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V Rising

V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Patch Notes Revealed

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 44 minutes)
The patch notes for the Secrets of Gloomrot update in V Rising are finally here! This first major patch brings a plethora of new content, as well as improvements and bug fixes for the game. So, let’s dive into the new things you can experience with this major patch.

V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Patch Notes

V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot Patch Notes The official patch notes of the Secrets of Gloomrot update is a lengthy yet meaty post about the game’s new version. For starters, players may immediately notice many updates to the game’s UI. Also, below are the various upgrades, fixes, and new content in this patch:

General Optimization

  • Various shaders pre-warm upon starting or joining a game, resulting in longer loading times but fewer freezes and/or stutters.
  • Fewer objects synced when connecting to servers, improving connectivity.
  • Improved responsiveness of certain abilities and spells

Territories and Multiple Floors

  • Build staircases in different orientations.
  • Build up to 4 floors (6 floors on private servers) for bases and castles.
  • Changed land claiming method from placing individual borders to placing a Castle Heart in an available space.
According to the developers, the intentions for these changes include the following:
  • Providing players with sufficient room for upgrades and stored items.
  • Block players from intentionally preventing other players from moving.
  • Avoid instances wherein multiple players build in the same area
  • Enhance PvP scenarios by allowing multiple lines of defenses
  • Enhance communication among players in a server
  • Improve the Map UI to display claimed and unclaimed areas
Other changes to help support this particular section of the update are:
  • Replaced the borders with a new type of ‘Rough Floor’ in the early game.
  • Players may now place most castle structures without a floor requirement within their territory.
  • All floors, regardless of exterior/interior, will generate a roof once a room is enclosed.
  • Redone and updated all framework assets (walls, windows, doors, wallpapers, pillars, floors) to work with multiple floors.
  • Multiple floors introduce a new maximum height for objects/framework.
  • Removed and replaced placeable stairs in slopes with general staircases usable both in slopes and anywhere in your territory to build multiple floors.
  • Reworked Line of Sight from a 2D line of sight to a 3D line of sight.
  • Reworked AI pathfinding from a 2D solution to a 3D solution to allow units and servants to navigate between floors.
  • Reworked fading of objects in front of the camera.
  • Border visualization added when in the build menu.
  • Default Dismantle refund changed to 100% from 75%.

Castle and Building

  • Updated the build menu with a new layout and functionality to promote easy navigation
  • Introduced dying for various objects. Players can now change the color for items like torches, carpets, and select furniture.
  • Flowers, planters, trellises, vases, and other various objects are now modular.
  • Renamed Jewelcrafting Table to Artisan Table.
  • Added a new “Jewelcrafting Table,” allowing you to craft Spell Jewels.
  • Added Fabricator – A new refinement station for assembling materials.
  • Added Leatherworking station – A station for crafting bags and saddles.
  • Added Ancestral Forge – A station for restoring ancient legendary vampire weapons.
  • Planting seeds now require growing plots.
  • Allow players to abandon decaying castles by interacting with the Castle Heart.
  • Allow players to expose the castle for up to 5 minutes by interacting with the Castle Heart.
  • Upgraded the maximum Castle Heart level from 4 to 5.

New Structures and Decorations

The V Rising Gloomrot update also added new decorative and structural items to the game. These new in-game objects are the following:
  • Structures
    • Prison Door
    • Iron ‘Barrier’ Door
    • Prison Entrance Plugin
    • Barrier Entrance Plugin
    • Wide Castle Gate Entrance
    • Wide Castle Wooden Gate
    • Wide Castle Iron Gate
    • New Wallpapers – ‘Stately Stone Walls’
    • New Floor Types
  • Garden
    • Garden Hedges (Various Walls and Pillars)
    • Garden Planters (Various urns, Trellises, Archways, and Pergolas)
    • Garden Planters Growth (Blood rose, ivy, and morass castle growth variations for trellises, archways, and pergolas)
    • Garden Furniture (chairs, tables, and benches)
    • Castle Wall Vegetation (Blood rose, ivy, and morass for walls and pillars)
    • Additional saplings for planting various trees added
  • Furniture and Decor
    • ‘Cordial’ round rug and rectangular rug
    • Dignity Bench and Podium
    • Various dressing tables
    • Various Folding Screens
    • ‘Frayed’ and ‘Cordial’ Wall and Window draperies
    • Reworked all vases and added modular placement of new vegetation/flowers for all vases
    • ‘Frayed’ Pillar Banners
    • Additional Lamp Posts
    • Additional Chandeliers
  • Maximum number of Prison Cells is now 16.
  • Improved movement for the Castle Heart within a territory.


  • Servant missions now generally require one less tier of gear to complete successfully.
  • Updated Servant Panel with more detailed information.
  • Servant Expertise now affects Health, Damage, Hunt Proficiency, and Loot.
  • Overall servant expertise has less impact on the ability to complete hunts though it now grants bonus loot as well.
  • Updated multiple servant missions with new and/or modified loot.
  • New Servant mission locations.
    • Quartz Quarry
    • Rustlock Village
    • Trancendum Mine
    • Trancendum Machine Factory
    • Pools of Rebirth
    • Trancendum Laboratories
    • Trancendum Power Plant
    • Brighthaven Vineyards

PvP Castle Raiding

  • “Disable Defenses” – new castle raid feature.
    • Introduced a new Castle Heart feature to discourage certain castle designs and honeycomb builds.
    • Reaching a Castle Heart counts allows enemy players to disable the castle’s defenses temporarily.
    • Added rules when raiding castles:
      • Enemy players may use paired teleporters inside the enemy castle
      • All walls, doors, pillars, entrance barriers, and windows become immaterial
      • Players can loot all chests/storage without a cast time
      • The Owner/Clan may not respawn in coffins inside the castle
      • The Owner/Clan may not use waygates to/from the castle
      • Servants cannot respawn
      • Temporarily reduces the health of all structures within the castle

Travel and Target Area Ability Reworks

  • Reworked travel spells and targeted AoEs, especially around castles.
  • Use travel spells across railings to jump from one floor to another or between spaces
  • Railing prevent players from attacking enemies from a different floor when railings are in the way

Diminishing Returns

  • Diminishing returns added when using crowd control effects with Freeze, Incapacitate, and Fear in PvP settings.
  • No longer perform servant actions such as Summon or Revive while “Castle is under attack.”
  • Destroying wooden palisades and doors now triggers Breach.
  • Soul shards may only be placed on the first floor, similar to castle hearts.
  • Servant maximum health reduced by 25-30%.
  • Siege golem size has been reduced, and attack animations adapted to fit within the new castle height boundaries.
  • Siege golem now has an additional support roar ability to shield nearby allies (only vampires not affecting golems).
  • Siege golem now has an additional melee slam ability to stun enemies in a small area.
  • Siege golem health server settings updated to 750/1000/1250/1750/2500 from 500/750/1000/1500/2500. Default Siege Golem health is now set to 1250.
  • Siege Golem ranged attack no longer travel across cliffs/abysses.
  • Explosives, Siege Golems and Castle Key items can no longer be picked up from the ground while under the effect of Veil of Illusion (to block possible raid exploits).
  • Increased radius of Tier 2 Explosive boxes from 4.5 to 6.

World and New World Updates

The entire map of V Rising received various additions and changes with the Secrets of Gloomrot patch. These upgrades and improvements help improve progression flow while including extra in-game elements like new bosses and loots.
  • Major overworld changes to all buildable areas.
  • New creatures can now be encountered in the forest.
    • New Unit – Forest Spider
    • New Unit – Corpse Pile
Forgotten Cemetery
  • New Unit – Flying Skull
  • New Unit – Undead Assassin
  • • Added two ‘Shady Merchant Camps’ added where players may trade.
Hallowed Mountains
  • Major overworld changes to all buildable areas
  • Creatures in the area are now more deadly
  • New Unit – Frost Wolf
  • New Unit – White Moose
Dunley Framlands
  • Major overworld changes to all buildable areas
  • Ruins of Dracula’s Castle moved to the north between Dunley and Gloomrot
Haunted Iron Mine
  • New Unit – Undead Guardian
  • Undead General unit changed into V Blood – Kriig the Undead General
  • Added the ‘Dunley Farmers Market’ where players may trade
  • Added the ‘Iron Cave’ location
  • New Unit – Rock Elemental
  • Updated Unit – Iron Golem
  • Added ‘The Forbidden Tower’ location
  • New V Blood – Maja the Dark Savant
  • Added ‘ Quartz Quarry’ Location
  • New V Blood – Grethel the Glassblower
  • New V Blood – Bane the Shadowblade
Cursed Forest
  • Overworld changes to all buildable areas
  • A new Biome Hazard – ‘Curse of the Forest’ now affects players venturing into the area
    • New V Blood – The Old Wanderer
  • Spider Cavern moved from the west side of Cursed Forest
  • Ancient Village removed from the entrance of Cursed Forest
  • Added a new Ancient Village named ‘Cursed Village’ northeast of the Cursed Forest
  • Ghosts instead of skeletons now inhabit ancient villages
    • New Unit – Ghost Crossbowman
    • New Unit – Ghost Guardian
    • New Unit – Ghost Assassin
    • New V Blood – Cyril the Cursed Smith
Silverlight Hills
  • Overworld changes to all buildable areas
  • Sacred Silver Mine is now a Slave Mine, controlled by the Church of Luminance
    • New Unit – Ruffian
    • New Unit – Slave Master
    • New V Blood – Sir Magnus the Overseer
  • Added ‘Brighthaven Vineyard’ location (replacing parts of Brighthaven suburbs)
    • New V Blood – Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier
  • Added ‘Brighthaven Trade District’ where players may trade, replacing the ‘Brighthaven Slums’ name

Gloomrot South (New Level 58 to 60 Biome)

  • 16x Castle Territories
  • New Location – Rustlock Village
  • New Location – Pools of Rebirth
  • New Location – Trancendum Mine
  • New Location – Trancendum Machine Factory
  • Small Locations – Trancendum Camps and Farms / New Waygate and Cave Passage

V Bloods

  • Ziva the Engineer
  • Domina the Blade Dancer
  • Angram the Purifier

New Units

  • Mutated Rat
  • Mutated Deer
  • Mutated Moose
  • Mutant Spitter
  • Flesh Golem
  • Trancendum Villager
  • Technician
  • Tazer
  • Batoon
  • Railgunner
  • Tractor Beamer
  • Pyro
  • Sentry Officer
  • Drill Mech


  • Tweaked the camera to allow players to tilt it at about 10% more than before.

World Traversal

With the increase in map size, players now have additional ways to travel. The V Rising developers also enhanced some travel mechanics to make wandering less arduous.
  • New Vampire Power – Dominate Mount (turns horse into a Vampire Horse).
  • Wolf Form upgrades
    • Speed increased from 45% to 60%.
    • You may now use a ghostly leap to jump through objects using “Space”. The ability has 2 charges and an 8s cooldown.
    • The cast is now interrupted by damage taken.
    • Damage over time effects no longer breaks wolf form.
  • • Bat Form upgrades
    • Cast time has been reduced to 4s from 8s
    • Movement speed increased by 70%
  • Human Form’s cast time reduces from 5s to 4s
  • The following items no longer block players from using waygates or batform:
    • Bone
    • Fish
    • Plank
    • Stone Brick
    • Rugged Hide
    • Paper / Scroll / Schematic
    • Seeds
  • Added the ability to build local teleporters for quick traversal between castle rooms and floors.

Visual Updates

  • Adjusted the Line of Sight Vision Fog for all existing and new areas to enhance clarity and visual feedback.
  • Tuned down the ‘Depth of Field’ effect affecting blurry objects at a long distance.
  • Added additional hairstyles for character customization.
  • Updated the visuals of the Dawnthorn Armor Set.
  • Updates to vampire movement animations, adding stop and start running states.
  • Improved vampire animations for attacks when using the Mace or the Slashers weapon.
  • The share blood mechanic has updated animations.
  • Replaced the Crossbow weapon effects with more physical-looking effects instead of poisonous effects.
  • Updated several icons, including icons for items, spells, recipes, minimap, and keybinds.
  • Added wind to the game, giving vegetation a more realistic appearance when in motion.

Sound Updates

  • Added volume control for player voice lines.
  • Sounds for the new areas, ambiances, units etc.
  • New voices for the player, vbloods, units, and humans.
  • New storm ability sounds and some new abilities in the old schools of magic.
  • General mix improvements and refining of existing sounds.
  • Added more UI sounds.
  • Added music for the Gloomrot South and North biomes; a total of 4 new tracks.
  • Improved the global implementation of the music with the goal to make it feel less repetitive.
  • Added male and female versions of vampire voices.

Multiplayer Scaling – Units and Loot

  • Reworked enemy health scaling to improve balance in combat.
  • Dynamic scaling for enemies.
  • Unit scaling now includes normal units.
  • Units killed online will have a chance to drop additional loot that scales with the number of players.
  • Added a trigger that scales health when using allied buffs from afar.

Items and Loot

  • New weapons: The Greatsword and Dual Pistols
  • Find and craft Spell Jewels to add perks to spells.
  • Find, craft, and restore ancestral weapons using the “Ancestral Forge.”
  • Updated most magic sources with new icons and names.
  • T7+ Magic Sources now always reduce blood drain by 15%.
  • Level reduces for the ‘Blood Key’ Magic source to the same level as T8 magic sources. It now grants +25% Blood Drain reduction and +75 Sun Resistance.
  • Craft Crossbows as other weapon types and not only at the Woodworking Table.
  • Dark Silver Weapons now grant Gear Level 23 (+5 from Merciless Iron Weapons).
  • Dawn Thorn Set now has double Gear Level Set bonuses (Increasing total Gear Level by +6 for wearing the entire set).
  • Bloodmoon Set speed bonus reduced to 4% from 6%.
  • Significantly increased health granted by armors.
  • Damage output from units in PvE has been tuned to not offset the PvE balance.
  • Weapons and Armors now lose less durability when used (about ~25% less).
  • All equipped items lose 12.5% durability and drop upon death in PvP.
  • Craft bags to carry more items.
  • Updated the stack size for several items, most items now have a higher stack size.
  • Reduced the crafting and refinement time for several items.
  • Various changes to crafting recipes.
  • New materials:
    • Thick Hide, creature item drop available primarily in Dunley/Hallowed Mountains
    • Pollen, general material that drops from flowers
    • Mutant Grease, mutant item drop available primarily in Gloomrot South
    • Plague Brier, a new flower/herb that can be found in Gloomrot South
    • Tech scrap, a general resource found in Gloomrot
    • Depleted Batteries, a resource found in Gloomrot north
    • Radium Alloy, a new type of metal found in Gloomrot or refined in a Furnace
    • Power Core, a new type of component, refined in a Fabricator
    • Onyx Tear, a new material type crafted in an Anvil
    • Sacred Grapes, a new plant in Silverlight Hills
    • Blood Merlot, a new blood flask tapped in a prison
    • Copper Coins, a new currency used for trading in Farbane
    • Goldsun Coins, a new currency used for trading in Silverlight Hills
    • New wood types added (Hallowed, Gloom, and Cursed Wood)
  • Changed and removed materials:
    • Iron Body removed
    • Clay Mold removed
    • Highland Lotus removed
    • Imperial Thread removed
    • Animal hide rebranded to ‘Rugged Hide’
    • Fish Oil rebranded to ‘Oil’
  • Tannery, Grinder, Tomb, Furnace, Sawmill, Vermin Nest, Blood Press, Loom, Paper Press, and Fabricator have additions and/or changes to their recipes.
  • New consumables:
    • Irradiant Gruel – Feed Prisoners to boost blood quality but has a chance to turn the prisoner into a mutant.
    • Dusk Caller – Allows you to transport a charmed prisoner to an unoccupied prison cell within your realm
    • EMP – Allows you to disable electrical sources
    • Barrel Disguise – Turn into a barrel to disguise yourself. Trigger a barrel roll and stun any enemy hit depending on distance traveled.


  • New Blood Type – Mutant Blood
  • Witches now have Scholar Blood instead of Creature Blood

V Blood Updates

  • Goreswine the Ravager
    • Balance adjustment and increased cooldown on invulnerability/AoE attack
  • Grayson the Armor
    • Balance adjustment to charge attack and spin attack.
    • Not clearing out the caltrops can punish players a bit more as the knockback swing is faster, and his caltrops deal more damage.
  • Ferocious Bear
    • Balance adjustment and reduced melee attack cast rate.
    • Fixed an issue where the boss would slide toward players after performing a series of attacks.
  • Octavian the Militia Captain
    • Fixed an issue causing Octavian to sometimes enter a state where he would stand still and do nothing
    • Updated some spell effects.
  • Morian the Stormwing Matriarch
    • Updated visuals and general readability improvements making the fight easier to grasp and understand.
    • Cyclone spell reworked; each cyclone now slowly follows the closest enemy player until it hits or times out.
  • Azariel the Sunbringer
    • No longer uses his shield on nuns.
    • Two additional holy rods are now near the entrance of the church.
    • General balance tweaks to adds and skills.
    • Holy rods in his church now launch fewer projectiles.
  • Terrorclaw the Ogre
    • Fixed an issue with the Frost Leap attack causing it to now always sync correctly with the impact area.
    • Tuned the fight, making it slightly harder.
    • Updated some spell effects.
  • Matka the Witch
    • Updated visuals and general readability improvements making the fight easier to grasp and understand.
    • Removed lots of red circle effects.
    • Exploding mosquitos now have a clearer telegraph.
  • Styx the Sunderer
    • Updated visuals and general readability improvements making the fight easier to grasp and understand.
  • Gorecrusher the Behemoth
    • Updated visuals and general readability improvements making the fight easier to grasp and understand.
  • Solarus the Immaculate
    • Abilities that dealt fire damage now deal holy damage instead.
    • Boss health scaling adapted for 1-4 players from being tuned for 4 players.
  • Updated visuals for the V Blood feed effect.
  • All players that drink blood from a V Blood now heal when the feed completes.
  • Item drops from V Bloods now spread over a wider area to better distribute the loot between multiple players.
  • Reduced health scaling for boss minions that scale in numbers based on the number of players.

Vampire Spells and Weapon Skills

  • “Sword – Shockwave” now always returns the player to the origin location of where the target was standing when hit.
  • “Slashers – Camouflage” now makes players semi-transparent in the same way as other stealth mechanics rather than 100% transparent.


  • Primary ranged attacks after triggering a veil ability when using Crossbow or Pistols now correctly fires a projectile infused with the spell school of that veil, triggering the veil effect in the same manner as any melee attack would.
  • Hover spell casts now have a maximum cast distance of 22 (this limit includes spells such as Phantom Aegis, Power Surge and Ice Block).
  • Each spell school now has a unique status effect associated with it.
  • Bear forms attack power and attack level is now defined by the currently equipped weapon. This affects how effective resource gathering is as well as limits what mineral nodes that may be destroyed when using weapons with different gear levels.
  • Fixed an issue where a player was able to shapeshift after converting a human using the Charm ability if Shapeshift was used directly after completing the charm.
  • Blood spells additions and improvements
    • Leech – New debuff. Leech the life force from your enemies for 5s. Physical attacks restore 7% of the damage dealt against Leeched enemies.
    • Shadow Bolt – Magic damage reduced to 180% from 200%. Removed fading snare. Now applies Leech.
    • Blood Rite – No longer heals you for 30% spell power. Now applies Leech to all enemies hit by the wave of energy.
    • Blood Rage – Reworked. Heal nearby allies for 40% of your spell power, increase attack speed by 25% and movement speed by 15% for 4s. Inficts Leech on nearby enemies.
    • Crimson Aegis – Replaced by Phantom Aegis (Illusion Spell).
    • Purgatory – Replaced by Blood Fountain.
    • Blood Fountain – Summon a pillar of blood healing allies for 40% of your spell power. The pillar erupts after 1.2s inflicting Leech and dealing 75% magic damage to enemies while healing allies for 60% of your spell power.
    • Sanguine Coil – Health drain reduced to 25% down from 40%.Reduced self heal to 25% down from 40%. Hitting an enemy now applies Leech, hitting an enemy affected by Leech consumes the effect and heals you for 5% of your maximum health.
    • Veil of Blood – Reduced the healing from the next primary attack to 5% of maximum health from 6% of maximum health. The next primary attack also inflicts Leech.
    • Crimson Beam – Duration decreased to 3s down from 4s. Magic damage increased to 200% up from 150%. Now applies Leech to all enemies hit. Healing to allies increased to 150% up from 100%.
    • Heart Strike – Now applies Leech to all enemies hit by the blood nova.
  • Chaos spells additions and improvements
    • Ignite – Chaos Burn renamed to ‘Ignite’. Burns the victim for 50% magic damage over 5s.
    • Chaos Volley – Reduced magic damage to 110% down from 125%. Inflicts Ignite.
    • Aftershock – Increased magic damage to 125% up from 100%. Inflicts Ignite
    • Chaos Barrier – No longer provides a 10% movement speed increase. Magic damage reduced to 50% down from 75%. Blocking an attack inflicts Ignite. Chaos Barrier can now be recast to launch a chaos projectile.
    • Void – Magic damage increased to 90% up from 70%. Now pulls enemies hit by the explosion towards the center and inflicts Ignite.
    • Power Surge – Reworked. Boost a target ally of self. Increases movement speed by 25%, attack speed by 25% and physical attacks inflict Ignite for 4s.
    • Veil of Chaos – Removed the bonus damage on the next primary attack. Your next primary attack now inflicts Ignite.
    • Chaos Barrage – Inflicts Ignite.
    • Merciless Charge – Magic area damage increased to 125 up from 100%. Magic area damage inflicts Ignite.
  • Unholy spells additions and improvements
    • Condemn – New debuff. Increasing all damage taken by the condemned enemy by 15% for 5s. Summon an unholy warrior to fight by your side whenever a condemned target perishes.
    • Pestilence – Reworked. Renamed to Corrupted Skull. Launch a projectile that deals 80% magic damage, summons a skeleton and inflicts Condemn. The attack deals 40% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health.
    • Corpse Explosion – Renamed to Bone Explosion. Increased magic damage to 140% from 125%. No longer applies a fading snare. Now applies Condemn.
    • Ward of the Damned – No longer provides a movement speed increase. Only the first attack blocked is guaranteed to spawn a skeleton, subsequent blocks have a 50% chance to spawn a skeleton. Skeletons spawned from this spell now have a maximum cap of 5. Ward of the damned can now be recast to launch a wave of energy that deals 25% magic damage and inflicts Condemn.
    • Death Knight – Replaces Spectral Assassin. Summon a Death Knight at target location that performs a heavy melee attack dealing 130% magic damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and inflicting Condemn, the strike deals 70% bonus damage to enemies below 30% health.
    • Soulburn – New spell. Drain the life of up to 3 nearby enemies dealing 70% magic damage, inflicting Condemn and leeching 40% health. Cancels any attack the enemy performs, silencing them for 2.5s.
    • Unstable Mosquito – Mosquito has been stabilized. Spell was renamed to Mosquito and moved to the Illusion school.
    • Veil of Bones – On attack ability reworked. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and inflicts Condemn. Deals an additional 50% damage to enemies below 30% health.
    • Volatile Arachnid – Magic damage from explosion increased to 130% from 100%. Now deals 40% magic damage when summoned and applies a fading snare for 1.5s. Toxic Fume removed.
    • Summon Fallen Angel – The amplify effect has been replaced with Condemn.
  • Illusion spells additions and imprvements
    • Weaken – New debuff. Weaken your enemy to reduce their damage output by 15% for 5s. 25% chance to gain Phantasm whenever a weakened target perishes.
    • Phantasm – New buff. Reduces your spell cooldowns by 1% and grants 2% chance to reset cooldowns on cast. This effect stacks up to 10 times and is removed once you successfully reset cooldown on cast.
    • Spectral Wolf – No longer applies a fading snare. Magic damage increased to 125% up from 100%. Bounce damage increased to 85% up from 75%. Each enemy hit applies weaken and a stack of Phantasm to the caster.
    • Phantom Aegis – Replaces Crimson Aegis. Apply a shield to target ally or self that shields the target for 200% of your spell power, inflicts Weaken on nearby enemies and grants Phantasm for each enemy hit.
    • Mist Trance – No longer refreshes the cooldown of your Secondary weapon attack. Applies Weaken to nearby enemies when reappearing. Grants a stack of Phantasm for each enemy hit this way.
    • Spectral Assassin – Replaced by Death Knight.
    • Wraith Spear – New spell. Dash backward and launch a piercing projectile dealing 160% magic damage and inflicting Weaken. Each subsequent hit deals 75% damage of the previous hit and grants Phantasm.
    • Mosquito – Magic damage increased to 70% up from 60%. No longer applies Amplify. Now inflicts Fear for 1.5s and Weaken upon exploding. Grants one stack of Phantasm for each enemy hit.
    • Veil of Illusion – Your next primary attack now inflicts Weaken. The projectiles launched by the illusion inflict Weaken and apply a stack of Phantasm to the caster.
    • Mirror Strike – Ultimate Removed.
    • Spectral Guardian – Now also applies Weaken to nearby enemies.
    • Wisp Dance – Is now an ultimate. Magic damage increased to 60% from 25%. Magic damage of launched wisps increased to 100% from 50%. Hitting an enemy with either version of the wisps applies Weaken to them and grants the caster one stack of Phantasm.
  • Frost spells additions and improvements
    • Freezing a target that is immune to freeze now inflicts Chill and deals 25% magic damage.
    • Ice Nova – Magic damage increased to 140% up from 100%.
    • Frost Barrier – No longer grants bonus movement speed. Can now be recast to conjure a cone of cold dealing 25% magic damage and inflicting Chill.
    • Crystal Lance – No longer splinters into multiple projectiles on impact. Magic damage increased to 160 up from 150%.
    • Ice Block – New spell. Turn target ally or self into solid ice rendering them unable to move or act for up to 2.2s. The ice shields for 280% of your spell power, grants immunity to crowd control effects and heals up to 8% of maximum health while active.
    • Veil of Frost – Removed bonus damage on next primary attack. No longer gives a shield. Increased radius of area of effect to 2.8 from 2.5, area of effect deals 50% damage.
  • Storm – a new spell school
    • Static – New debuff. Electrify your enemy for 5s causing physical damage dealt to them to trigger a shock dealing 10% magic damage.
    • Cyclone – New spell. Conjure a cyclone that pierces enemies dealing 90% magic damage and inflicting Static. The cyclone returns once it reaches max distance, circling back towards you and lingering for up to 10s hitting any enemy it passes through.
    • Polarity Shift – New spell. Launch a projectile that deals 90% magic damage and inflicts Static. You and the other target swap locations on impact. If the target is immune to the effect you instead teleport to the location of the target.
    • Discharge – New spell. Block melee and projectile attacks for up to 1.5s. Turn immaterial and travel to cursor location when an attack is blocked. Passing through an enemy deals 50% magic damage, inflicts Static and launches the target into the air for 3s.
    • Ball Lightning – New spell. Launch a Ball Lightning that lingers in place, periodically shocking a nearby enemy inflicting Static. Deals up to 180% mafic damage per target over 3s. Ball Lightning’s total damage cannot exceed 450% magic damage. Explodes after the duration dealing 50% magic damage in the area.
    • Lightning Curtain – New spell. Summon a curtain of lightning that blocks projectiles for up to 2.5s. Inflicts Static and periodically deals 25% magic damage to enemies that pass through the effect. Applies a fading haste increasing movement speed by 40% for 3s to allies that pass through.
    • Veil of Storm – New spell. Dash towards input direction and elude nearby enemies for 2.2s. Gain 20% increased attack speed for 4s. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and inflicts Static. Dashing through an enemy also inflicts Static.
    • Raging Tempest – New ultimate. Dash forward and bounce between nearby enemies striking them for a total of 525% magic damage split across targets within the area for 3s. Additionally strikes all enemies in the area up to 4 times dealing 40% magic damage and inflicting Static. Afterward, dash towards your aim direction.
    • Eye of the Storm – New Ultimate. Knockback nearby enemies and conjure a thunderstorm around you. Lightning bolts strike down in the surrounding area dealing 100% magic damage and inflicts Static. The storm rages for 5s and lightning strikes the area 37 times over the duration.

Progression Changes

  • Removed the “Blood Altar”
  • Players may now track V Bloods at any time after unlocking the feature using a new V Blood interface with additional features:
    • A better representation of all V Bloods and their rewards
    • A distance indicator displaying how close the V Blood is from your current location as well as the direction.
    • When tracking a V Blood you will be able to see a range indicator in the Journal Quest panel
    • If a V Blood is dead the unit will be displayed as a “ghost” and the range indicator displays a respawn timer instead.
  • Various flow and reward changes to Journal Quests.

V Blood Progression Updates and Changes

  • All V Bloods now drop health orbs upon reaching 50% health, healing players for a small amount of health. The number of orbs increases with the number of players in combat.
  • Rufus the Foreman
    • Now unlocks the Crossbow Weapon
  • Grayson the Armorer
    • Now unlocks Phantom Aegis (replacement for Crimson Aegis)
  • Goreswine the Ravager
    • Now unlocks Gravedigger ring
    • No longer unlock Veil of Bones
  • Lidia the Chaos Archer
    • Now unlocks leather crafting table
    • Now unlocks small bags
    • Level changed to 30 from 26
  • Putrid Rat
    • Items required to spawn changed to
    • Unsullied Heart and 4x Gravedust
  • Polora the Feywalker
    • Now unlocks large growing plots
    • No longer unlock Waygate
    • No longer unlock Veil of Illusion
    • Level changed to 35 from 34
  • Nicholaus the Fallen
    • No longer unlock Study
    • No longer unlock Ward of the Damned
    • Now unlock Paper Press
    • Level changed to 35 from 37
  • Quincey the Bandit King
    • No longer unlock Chaos Barrier
  • Ferocious Bear
    • Level changed to 35 from 36
  • Beatrice the Tailor
    • Level changed to 40 from 38
    • No longer unlock human form
  • Vincent the Frostbringer
    • Level changed to 44 from 40
    • Now unlocks Prison Framework (additional doors in prison style)
    • No longer unlock Veil of Frost
  • Kriig the Undead General
    • The ‘Undead Commander’ has regained his human form and is now a V Blood with some updated abilities
    • Level changed to 44 from 49
    • Unlocks the Reaper Weapon
    • Unlocks Ward of the Damned
  • Tristan the Vampire Hunter
    • Level changed to 44 from 46
    • Now unlocks the Greatsword Weapon
    • Now unlocks Veil of Frost
  • Leandra the Shadow Priestess
    • Level changed to 47 from 46
    • Now unlocks the ability “Death Knight” instead of “Spectral Assassin” (the ability has been changed and is now an unholy ability)
    • Now unlocks ‘Dusk Caller’
  • Grethel the Glassblower
    • New Level 47 V Blood
    • Unlocks the storm ability Cyclone
    • Unlocks Glass / Glass Bottle and Blood Rose Potion
  • Christina the Sun Priestess
    • Level changed to 47 from 44
    • Now unlocks the ability “Blood Fountain” instead of “Purgatory” (the ability has been changed and is now a blood ability)
    • No longer unlocks Glass / Glass Bottle / Blood Rose Potion and Holy Resistance Potion
    • Now unlocks Wool Thread
  • Meredith the Bright Archer
    • Level changed to 50 from 52
    • No longer unlocks Sanguine Coil
    • No longer unlocks Wool thread
    • Now unlocks the ability Veil of Storm
    • Now unlocks holy resistance potion
  • Bane the Shadowblade
    • New Level 47 V Blood
    • Unlocks the ability veil of bones
    • Unlock Human form
    • Unlock the Slashers weapon
    • Unlock the bag ‘small coin purse’
  • Maja the Dark Savant
    • New Level 47 V Blood
    • Unlocks the ability veil of illusion
    • Unlocks the Study
    • Unlocks the Scroll recipe
  • Terah the Geomancer
    • Level changed to 50 from 48
    •  Frostmaw the Mountain Terror
    • Level changed to 57 from 56
    • No longer unlock the scroll recipe
    • Now unlocks medium bags
  • Jade the Vampire Hunter
    • Level changed to 57 from 62
    • No longer unlock major explosives
    • Now unlocks the Pistols weapon
  • Octavian the Militia Captain
    • Level changed to 57 from 58
    • Now unlocks ‘Raging Tempest’ instead of ‘Mirror Strike’ (the ability has been changed and is now a storm ability)
    • No longer unlocks Dark Silver ingot / Dark silver Weapons
    • No longer unlocks Anvil
    • Now unlocks Wide Castle Entrances / Gates
  • Raziel the Shepherd
    • Level changed to 57 from 60
    • No longer unlock Athenaeum
    • No longer unlocks silver resistance potion
    • No longer unlocks Corrupted Artefact
    • Now unlocks the Jewelcrafting Table
    • Now unlocks the Ancestral Forge
  • Ziva the Engineer
    • New Level 60 V Blood
    • Unlocks the storm ability ‘Ball Lightning’
    • Unlocks the refinement station ‘Fabricator’
    • Unlocks the recipe for ‘Empty Canister’ and ‘Radium Alloy’
  • Angram the Purifier
    • New Level 60 V Blood
    • Unlocks the chaos ability ‘Chaos Barrier’
    • Unlocks the recipes ‘Mutated Rat’, ‘Major Explosives’ and ‘Irradiant Gruel’
  • Domina the Blade Dance
    • New Level 60 V Blood
    • Unlocks the storm ability ‘Polarity Shift
    • Unlocks Local Castle Teleporters
  • Ungora the Spider Queen
    • Level changed to 62 from 60
    • No longer unlocks Ghost Yarn
  • The Old Wanderer
    • New Level 62 V Blood
    • Unlocks the cloak ‘Shroud of the Forest’
  • Willfred the Werewolf Chief
    • No longer unlocks Holy Resistance Flask
    • Now unlocks Silver Resistance potion
  • The Duke of Balaton
    • Level changed to 64 from 62
    • Unlocks medium coin purse
    • Unlocks copper/silver/goldsun coin recipes
  • Foulrot the Soultaker
    • Level changed to 64 from 62
    • No longer unlock Tier 3 Cloak
    • Unlocks spectral dust recipe
  • Cyril the Cursed Smith
    • New Level 65 V Blood
    • Unlocks the illusion ability ‘Wraith Spear’
    • Unlocks the Anvil
    • Unlocks dark silver ingot recipe
  • Sir Magnus the Overseer
    • New Level 66 V Blood
    • Unlocks the frost ability ‘Ice Block’
    • Unlocks Tier 3 Cloak
  • Baron du Bouchon the Sommelier
    • New Level 70 V Blood
    • Unlocks the blood ability ‘Sanguine Coil’
    • Unlocks the magic source ‘Blood merlot amulet’
    • Unlocks recipes for ‘Barrel Disguise’ and ‘Blood Merlot’
  • Terrorclaw the Ogre
    • Level changed to 70 from 68
    • Now unlocks Large Bags
  • Mairwyn the Elementalist
    • Level changed to 70 from 64
    • No longer unlocks ‘Imperial Thread’
    • Now unlocks Holy resistance flask and Greater Jewels.
  • Morian the Stormwing Matriarch
    • Level changed to 70 from 68
    • Henry Blackbrew the Doctor
  • New Level 74 V Blood
    • Unlocks the storm ability ‘Discharge’
    • Unlocks Athenaeum
    • Unlocks schematic recipe
  • Azariel the Sunbringer
    • Level changed to 74 from 68
    • Now unlocks Large coin purse
  • Matka the Curse Weaver
    • Level changed to 77 from 72
    • No longer unlocks recipe for schematic
    • Now unlocks recipe for Ghost Yarn
  • Voltatia the Power Master
    • New Level 77 V Blood
    • Unlocks the storm ability Lightning Curtain
    • Unlocks recipe for ‘Power Core’ and ‘EMP’
  • Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer
    • Level changed to 79 from 76
    • Now unlocks the unholy ability ‘Soulburn’
    • Now unlocks recipe for ‘Onyx Tear’
    • Now unlocks ‘Legendary Weapon Shards’ recipes
  • Solarus the Immaculate
    • No longer a ‘Shard Bearer’
  • Gorecrusher the Behemoth
    • Level changed to 82 from 78
  • The Winged Horror
    • Level changed to 83 from 78
  • Adam the Firstborn
    • New Level 83 V Blood
    • Unlocks the storm ability ‘Eye of the Storm’
    • Drops the Soulshard of the Monster (replacement for Solarus Soulshard)

Official Server Settings

  • All Official Servers will now run on a reset schedule ranging from 1/3/6 months. For players who wish to keep their progression for longer time periods you will need to play on a private server.
  • The Merciless PvP option is no longer visible in the main game mode filter selection screen. We plan to add Official Servers running additional rule sets, more niche server-settings will now only be visible when browsing the full server list.
  • Siege Golem Map icons are now OFF by default on all PvP servers. The Siege announcement will still be in effect and the golem’s location will be on the small minimap.
  • Raid/Siege PvP Hours is now a two hour interval from a four hour interval on all PvP servers (8 PM – 10 PM)
  • To reduce the defensive capabilities of servants on Duo servers we have limited the number of servants to a maximum of 5 and increased the yield from missions.
  • Reduced maximum servants in Duo PvP to 2/3/4/5/5 from 3/4/5/6/7
  • Increased Servant Mission yield in Duo PVP to 175% from 125%
  • Increased all yield modifiers in Mercliess PvP to 200% from 125%
  • Implemented a new solution that should improve the experience in the server list when there are a lot of servers active.
  • Temporary disabled the “Mad Hunt” preset.
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