Minecraft Dungeons is Coming to Steam: Release Date, Price & more
Minecraft Dungeons is Coming to Steam: Release Date, Price & more

Minecraft Dungeons will finally be available from the Steam store soon!

Minecraft Dungeons has developed a ton since launch day thanks to plenty of new DLC and content all around. In another new development, players will soon be able to play the game on the most popular PC game marketplace, Steam!

Here’s all you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons and its move to Steam.

Release Date

While Minecraft Dungeons has been in the hands of players for over a year now, it’s finally coming to the most popular PC gaming platform – Steam.

Minecraft Dungeons is an unexpectedly wonderful genre hybrid •

Minecraft Dungeons has a planned release date on Steam of September 2021 – though nothing more specific has been confirmed yet.


We expect Minecraft Dungeons will have the same pricing as other platforms – which breaks down to the following:

  • Minecraft Dungeons Standard Edition – $19.99
  • Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition – $29.99
Minecraft Dungeons Standard | Xbox - Download Code : Games

Along with this there is plenty of Minecraft Dungeons DLC, and a Pass that lets players pick it up in batches for a discount.

We expect these offerings will also be available via the Steam marketplace page for Minecraft Dungeons once it goes live in September.

Will Minecraft Dungeons have Steam Workshop support?

Unlike Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons has no real mod support system – so you won’t be able to go wild with Steam Workshop mods just because the game is coming to Steam.

Minecraft Dungeons Steam release date announced - Polygon

While this is a bummer, the sheer amount of content across all of the game’s DLC does let you customize your experience in many different ways across builds, maps, and difficulties.

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