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7 Days to Die

Breaking Down All Zombie Types in 7 Days to Die

Posted on by justin
Despite its various survival mechanics, 7 Days to Die is a zombie game at heart. Still, the undead horde you’re up against in this game isn’t just shambling cannon fodder, with many zombie types to consider. With some extra difficulties to look out for, here we'll break down every zombie type in 7 Days to Die and what you'll need to know about the most dangerous infected around.

All Zombie Types in 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die All Zombie Types Vanilla 7 Days to Die has four major zombie categories: normal, tough, special, and animal. Each undead class typically shares similar stats, including health, defense, and damage output. The only exception to this rule is the special type, as each zombie under this category has unique stats and abilities. Note that all zombie types in 7 Days to Die have chances to spawn radiated or feral variants. An eerie green glow surrounds the former and can deal more damage and has more health than their regular variants. Plus, radiated zombies will regenerate health over time. On the other hand, you can discern feral zombies by their glowing orange eyes. Like its radiated counterpart, a feral zombie has more health than its regular variant. But this savage undead will always run after players. With that, here are all the zombie types in 7 Days to Die you can encounter while exploring Navezgane:

Normal Zombies

7 Days to Die Normal Zombie You’ll usually find normal zombies while exploring the game’s map. This undead type should be pretty easy to defeat with basic weapons. However, the threat of normal zombies increases when they’re in groups. The following are the normal zombies you’ll come across in vanilla 7 Days to Die:
  • Departed Woman
  • Festering Corpse
  • Infected Mother
  • Infected Survivor
  • Motivated Cheerleader Zombie
  • Plagued Nurse
  • Putrid Girl
  • Rotting Carcass
  • Reanimated Corpse
  • Risen Woman Zombie
  • Skater Punk Zombie
  • Walker Male Zombie
  • Zombie Cowboy
  • Zombie Farmer
  • Zombie Janitor
  • Zombie Stripper

Tough Zombies

7 Days to Die Tough Zombie Unlike normal zombies, tough zombies have more health, resistance, and damage output. Zombie apocalypse survivors in Navezgane may find one of the zombies under this category grouped with normal zombies. These tougher-than-normal zombies are the following:
  • Bloated Walkers
  • Fat Hawaiians
  • Fallen Soldier Zombies
  • Frozen Lumberjacks
  • Hazmat Male Zombies
  • Hungry Female Zombies
  • Utility Worker Zombies
  • Zombie Bikers

Special Zombies

7 Days to Die Special Zombie Also known as special infected, the undead under this type have unique stats and abilities. These zombies rarely appear during the six preparation days in 7 Days to Die, but you’ll typically find these special types during blood moon horde events every 7th day.
  • Burn Victim: Sets players on fire with contact damage and will typically spawn in the burnt forest.
  • Crawler Zombie: As its name implies, it’ll crawl on the ground and ambush players when they get close.
  • Demolisher: A highly resistant and hard-hitting zombie with C4 strapped to their bodies. Shoot the explosives to defeat this zombie quickly.
  • Feral Wight: This zombie will always spawn with the feral modifier. Screamers can summon feral wights when aggravated.
  • Infected Police Officer: A special zombie with a high health pool. This type of undead can spit acidic vomit from afar, and it’ll attempt a suicide attack when its health reaches a critical level.
  • Screamer: You’ll know if this zombie is nearby as it’ll let out a blood-curdling scream. The noise will attract other zombies in the area, making survival more difficult to achieve than usual for players.
  • Spider Zombie: A zombie that’ll chase after players while running on all-fours. It also has a web attack that can stun you and moves faster at night than during the day.
  • Team Z Player Football Zombie: This zombie will back up upon seeing the player, then it’ll charge at you at full speed for a high-damaging tackle attack.

Animal Zombies

vulture Besides zombies with human-like features, 7 Days to Die also has infected animals. These undead creatures can even sometimes be more threatening than their human(ish) counterparts. The animal zombies you can encounter in 7 Days to Die include the following:
  • Zombie Bear
  • Zombie Dog
  • Zombie Vulture
Note: This list of all zombie types in 7 Days to Die is only extensive at the time of writing, and may increase in number with future patches!
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