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All Terraria Events And Invasions

Posted on by justin
Most events and invasions in Terraria are anything but celebratory. Although some instances may release your inner pacifist, most of these special in-game occasions require you to fight against enemy hordes.

All Terraria Events and Invasions

Terraria Events and Invasions These temporary instances may occur randomly or be triggered by fulfilling specific requirements. Also, many of these events spawn unique enemies, some of which are distinct bosses with exclusive loot. Now, we’ll discuss these events and invasions in Terraria in more detail below:
Peaceful Events in Terraria
Event Name Description and Effect Trigger Requirements
Party NPCs and some enemies wear party hats. Different-colored balloons will also decorate the sky. May randomly occur when talking to one or two NPCs during the day. Can also trigger when using a Party Center.
Lantern Night Lanterns decorate the night sky. Players can also buy the Release Lantern item from the Party Girl NPC during this event. Typically occurs after a player defeats a boss or completes an invasion. Only happens after defeating the Moon Lord.
Weather Events in Terraria
Event Name Description and Effect Unique Enemies Spawned Trigger Requirements
Rain Rain covers specific surface biomes, altering the theme music and reducing the area’s brightness. This event lasts 24 in-game hours. Flying Fish Umbrella Slime Raincoat Zombie Angry Nimbus (Hardmode only) Rainbow Slime (Hardmode Hallow biome only) Ice Golem (Hardmode Snow biome only) May occur in different surface locations randomly. It also changes to snow if it happens in the Snow biome.
Sandstorm Only occurs in the Desert biome. Visibility decreases, and the Might Wind Debuff hits all players in the area. Angry Tumbler Tomb Crawler Sand Shark (Hardmode Only) Dune Splicer (Hardmode only) Sand Elemental (Hardmode only) Crystal Thresher (Hardmode Hallowed Desert only) Bone Biter (Hardmode Corrupted Desert only) Flesh Reaver (Hardmode Crimson Desert only) May occur in the Desert biome randomly.
Windy Day Increases the cloud coverage and wind effects of a specific surface area. Windy Balloon Angry Dandelion May occur in different surface locations randomly.
Thunderstorm A product of Rain and Windy Day. Lightning flashes in the sky, and brightness lowers throughout that area. N/A May occur in different surface locations randomly.
Meteor Shower Falling stars appear continuously throughout the event. Enchanted Nightcrawlers also have a higher spawning rate in this event than normal. N/A May occur in different surface locations randomly at night.
Pre-Hardmode Events And Invasions in Terraria
Event Name Description and Effect Unique Enemies Spawned Trigger Requirements
Blood Moon Only occurs at night and lasts the entire duration of that period. Enemies become corrupt with the moon, altering their looks and loot. Most bodies of water, excluding Fish Bowls, Water Fountains, and the Ocean, become red. Blood Zombie Drippler The Groom The Bride Corrupt Bunny Corrupt Goldfish Vicious Bunny Vicious Goldfish Corrupt Penguin Vicious Penguin Clown (Hardmode only) Wandering Eye Fish (Fishing only) Zombie Merman (Fishing only) Hemogoblin Shark (Hardmode fishing only) Blood Eel (Hardmode fishing only) Dreadnautilus (Hardmode fishing only) May occur randomly at night when a player has over 120 health. Alternatively, use the Bloody Tear item.
Goblin Army Goblin hordes attack in waves from either the east or west. Note: Accompanies the Blood Event to be the initial events to come with the game’s first version. Goblin Peon Goblin Sorcerer Goblin Thief Goblin Warrior Goblin Archer Goblin Summoner (Hardmode only) Has a low chance of occurring after destroying a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart. Plus, the player must have at least 200 health. Alternatively, use the Goblin Battle Standard to trigger the invasion manually.
Slime Rain Similar to the Goblin Army invasion, but Slimes will attack in waves. Blue Slime Green Slime Purple Slime Pinky King Slime Has a chance of occurring if a player in the current world has at least 140 health and 8 defense.
Old One’s Army This invasion comes from a Dungeon Defenders 2 crossover event. Enemies with designs from that game will attack in waves. Ogre Dark Mage Betsy Old One’s Skeleton Etherian Wyvern Etherian Javelin Thrower Etherian Goblin Etherian Goblin Bomber Etherian Lightning Bug Kobold Kobold Glider Drakin Place an Eternia Crystal on an Eternia Crystal Stand after rescuing the Tavernkeep.
The Torch God The placed torches fire Fireballs at the player. Putting out all the torches will drop the Torch God’s Favor item, allowing players to toggle the appearance of torches. Torches Happens when a player places 101 torches in close proximity in an Underground layer.
Hardmode Events and Invasions in Terraria
Event Name Description and Effect Unique Enemies Spawned Trigger Requirements
Frost Legion Similar to the Goblin Army invasion, but special snowmen will attack in waves. Mister Stabby Snowman Gangsta Snow Balla Use the Snow Globe item.
Solar Eclipse The moon obscures the sun, significantly reducing natural light. During this time, horror-themed enemies attack in waves. Swamp Thing Frankenstein Eyezor Vampire The Possessed Fritz Creature from the Deep Reaper Mothron Baby Mothron Butcher Nailhead Deadly Sphere Psycho Dr. Man Fly Has a low chance of occurring every day at dawn after defeating any mechanical boss. Alternatively, use the Solar Tablet item.
Pirate Invasion Similar to the Goblin Army invasion, but pirates will attack in waves. Pirate Deckhand Pirate Deadeye Pirate Corsair Pirate Crossbower Pirate Captain Parrot Flying Dutchman Has a low chance of occurring during the day if a player has at least 200 maximum health. Alternatively, use the Pirate Map in the Ocean biome.
Pumpkin Moon A Halloween-themed invasion wherein enemies that fit the scenario spawn and attack in waves. Scarecrow Splinterling Hellhound Poltergeist Headless Horseman Mourning Wood Pumpking Use the Pumpkin Moon Medallion at night.
Frost Moon Similar to the Pumpkin Moon event, but Christmas-themed enemies spawn and attack in waves. Gingerbread Man Zombie Elf Elf Archer Nutcracker Yeti Elf Copter Krampus Flocko Everyscream Santa-NK1 Ice Queen Use the Naughty Present at night.
Martian Madness When triggered, UFOs fly in the background. Also, alien-themed enemies spawn and attack in waves. Martian Saucer Scutlix Martian Walker Martian Drone Tesla Turret Gigazapper Martian Engineer Martian Officer Ray Gunner Gray Grunt Brain Scrambler Let a Martian Probe escape after scanning a character.
Lunar Events Four different events that players must complete to summon the game’s final boss, Moon Lord. Solar Pillar Selenian Drakanian Corite Sroller Crawltipede Drakomire Drakmore Rider Vortex Pillar Vortexian Alien Queen Alien Hornet Alien Larva Storm Diver Nebula Pillar Nebula Floater Brain Suckler Predictor Evolution Beast Stardust Pillar Star Cell Flow Invader Twinkle Popper Milkyway Weaver Stargazer Defeat the Lunatic Cultist.
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