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Valheim Trial of Tyr: How to Enter, Requirements, & Rewards

Posted on by justin
Do you consider yourself a hardcore Valheim player? Are you looking for a chance to prove your skills in combat? If so, the Valheim Trial of Tyr Hard Mode Challenge might pique your interest. Keep reading to learn more about this competition.

What is the Trial of Tyr Valheim Hard Mode Challenge?

Valheim Trial of Tyr The Trial of Tyr Hard Mode Challenge is in celebration of the recently released Hildir’s Request update. This competition pits various hardcore Valheim players into beating all of the game’s bosses as fast as possible, including The Queen, the final Mistlands boss. The run ends when the player places The Queen’s head on the Ancient Stone Circle.

How to Enter the Trial of Tyr Challenge

One of the requirements for a participant’s entry to be valid is for the player to stream the hard mode run on Twitch or YouTube or record the entire run without splits. If the participant must pause the game, the split starts before the menu appears, and the run resumes when the menu disappears. Then, the player can submit the link to the stream or the video recording to @Valheimgame on Twitter (now called X). The message should also contain the hashtag #Trialoftyr. Finally, complete and send this form for the entry to be qualified. Note: Read the contest’s full terms and conditions here.

Trial of Tyr Requirements

Aside from recording or streaming the hard mode run, the Valheim Trial of Tyr competition also has other rules that participants must follow. These other guidelines are as follows:
  • Must be done by a single player with no external help, third-party software, or using dev commands
  • No game exploits allowed (e.g., duping items and clipping through objects)
  • No control remapping allowed through a secondary software (in-game control remapping is allowed)
  • Must not die throughout the entire run
  • Must be played with the “Hard” difficulty preset
  • Must be played with a new character
  • The run must be on the official Trial of Tyr world seed: MX7L9GYcf2
Participants can start submitting their entries from August 22. The contest will end on September 5, wherein players can submit their entries until 23:59 CEST of that day.

Trial of Tyr Reward

The winner of the Trial of Tyr challenge will earn bragging rights. But that player will also receive a custom-made Viking tankard with an engraving that bears the winner’s name and completion time.
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