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Valheim Ashlands Update: How to Craft the Drakkar Longship

Posted on by justin
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The seas leading to the Ashlands can tumble many ships, but the Drakkar isn’t one of them. Included in the Valheim Ashlands Update, the Drakkar poses extra durability that allows it to reach the shores of the new biome, the Ashlands, unscathed. If you’re wondering how to craft the Drakkar longship in Valheim, look no further as we guide you through this endeavor.

How to Craft the Drakkar in Valheim

Valheim Drakkar Longship Players can unlock the crafting recipe for the Drakkar in Valheim upon gathering at least one piece of each required ingredient. The materials to use at the Workbench to craft this longship are the following:
  • 100x Iron Nails
  • 30x Ceramic Plate
  • 50x Fine Wood
  • 25x Yggdrasil Wood
Smelt 1x Iron at the Forge to make 10x Iron Nails, which means you must use 10x Iron for the crafting station to yield 100x Iron Nails. Then, chop Birch and Oak trees with at least a Bronze Axe to gain Fine Wood. As for Yggdrasil Wood, you must use at least a Blackmetal Axe to chop Yggdrasil Shoots in the Mistlands for this material. Perhaps the most challenging ingredient for crafting the Drakkar Longship in Valheim is the Ceramic Plate. In particular, players must modify a Black Marble at an upgraded Artisan Table. Remember, the Valheim Ashlands Update allows players to upgrade certain crafting stations, including the Artisan Table. To do so, you must kill the Mistlands boss, called The Queen, to get her Majestic Carapace (which used to be called Queen Drop before the Ashlands Update). Then, use it to upgrade the Artisan Table and make the Ceramic Plate.

How to Reach Ashlands in Valheim

As mentioned earlier, only the Drakkar Longship in Valheim can safely reach the shores of Ashlands. Sail the Drakkar to the bottommost portion of your world seed to reach this crescent-shaped molten hellscape. Keep in mind that the molten seas surrounding this new biome will damage and destroy any ship other than the Drakkar. Check out the Ashlands animated release trailer below to glimpse at the new biome and its challenges:
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