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7 Days to Die

Ranking the Best Weapons in 7 Days to Die

Posted on by bisecthosting

7 Days to Die has an incredible amount of weapons to pick from the fight the endless hordes of undead you’ll face in your adventures.

Each of these weapons has different stats offers different strengths. While each may be the right fit situationally, we’ll try to rank the very best across the board.

With that, here are the very best 7 Days to Die weapons that all players will want to seek out.

#1 - Robotic Turret

For base defense, there may be no better option in 7 Days to Die than the Robotic Turret.

Extend Turret Active Range – 7 Days to Die Mods

While this weapon can be used manually, its strength is that it can fire on its own in Sentry Mode. To keep Robotic Turrets from being overpowered, these weapons are limited-use. This is based on how many are within range of each other.

Only one Robotic Turret will be allowed to shoot at a time while in Sentry Mode. This is, of course, unless you're level 5 in the Robotics Inventor perk.

Robotic Turrets in Sentry Mode will also only activate if players are nearby, and must be manually reloaded.

Despite all of these limitations, this weapon is one of the best in 7 Days to Die. This is because of its extra help in base defense, and with extra mods, it packs a serious punch.

To get Robotic Turrets, you can find the Schematics while looting and build them yourself, or find the Robotic Turrets themselves where you find weapons like Chests.

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#2 - M60

Following along the best weapons for base defense, the M60 Machine Gun is a fantastic option as well.

This LMG fires 7.62 rounds, and plenty of them, very quickly with a very fast firing rate. While it takes awhile to reload this massive gun, it’s the perfect way to mow down hordes. It's best with others reinforcing your position so you aren’t caught off-guard during reloads.

The M60 holds 60 rounds in its magazine, and deals between 44 and 49 damage per shot based on rounds.

To get an M60 Machine Gun players can craft it using Schematics found in the world or through Traders, and while it may be a difficult craft, you won’t regret it on horde days.

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#3 - Steel Sledgehammer

For players looking to get up close and personal with enemies or simply as a melee backup for players on defense, the Steel Sledgehammer is an excellent choice.

Top 5] 7 Days To Die Best Blunt Weapons And How To Get Them | GAMERS DECIDE

The Steel Sledgehammer is the highest damage melee weapon in 7 Days to Die. It's also a great block destroyer if you need it.

What makes the Steel Sledgehammer exceptionally strong is its range, and ability to make sweeping attacks that hit more than one enemy at a time. This reach also extends to destroying blocks, though it does penalize resources harvested. With this, it’s more for clearing things out than mining.

The Steel Sledgehammer is the perfect way to break into things like Safes and Doors, and perfect for clearing out a tight horde of Zombies in a pinch (especially in confined spaces like tunnels).

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#4 - Sniper Rifle

Some enemies in 7 Days to Die need some serious damage to fall. These targets are often important to single out in a horde. For these kinds of foes, the Sniper Rifle is the perfect weapon for the job.

7 Days to Die Official on Twitter: "Here is the new top tier sniper rifle  coming to Alpha 19! #7daystodie" / Twitter

The Sniper Rifle is a long-ranged weapon in 7 Days to Die that uses 7.62 rounds. This rifle is extremely powerful, doing the most damage in the game per shot at 61 or 66 depending on rounds.

The Sniper Rifle is elite at picking off high-value enemy targets from long distances. After all, it can eliminate nearly any foe with a single headshot!

So whether you’re looking to clear out a populated area from a distance before getting up close and personal, or looking to defend your base from a horde before it gets too close, the Sniper Rifle is a fantastic weapon to use that may save your skin before it’s even in danger.

It is an expensive pickup and craft, but one you'll want on dangerous days.

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