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How to Get the Power Glove in Terraria

Posted on by justin
Equip the right accessories in Terraria can be the difference against many enemies, including bosses. For melee builds in Terraria, players get to enjoy one of the game's best accessories, the mighty Power Glove, which also builds into two even stronger options later in the game! With that, here's how to get the Power Glove in Terraria and complete your melee build.

How to Get the Power Glove in Terraria

Terraria Power Glove Introduced in version 1.2, the Power Glove in Terraria is a Hardmode accessory that grants the user additional knockback and +12% melee attack speed. It also improves the range of melee weapons by increasing the equipped armaments’ sizes. Finally, the Power Glove also enables auto-swing for all melee weapons used.

Crafting Requirements

Players must craft the Power Glove by combining Feral Claws and the Titan Glove at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. You can get the Titan Glove by killing Mimics. As for the Feral Claws, you can find them in pre-Hardmode Bramble and Jungle Crates, and Ivy Chests. Additionally, you can purchase the Tinkerer’s Workshop crafting station for 10 Gold Coins from the Goblin Tinkerer NPC. Note that you can only unlock this NPC by completing the Goblin Army invasion.

Upgrading the Power Glove in Terraria

You can upgrade the Power Glove into a better accessory by using it with another compatible item at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. The two items you can craft with the Power Glove are the following:
Berserker’s Glove
Create the Berserker’s Glove by combining the Power Glove with Flesh Knuckles. This accessory has the effects of the Power Glove. But it also increases enemy aggro and grants the user +8 defense.
Mechanical Glove
The Mechanical Glove has the same effects as Power Glove. However, you can use the Mechanical Glove with a Magma Stone at the Tinkerer’s Workshop to make the Fire Gauntlet. With the Fire Gauntlet, the user can use all the benefits from the Power or Mechanical Glove. But it also causes the Hellfire debuff to hit enemies, damaging their health over time.
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