchtower or use a pre-built one. Regardless of the option used, players can use these establishments as secondary lines of defense if zombies overrun their initial bases. DON’T MISS IT: Ranking the Best Weapons in 7 Days to Die

Utilizing Elevation

Elevation One of the game’s goals is to prevent the zombies from reaching (and killing) players. Building an elevated base can make the lives of the undead (or lack thereof) more difficult than usual, helping you control the flow of enemies during raids. For instance, construct stairs to create a bottleneck effect for the zombies. That way, players can better survive as the undead come at them through a narrow path. Without this narrow pathway, zombies may quickly surround the base, resulting in a quick “Game Over”. Players can also remove sections of the stairs in the middle of a horde. Doing so can help increase survivability by slowing down the zombies’ progress. But being out and about is still quite dangerous, so make sure you have alternate routes in mind when going for more creative defensive plays.

Survive and Thrive

Crafting 7 Days to Die After players get a hold of their ideal base design (and it’s pretty effective in eliminating zombie hordes), it's then down to the cycle of repairing the damage between waves and adding a little bit of efficacy each time as waves become harder and harder to defeat. Think you're ready to build your fortress? Test your own skills for how to build a base in 7 Days to Die by setting up a server here!
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