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7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Alpha 22 Update: Release Date Predictions and All Revealed Content

Posted on by justin
It’s not been long since Alpha 21 leveled up and redesigned gameplay systems in 7 Days to Die, leaving fans with high hopes for what's to come in Alpha 22. But when will the 7 Days to Die Alpha 22 update be released? And what can fans expect to see come patch day? Here we'll cover all the latest news around the 7 Days to Die Alpha 22 update including revealed content and our own predictions for its release date based on previous patches.

7 Days to Die Alpha 22 Release Date Prediction

7 Days to Die Alpha 22 At the time of writing, 7 Days to Die developer, The Fun Pimps, hasn't released any official statement about Alpha 22’s release date. It's possible we won't get an early release date window from the developers due to issues meeting the scheduled date for Alpha 21. However, we can estimate a potential launch date for the game’s next major update by looking at previous patches. Below is a list of some of the latest release dates for 7 Days to Die’s version updates:
  • Alpha 21: June 9, 2023
  • Alpha 20: December 21, 2021
  • Alpha 19: June 25, 2020
  • Alpha 18: October 2, 2019
  • Alpha 17: December 22, 2018
Note that it took the developers about 18 months to release each stable update iteration. With this in mind, we predict the stable version of Alpha 22 may release by the end of 2024.

What's Coming in the 7 Days to Die Alpha 22 Update?

7 Days to Die Alpha 22 Upcoming Content During The Fun Pimps’ stream on April 21, 2023, the developer announced various additions and changes arriving in 7 Days to Die Alpha 22 and beyond. The content players should expect for future versions of the game include the following:

Character and Item Model Overhauls

According to the developers, new items and character models will arrive in Alpha 22 and beyond. For instance, male and female playable characters will have a variety of physiques and skin tones. Crafting stations, storage crates, and other items will also have updated appearances in the Alpha 22 update as well. Enemy NPCs, like Raiders, will also have updated appearances in the game’s future versions. You can check out the recently teased new face models coming in Alpha 22 below:

Additional Equipment and Outfits

Also announced in the developer stream are three new outfits that may arrive in Alpha 22 and/or beyond. These set pieces include the Hoarder, Wasteland Assassin, and Desert Gear suits. These pieces of equipment change the player’s appearance and grant unique perks. For example, wearing the Wasteland Assassin might grant the player stealth abilities or buffs. On the other hand, the Hoarder may increase the maximum carry weight. Recently, the developers also announced a new armor set for Alpha 22 called the Plant Fiber armor. Watch the teaser for this armor by clicking here.

Streamlined UI

Much of a player’s time while playing 7 Days to Die will be spent viewing different menus and windows. To clean this up a bit, in the Alpha 22 update, the 7 Days to Die UI will feature fewer buttons and grids. Instead, the new design should allow players to navigate between menus faster than before, cutting down on idle time.

Visual Updates to Scenic Items

Various items scene around the the post-apocalyptic world of Navezgane County also get a visual upgrade in Alpha 22. For instance, some campsites get an image overhaul. Remember, campsites before Alpha 22 look dreary to complement the game's overall theme. However, Alpha 22 brings additional color to campsites, allowing players to experience moments of respite instead of feeling sorrow and worry while waiting for the next 7th day horde.

Additional Depth to Zombie Designs

Alpha 22 and beyond may also see updates visuals for zombie designs. Future versions of 7 Days to Die will use Albedo textures to generate more visual depth to the undead than before. With this technology, zombies look fiercer and scarier than in previous patches.

New Maps

The developer stream also mentioned two new maps: Duke’s Casino and Noah’s Compound. These locations will also have two major enemies that might indicate they’re boss-type opponents. These additions may also hint that they’re adding new content to the game’s main storyline.

New Animals

In Alpha 22, zombie apocalypse survivors won't only worry about the undead. Once this update launches, players must also deal with new animals, including the return of the pig that was removed from the game after the release of Alpha 16.

New Points of Interest

Are you tired of raiding the existing PoI's in 7 Days to Die repeatedly? In Alpha 22, you can test your skills and wits in new locations, including a Tier 5 School. A commercial business strip will also appear in Navezgane with the launch of this major update.

New Vehicles

New vehicles are also coming their way into 7 Days to Die with Alpha 22. One notable example is the minibike, motorbike, and 4x4 vehicle, allowing you to traverse Navezgane and reduce its zombie population in style. While 7 Days to Die's developer The Fun Pimps has gone over this new content in streams so far, it's still far from final. These new additions and the date window for the update can change anytime, so we recommend revisiting here for the latest news on the 7 Days to Die Alpha 22 update!
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