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Valheim Ashlands Update: Release Date Speculation & Everything We Know So Far

Posted on by justin
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Ashlands in Valheim is the next major patch after Mistlands. This update brings various new content, such as enemies, structures, and a new biome. But what can players expect to encounter in this upcoming patch? Also, when is its possible release date? Continue reading as we dive deeper into this patch and answer those questions for you.

What Do We Know About the Valheim Ashlands Update?

The initial announcement for the Valheim Ashlands update came in a developer update from Iron Gate Studio. According to the developer, Ashlands will be a massive land far south of the game’s map. However, information is still scarce at the time of writing. Nonetheless, Iron Gate Studio promises to release frequent updates about the Ashlands patch. In comparison, the studio was fairly secretive with the release of the previous update, Mistlands. Iron Gate Studio led this off by giving players some images of upcoming content. In particular, we now know some interesting new enemies that’ll arrive with the Ashlands. One enemy type is The Charred, a group of living skeletons equipped with either magic or swords. These enemies fit the theme of Ashlands being a “land of the dead.” Another revealed enemy is Morgen. This red spider-like being has four limbs and three skulls inside its gaping mouth. Aside from being infested with the undead, Morgen also fits the volcanic terrain described so far. The last enemy seen from the initial announcement is the BoneMaw Serpent. It’s a type of enemy in Ashlands that guards the location’s fiery shorelines. To take on these new enemies, players can also put some new weapons to use, namely the Niedhogg, Slayer, Eldner, and a pair of Berzerkr Axes. Moving forward, the developers also announced a minor change to the biome progression called “Fortress Time!” which will reportedly focus on dungeon delving. But, like the other pieces of information recently announced, little is known for certain about this change. It’s also unclear if players can tame new creatures in this new land. Additionally, players can reach Ashlands by traveling to the bottommost part of the world map. Here, a unique dungeon called the Fortress challenges any player attempting to uncover its secrets and loot. Since the new biome is relatively difficult to reach, it's safe to assume that this dungeon-like experience is reserved for late-game. Here are other things to expect in the Valheim Ashlands update:
  • The spiky seaborne guardian called the Bonemaw Support
  • A new Charred enemy subcategory
  • The Embla armor set
  • Different fortresses around Ashlands
  • Additional weapons, including a greatsword, regular sword, studded mace, and a pair of axes
  • Lava-filled regions

Valheim Ashlands Release Date Speculation

Valheim Ashlands Update At the time of writing, Iron Gate Studio hasn't announced a definitive release date for the Valheim Ashlands update, despite its initial reveal coming back in January 2023. Valheim's previous major updates were released on the following dates:
  • Steam Early Access launch: February 2, 2021
  • Hearth & Home update: September 16, 2021
  • Mistlands update: December 6, 2021
Despite the large gap, the lack of progress reports so far suggests we may be far from the release of the Ashlands update, with 2024 looking more and more possible. In the end, though, we expect it will land in the first half of 2024. Along the way, however, other updates will arrive in the game before the Ashlands update itself does. In particular, Hildir’s Quest will soon receive an update wherein players can talk to the NPC for vanity upgrades. Players will also tweak their worlds' difficulty levels with an upcoming update introducing difficulty sliders. If you're looking to get back into Valheim before the Ashlands update arrives, you can get started now with a dedicated server here!
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