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What Is Vintage Story?

Posted on by bisecthosting

A ruined world where monsters roam, nature abound, and survival your goal. Will you see the rise of civilization once more, or will your journey be yours and yours alone? Today we will be exploring Vintage Story by Anego Studios, released September 2016. What earns the game such great reviews update after update, how a Minecraft mod grew into its very own title, and why the $21 USD price tag is well worth the cost.

A Summary

Vintage Story is a wilderness survival sandbox game that tells the story of a “lost being” in a time after the end. The world as it once was has passed, nature has retaken the land, and only monsters remain of whatever came before. With your skills and hard work, bring about the dawn of civilization once more, or don’t. In Vintage Story, you are free to decide.

Regardless of your choice, you will find an in-depth, living, breathing world to explore. From seasons to block physics, Anego Studios spares no effort in making their game as true to life as it can be. Crop rotation, over 9000 meal combinations, resource gathering, complex animal behaviors, and so much more. Not to mention the ability to build and progress through the ages with advancing technology!

With so many options, what will your Vintage Story be?

Key Features

Vintage Story Screenshot: Randomly Generated World
Randomly Generated Natural World

Vintage Story offers diverse randomly generated worlds that share one key element, their beauty. Despite being a block game, the developers have managed to capture the wonder of nature and the mystery of a ruined world that came before. The geography is diverse, areas offer unique resources of various quantities, and seasons come and go tying it all together.

Hunting, Gathering, and Farming

Dropped into that beautiful world, it is up to you to begin anew. The wildlife is complex, the gathering both above and below ground is immensely immersive, and if you so choose, settling the land opens up a plethora of systems for you to use.

Farming considers soil quality encouraging crop rotation, farm animals offer complex behaviors, and the local wildlife will take advantage of your shortcomings for their next meal. Even storage is done in a realistic manner requiring both the space and preservatives for food.

Advanced Crafting, Era Progression, and Building

Expanding on the systems above is crafting and era progression. It starts as hunting, then farming, and eventually, smithing brings the player from the Stone Age to medieval times. Complex machinery, true to form smithing, and windmills are just a few examples of all there is to explore.

On top of advancing technology is building using all the materials you have gathered. With a 1000 block build height, the sky is not even the limit! Alongside the rebirth of medieval technology, give rise to your kingdom’s castle, a village, or personal house. A built-in world editor is also available for those who prefer the creative experience.

A Story Told Through Discovery

From your tall and blue-skinned character to the ruins that scatter the land, a mystery immediately begins to unfold. However, it is not a story that will be told to you directly. Only through discovery, exploration, and combat will you find pieces of the world that came before.

Rebuild a story lost to time, repair ancient technology for your own uses, and do your best to survive the Lovecraftian horrors that wait within temporal storms. Only then will you know the truth of a world’s end.

Server Hosting

Players can set up free local hosting, but only those on the same network will be able to join. It is often a much better experience to have a dedicated Vintage Story server that allows connections from anywhere at any time. Using either, players can experience Vintage Story with friends.

Vintage Story server hosting is offered here at BisectHosting and many other places around the web.

Behind the Scenes

Vintage Story Logo

Vintage Story began as a Minecraft mod called Vintagecraft, released in March of 2015, but after nearly a year’s worth of development, Tyron moved onto much bigger sights. Vintage Story! The game’s initial development began in February 2016 and has continued to grow to this day. Proof of that being each passing update receiving fantastic reviews by fans and critics alike.

In their own words, the now many members of Anego Studios have only scratched the surface of what they wish to do. And just like them, I look forward to seeing their Vintage Story dreams being made true.

Closing Thoughts

Vintage Story may be an early access title, but it is one that shows its passion for the project at hand. The countless details of every system, the complex AI, and a world that pulls you right in. It is no wonder why the game is reviewed so highly!

I hope this blog has answered the question of “What Is Vintage Story?” It was a new game for me as well, and I am very grateful I was able to give it a try.

Until Next Time,

BisectHosting =)

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