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Valheim Fishing Guide: All Fish, Baits, & Fishing Rod Location

Posted on by justin
Fishing in Valheim allows players to gather additional food resources without having to explore and get lucky, reducing hunger and allowing players some relaxation time amidst all of the chaos. But how do you fish in Valheim, and what fish are there to catch? In our Valheim fishing guide, we'll go over how to begin fishing, all of the fish you can catch, their locations, and the baits you'll need.

How To Fish In Valheim

You have two options to catch fish in Valheim:
  1. Wait for a storm to pass and gather dead fish by the shore, or
  2. Use a fishing rod and bait
The first choice can be tricky, considering you still must wait for a storm to hit. As for the second option, you have to go through certain steps before you can use those items. Valheim Fishing Upon obtaining the fishing rod, go to the shore of a body of water and press the attack button to cast the line. Then, pay attention to the bobber. If it goes underneath the water, press the reel button, and a “Hooked” message should appear on your screen. A fishing battle commences, and you must reel in the fish to get it. But pay attention to your stamina gauge because reeling consumes it. Take breaks between reels to help refresh the stamina gauge. Once the fish is close enough to your location, press the interact button, and it should appear in your inventory. Note: Using weapons like bows and spears won’t damage fish.

Valheim Fishing Rod Location

Perhaps the most challenging hurdle to acquiring the fishing rod is finding the NPC that sells it. Haldor the Merchant is the NPC to search for, and he roams the Black Forest biome. The problem is that he spawns at random locations, so your search may vary from minutes to hours. Valheim Haldor You’ll know if you’re near Haldor if you see a camp in the Black Forest. Thankfully, you only need to find him once. However, you must find this NPC again if you switch to another world. Tip: Place a portal in Haldor’s camp to make it easy to return. Once found, interact with Haldor to see his wares. At this point, you must have at least 350 coins to purchase the Fishing Rod. The merchant also sells Fishing Bait for 10 Coins per 20 pieces. Note: Haldor’s camp is a safety zone, which means creatures can’t enter, and you can’t destroy the structures.

All Valheim Fish and Baits

The world of Valheim is home to various fish. The fairly recent Mistlands update even added two new fish to the game’s waters. Valheim Fishes Here are the types of fish you can catch in the game, their locations, and the bait needed to catch them:



Fishing Bait

Tetra Mountains and inside Frost Caves Cold Fishing Bait
Coral Cod Ocean Heavy Fishing Bait
Pufferfish Mistlands Misty Fishing Bait
Anglerfish Mistlands Misty Fishing Bait
Trollfish Black Forest Mossy Fishing Bait
Perch Meadows Normal Fishing Bait
Pike Meadows Normal Fishing Bait
Tuna Meadows Normal Fishing Bait
Giant Herring Swamp Sticky Fishing Bait
Grouper Plains Stingy Fishing Bait
Aside from buying baits, you can also craft them using specific resources. The bait crafting recipes are:
  • Cold Fishing Bait: 1x Tuna, 1x Ulv Trophy
  • Frosty Fishing Bait: 1x Magmafish, 1x Drake Trophy
  • Heavy Fishing Bait: 1x Pike, 1x Serpent Trophy
  • Hot Fishing Bait: 1x Anglerfish, 1x Surtling Trophy
  • Misty Fishing Bait: 1x Grouper, 1x Lox Trophy
  • Mossy Fishing Bait: 1x Perch, 1x Troll Trophy
  • Sticky Fishing Bait: 1x Trollfish, 1x Abomination Trophy
  • Stingy Fishing Bait: 1x Giant Herring, 1x Fuling Trophy
Additionally, each fish has a quality rating, wherein one is the lowest and five is the highest. This rating also affects the fish’s effects when you cook it. You can start your fishing along your Valheim journey now with a dedicated server here!
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