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Top New Java Realms Minecraft Maps This Week

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft maps are constantly being made by fans, with detail varying from a 10-minute statue construction to a frame perfect recreation of a famous movie scene.

But beyond these creative marvels, there are also some great maps in-between, with some even including some interesting gameplay additions as well.

With this in mind, here are some of the best new Minecraft maps on Java Realms this week.

Heart Rush 2 (PVP)

Crowford has created a new map building on Heart Rush, an infamous Minecraft PVP map.

This map offers a beautiful, captivating landscape that enhances Minecraft PVP. This map is akin to those used in competitions, and will be a great test to any great Minecraft PVP players to look to take over.

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Disc 600 - An Extreme Parkour Map (Parkour)

Parkour in gaming has exploded in popularity thanks to surfing game modes. These have been popularized in the Counter Strike series among others like Overwatch, but Minecraft isn't far behind.

Minecraft parkour is a bit different, though, relying more on jump placement and momentum than mastering sliding and angles.

Disc 600 puts players to the test with Minecraft parkour, consisting of several floating islands of challenging jumps. Players should look to complete these islands like a gauntlet, with each offering a unique path.

Nick_Team, Argos, and MysticalSea have put together a great parkour course with this Minecraft map that beginners can work to improve on piecemeal, while still being able to challenge the veterans of this game type.

Frozen Conquest (Visuals, Immersion)

While these previous new Minecraft maps center around gameplay, this last pick is a more artful and immersive map instead. This Minecraft map was made by Snuz, Boog, and Jonah_. It includes a cinematic layout of ships in an arctic landscape, all threatened by a massive sea creature.

This map is a fantastic one to look through. For those brave enough, it could even house a very immersive game file if you’re willing to rough it! Just remember to bring your floaties.

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