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V Rising Servants Guide: How to Capture, Blood Types, All Perks, and More

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Fulfilling your vampiric destiny while keeping tabs on other tasks can be challenging. Thankfully, servants in V Rising exist to help you complete specific objectives. These NPCs are also great blood banks when you need a particular blood type, and offer a range of benefits depending on this type.

V Rising Servants Guide

V Rising Servant You can’t simply approach a potential servant in V Rising hoping to capture them. Instead, you must follow specific steps before you can turn “domesticate” an NPC. Also, different servants provide varying perks. So, continue reading to know how to find and capture the best servants for you in V Rising.

How to Capture Servants

V Rising players can only start capturing servants by going through the tutorial. Eventually, beginners will encounter a tutorial mission requiring them to hunt and Dominate human souls. Reaching this part will also unlock the skill needed to capture servants. Once you have this skill, reduce a human’s health below 30%. Then, activate Dominate Human and select the target. The subdued human will then enter a dormant state. You should then place the character in a cage or Servant Coffin. Note that choosing the former option prevents you from ordering that NPC complete tasks. As for the latter, you must craft the item, which requires the following ingredients:
  • 16x Plank
  • 8x Copper Ingot
  • 1x Greater Blood Essence
Tip: Use the Dusk Caller item to transport the target into an empty Prison Cell since you can’t use Waygates to transport captured humans. Alternatively, you can walk back to your castle while protecting the NPC. The conversion process begins once the servant is in the coffin. It should take about 20 real-time minutes (about 40 in-game minutes) and 100x Blood Essence for the conversion to complete.

All Blood Types and Faction Perks

Servants in V Rising have two perks. One of the bonuses comes from the servant’s blood type, and the other originates from that NPC’s location or faction. A servant’s blood type generally reduces the difficulty of a Hunt by 100 for that NPC’s original location. As for the faction perk, it increases the loot acquired from successful hunts from the servant’s original location by 20%.
Blood Type Perks
Blood Type Perk Description
Worker Humble Appearance Settlement infiltration difficulty reduces by 100
Scholar Sacred Resistance Element-protected area hunting difficulty reduces by 100
Brute Tenacious Strength Harsh environment hunting difficulty reduces by 100
Rogue Tracking Expertise Creature and demon hunting difficulty reduces by 100
Warrior Military Tactics Fortified area hunting difficulty reduces by 100
Faction Perks
Faction/Location Perk Description
Farbane Woods Farbane Hunter 20% increase in looting from successful hunts in Farbane Woods
Dunley Farmlands Dunley Farmlands Hunter 20% increase in looting from successful hunts in Dunley Farmlands
Cursed Forest Cursed Forest Hunter 20% increase in looting from successful hunts in Cursed Forest
Silverlight Hills Silverlight Hills Hunter 20% increase in looting from successful hunts in Silverlight Hills
Gloomrot Gloomrot Hunter 20% increase in looting from successful hunts in Gloomrot
Note: Both faction and location perks don’t stack. Feeding on a different servant while a blood type is active will replace those benefits. You can also increase a servant’s gear level like your own character in V Rising. Doing so helps increase that servant’s combat competency and survival chances. If a servant dies, you can resurrect them from the Servant Coffin. But you must pay 50x Blood Essence and wait 10 minutes for that NPC to revive, so it's important to keep them safe. V Rising Server
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