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Terraria: Betsy Boss Guide (How to Summon, Loot, Attacks & More)

Posted on by justin
One of the most fearsome and exciting bosses to fight in Terraria is Betsy, a powerful dragon that arrives during the Old One's Army event. Here's how to summon Betsy in Terraria, all of its attacks, and its loot table.

How to Summon Betsy in Terraria

Terraria Summon Betsy As part of the crossover event with Dungeon Defenders II, Betsy is part of the Old One’s Army event and will only appear once during the invasion’s seventh wave of its 3rd tier. Initiating the event requires players to place an Eternia Crystal on an Eternia Crystal Stand. Then, press the Open/Activate key to start the invasion. Other pre-requisites to summon Betsy are:
  • Similar to other events like the Frost Moon invasion, the current world should be in Hardmode
  • Golem has been defeated
If done correctly, the message “The old one’s army is approaching!” appears on the screen. Failure to complete the necessary requirements while attempting to trigger the event will instead make the following message appear: “The Eternia crystal rejects this area and pops away instantly, the Tavernkeep mentioned it should rest in a large flat open area....”

How To Beat Betsy (Attacks and Tips & Tricks)

Terraria Betsy Unlike other events and invasions, the Old One’s Army Event has anti-cheat mechanisms in place. That means players who want to take on Betsy should also pay attention to these features. These systems are:
  • Players in the battle arena receive the Creative Shock debuff, preventing them from placing or mining blocks
  • Enemies stepping on teleporters won’t teleport to another location
  • Effects from special blocks (e.g., lava, honey, and water) have no effect on enemies
  • Dart traps become lose efficiency and damage output during the event
However, players can still use the following mechanisms during the Old One’s Army invasion:
  • Transform parts of the arena using actuators
  • Place blocks in the battleground using items like the Ice and Dirt Rods
  • Use weapons with block-creating capabilities, such as the Sandgun and Dirt Bombs
  • Players can move on conveyor belts, albeit these items have no effect on enemies
  • Run over enemies using minecarts
Players must always be on their toes to dodge Betsy’s attacks. So, equip a pair of wings to fly around the arena as much as possible. Ideally, use ranged and magic weapons in this fight because Betsy will move around a lot, and make sure to take advantage of potions when needed.
Betsy has a few more attacks than other bosses and it can use them in any order. When fighting Betsy, players must watch out for the following attacks:
  • Attempts to ram the player while flying in a large loop
  • Lunges at the player’s position once or twice
  • Summons two Etherian Wyverns after roaring
  • Launches Betsy’s Fireballs that fly to the player’s position, exploding upon contact
  • Goes out of the screen to fire a fiery stream of Betsy’s Breath
Additionally, getting hit with Betsy’s Breath will inflict the On Fire! debuff on the player.
Loot Table
  • Aerial Bane
  • Sky Dragon’s Fury
  • Betsy’s Wrath
  • Flying Dragon
  • Betsy Wings
  • Betsy’s Mask
  • Betsy Trophy
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