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Terraria NPC Guide: All NPCs and How to Spawn Them

Posted on by justin
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One of the first sights players are greeted by in a new world in Terraria is the game's first NPC, the Guide. This non-player character will give you some information about the game, such as how to craft. But bear in mind that the Guide is only one of many NPCs you can spawn and meet in the game, and there are many more useful friends to have in the world of Terraria. With that, here is every currently accessible Terraria NPC, what they offer, and how to spawn them in your game!

Every Terraria NPC

Terraria NPC You can spawn most NPCs by creating houses or rooms for them. Do note that an NPC won’t spawn unless this space has a chair, table, and lighting fixture. It must also be a closed establishment with a wall and a door. The Terraria NPCs that arrive in your built houses or rooms will also arrive in chronological order. But some NPCs will only spawn if you meet specific requirements. You can also see some of these non-playable characters during your underground excursions. Warning: NPCs can die if their health drops to zero, but they’ll also respawn after some time.

Pre-Hardmode NPCs

Terraria Pre-Hardmode NPCs These Terraria NPCs are accessible from the very beginning of the game provided you meet their spawn requirements and do not require players to reach Hardmode content first.
NPC Function Spawn Requirements
Guide Provides tips for starters and acts as a general guide for new players Immediately exists upon starting a new world
Angler Provides fishing quests and rewards Look for him in an Ocean biome
Arms Dealer Sells guns and ammo One player is carrying at least one gun or bullets
Clothier Sells various vanity items Defeat the Skeletron boss
Demolitionist Sells explosives One player is carrying at least one explosive
Dryad Sells nature and Corruption/Crimson items Provides a report on the Corruption or Crimson taking over the world Defeat the Eye of Cthulhu, Skeletron, or the Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu bosses
Dye Trader Sells and trades dyes One player is carrying at least one dye or dye-crafting material
Goblin Tinkerer Sells various items like the Tinkerer’s Workshop Reforge certain items Look for this NPC in the Cavern layer after defeating the Goblin Invasion event
Golfer Sells golf-themed items Look for him in the Underground Desert biome
Mechanic Sells tools and other mechanism-related items Look for this NPC in the Dungeon
Merchant Sells basic equipment and supplies Players need to have at least 50 Silver Coins
Nurse Heals and cancels debuffs for a fee One player in the world has at least more than 100 health
Painter Sells paint, paintings, and painting tools Found at least 8 NPCs
Party Girl Sells items with visual flare Randomly shows up as the next NPC to spawn after at least two other NPCs are in your town
Star Merchant Sells magical items and magic-themed decorations Low chance to spawn after acquiring all other pre-Hardmode NPCs
Stylist Changes the player’s hairstyle Sells hair dyes Look for her in a Spider Cave
Tavernkeep Sells summoning items Look for him in the world after defeating the Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu bosses
Witch Doctor Sells summoner equipment Sells the Blowgun, Leaf Wings, and Imbuing Station Defeat the Queen Bee boss
Zoologist Sells critter, mount, pet, and vanity items The Bestiary should have at least 54 entries

Hardmode NPCs

Terraria Hardmode NPCs The following Terraria NPCs are only accessible during the Hardmode portion of the game.
NPC Function Spawn Requirements
Cyborg Sells items like Nanites, Rockets, and the Proximity Mine Launcher Defeat the Plantera boss
Pirate Sells pirate-themed items Defeat at least one Pirate Invasion event
Princess Sells various furniture and vanity items Invite all other NPCs (excluding Santa Claus and town pets)
Santa Claus Sells Christmas-themed items, including the Santa armor set Defeat the Frost Legion event It should be Christmas
Steampunker Sells items like the Teleporter and Jetpack Defeat at least one mechanical boss
Tax Collector Collects 50 Copper Coins per NPC as property taxes Look for the Tortured Soul in the Underworld and use the Purification Powder on it
Truffle Sells mushroom-related items and the Autohammer Look for this NPC in an above-ground house over the Glowing Mushroom biome
Wizard Sells various magic-related items Look for him in the Cavern layer

Other Terraria NPCs

Terraria Other NPC The following NPCs won’t stay in your town permanently, so don't get too attached!
NPC Function Spawn Requirements
Traveling Merchant Sells random items Random chance to spawn during the day and leaves at night
Old Man Summons the Skeletron boss Found at the entrance of the Dungeon
Skeleton Merchant Sells various items like the Magic Lantern, Spelunker, and Yoyo Glove Chance to spawn in the Caverns
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