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V Rising

V Rising Mutant Grease Farming Guide

Posted on by justin
Mutant Grease in V Rising is an essential resource to craft several different important items, including a consumable that increases the blood quality of a prisoner. Here we'll cover the best ways to farm Mutant Grease, including which creatures drop it, and even a way to passively farm it in your castle.

Farming Mutant Grease in V Rising

V Rising Mutant Grease Farming For the best chance to farm Mutant Grease, you'll want to travel to  Gloomrot South and kill Mutated creatures. The creatures you should be looking for are the following:
  • Mutated Bear
  • Mutated Deer
  • Mutated Moose
  • Mutated Rat
  • Mutated Wolf
But prepare for a fight if you encounter one of these Mutated enemies. The Mutated Wolf, in particular, is typically level 70, while the Mutated Bear is usually level 74.

How to Passively Farm Mutant Grease

V Rising Mutant Grease Aside from traveling to Gloomrot whenever you need Mutant Grease, you can auto-farm this resource in your castle. You can achieve this goal by placing Tombs and Vermin Nests in a confined room. Your Servants should also be in the same room, where they’ll kill the spawned mobs from the Vermin Nests. Unlock the Vermin Nest by completing the Fortify quest. Building one requires 360x Stone and 80x Bone.

Mutant Grease Crafting Recipes

At the time of writing, vampires can use Mutant Grease in V Rising to craft different items. These craftable items and their recipes are as follows:
  • Pristine Leather: Use 20x Mutant Grease and 20x Pristine Hide at the Tannery
  • Irradiant Gruel: Use 20x Plague Brier and 20x Mutant Grease at the Alchemy Table
  • Spiderling: Use 16x Mutant Grease and 1x Fish Bone at the Vermin Nest
The Pristine Leather is a valuable material for crafting end-game items, including the Dawnthorn armor set. Craft and use the Irradiant Gruel to increase a prisoner’s blood quality by 1% to 2%. Finally, summon 6x Spiderling using the recipe mentioned above at the Vermin Nest if you’re farming Silkworm.
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