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Valheim 0.212.6: How to Try Out the Mistlands Update

Posted on by amber
A new land has emerged among foggy shores, dense with monsters and mysterious lore, will you discover all it has in store? Today we explore the Valheim 0.212.6 alongside our guide on how to give the Mistlands update a try.

Valheim 0.212.6: The Mistlands Update

Patch 0.212.6 brings a new biome packed with content to explore, updates to existing systems such as fishing, and VFX improvements. Quoting the official public test article, the patch notes can be found below.
New biome – Mistlands:
  • New mechanics
  • 9 new creatures + Mistlands boss
  • More than 20 new crafting materials
  • 2 new crafting stations, 3 crafting station extensions, and 3 other resource/crafting constructions
  • 15 new food items
  • 3 new potions
  • More than 25 new craftable items (weapons, armours & tools)
  • More than 35 new building/furniture pieces for building, decorating and defending your base
  • New type of dungeon
  • New lore stones
  • New dreams
  • New music
  • Fishing update
  • 12 new emotes
  • 9 new hairstyles and 7 new beard styles
Fixes & Improvements:
  • Various console command improvements
  • Multiple animations have been updated and improved
  • Multiple VFX have been updated and improved
  • Various other tweaks

How to Install Valheim 0.212.6: The Mistlands Update

Installing the public test version of the Mistlands update is not as hard as it may seem! Players need only right-click Valheim on Steam, select properties, and then click “Betas.” Doing so will bring up a box where typing “yesimadebackups” unlocks the Mistlands beta! Be sure to select it before clicking play. It is important to note the Mistlands will only generate in unexplored parts of the world so get ready to travel! And if using a pre-existing world, making backups before launching the new version is strongly recommended.

How to make Valheim 0.212.6: The Mistlands Update Servers

Valheim Enemies Screenshot Interested in exploring the Mistlands with friends? Our Valheim servers offer both the latest version and public test branch with mods on demand! Once ordered, enter the control panel, and select the public beta branch. This will cause a quick automated update while you get ready to jump right into the game. From there, simply open Valheim and play!

Valheim 0.212.6: How to Try Out the Mistlands Update

Valheim took the gaming community by storm, and it looks like Mistlands is about to reignite the flame! What are your thoughts on the new content added in Valheim 0.212.6? We would love to hear what you have to say! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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