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Valheim Cheats Guide: All Console Commands and How to Use Them

Posted on by justin
Sometimes you need a helping hand in Valheim to fight enemies, farm items, and complete objectives, as the game can take significant hours of progressing and grinding along the way. For players who are looking to save time or simply cut corners, here we'll go over all of the Valheim console commands and cheats that players can take advantage of.

How to Use Cheats in Valheim

Valheim Cheats It’s important to mention that Valheim cheats only work in single-player settings. Attempting to use console commands meant for single-player mode in multiplayer scenarios will typically only result in sending normal chats. Players can install mods to extend this functionality but do so at your own risk. Before utilizing cheats and console commands in Valheim, you must first activate Valheim’s console. Generally, you only need to press the “F5” key on your keyboard to make the console appear. But if it doesn’t work, follow these steps:
  1. Close Valheim if it’s running
  2. Go to the Valheim folder in your Steam library
  3. Right-click on the game’s name in the sidebar, then select “Properties”
  4. In the Properties window, select “General,” then go to “Launch Options”
  5. Type “-console” without the quotes under the Launch Options field
If done correctly, return to Valheim, and start a single-player instance. Press the “F5” key on your keyboard, which should now bring up the game’s console. Next, type “devcommands” without the quotes, and press enter. A confirmation should appear, telling you that you can now use cheats in Valheim. Tip: If you’re using an Xbox controller to play Valheim, you can open the game’s console by pressing the Right Bumper, Left Bumper, Right Trigger, and Left Trigger simultaneously. Then, press the Xbox button. Press these buttons again to close the console.

Valheim Cheat List

Valheim Cheat List Below are all the lists available in vanilla Valheim. Players can also type “help” without the quotes in the console for a list of enterable commands.

Character Cheats

  • god: Makes the character invincible
  • ghost: Makes the character invisible
  • heal: Restores health to full
  • puke: Resets hunger, health, and stamina to default
  • pos: Shows the character’s current position
  • hair: Change the character’s hair or removes it
  • beard: Change the character’s beard or removes it
  • model [0/1]: Switches your character between masculine and feminine bodies.
  • resetcharacter: Resets character data
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount]: Raises a specific skill’s level
  • resetskill [skill]: Resets a specific skill to 0
  • clearstatus: Removes all status effects
  • heal: Restores health and stamina to full
  • nocost: Building has zero costs
  • puke: Empties stomach
  • setpower: Sets current guardian power and resets cooldown

Map Cheats

  • exploremap: Reveals the entire map
  • find [text] [pingmax]: Searches specified areas and places pins on them
  • genloc: Resets all locations
  • goto [x,z]: Teleports the character to the specific coordinates
  • location [location]: Spawns a particular location
  • nextseed: Forces the next dungeon to a seed
  • nomap: Disables the map for all players
  • optterrain: Optimize terrain mods
  • pos: Display the player’s current position
  • printlocations: Displays the count of all loaded locations
  • printseeds: Displays the seeds of all loaded dungeons
  • recall [name]: Recalls all players in the server to the specified player
  • resetmap: Resets map exploration
  • resetsharedmap: Resets shared map data
  • resetspawn: Resets spawn location to default
Warning: Some map cheats will permanently disable world saving. Create a backup file first before entering these console commands.

Mob Cheats

  • aggravate: Aggro all nearby neutral creatures
  • killall: Kill all nearby creatures
  • killenemies: Kill all nearby enemies
  • killtame: Kill all nearby tamable creatures
  • printcreatures: Shows the count and level of all active creatures
  • removebirds: Removes all birds
  • removefish: Removes all fish
  • tame: Tame all nearby tamable creatures

World Cheats

  • env [weather]: Override environment based on weather parameter
  • event [event]: Trigger specified event
  • noportals: Disables all portals for current server
  • players [number]: Force the world’s difficulty to scale based on the number of set players
  • event: Trigger a random event
  • resetenv: Disables the environment override command
  • resetwind: Resets wind behavior to default
  • save: Force saves the world
  • skiptime [seconds]: Moves time forward based on the number of in-game seconds specified
  • sleep: Skips in-game time to next morning
  • stopevent: Stops any current event
  • time: Displays the current in-game time
  • timescale [target] [fadetime]: Sets timescale
  • tod: Sets time of day based on specified variable

Server Admin Commands

  • ban [name/ip/usedID]: Ban specified user
  • banned: Display list of banned users
  • kick [name/ip/userID]: Kick specified user
  • ping: Displays ping
  • restartparty: Restarts playfab party network
  • unban [ip/userID]: Unban specified user
  • lodbias: Set draw distance for server

Miscellaneous Commands

  • bind [keycode] [command and parameters]: Binds a set key to a console command
  • clear: Clear the text in the console command window
  • debugmode: Enter debug mode
  • dpsdebug: Toggle DPS debug print
  • exclusivefullscreen: Switches between fullscreen or borderless window settings
  • gc: Displays garbage collector information
  • help: Displays list of all console commands
  • info: Displays system information
  • maxfps [FPS]: Sets maximum FPS limit
  • printbinds: Displays current key binds
  • resetbinds: Resets all custom key binds to default
  • resetkeys: Clear all global keys
  • setkey [name]: Sets a global key to specified name
  • tutorialreset: Resets the tutorial data
  • tutorialtoggle:Toggles all of Hugin’s hints

Camera Commands

  • fly: Toggles fly mode
  • freefly: Toggles free camera mode
  • ffsmooth: Adds ore removes free camera smooth movement
  • fov [number]: Changes the field of view based on the set number

Emote Commands

  • blowkiss
  • bow
  • challenge
  • cheer
  • comehere
  • cower
  • cry
  • dance
  • despair
  • flex
  • headbang
  • kneel
  • laugh
  • nonono
  • point
  • roar
  • shrug
  • sit
  • thumbsup
  • wave
Tip: You can also check out our guide to learn how to spawn items and in-game objects in Valheim using console commands here.
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