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Stardew Valley Spring Season Guide: Best Crops, Events, & Ways to Make Money

Posted on by justin
The Spring season in Stardew Valley signifies a new year and a fresh start. Gone are winter’s freezing and icy winds, and welcome the dawn of a new year of bountiful harvest. So, make the most out of this season by reading this guide.

Stardew Valley Spring Season Guide

Stardew Valley Spring Spring in Stardew Valley lasts 28 days, like every season in the game. During this season, the white frost of winter disappears as grass restores its lush green color. Leaves on trees return, and pink petals ride the wind throughout Stardew Valley’s map. Apart from breathing the fresh air brought by Spring, below are the things you can do to take advantage of this season and get the very most out of it.

Best Spring Crops in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Spring Crops You can plant 12 Spring-exclusive types of crops in Stardew Valley. But it doesn’t mean you should devote all your character’s time and energy to growing these crops. Note that some of these Spring plants are more valuable than others.


You must wait until Spring of Year 2 to purchase Garlic Seeds from Pierre’s General Store. Persevere through the game, and your patience will be rewarded with the opportunity to plant Garlic on your farm. This vegetable becomes ready for harvesting after four days. Although it doesn’t have a regrowth period, you’ll gain more money from selling mature Garlic plants than the money spent from buying Garlic Seeds.
Selling Prices
  • Regular: 60 gold pieces
  • Silver: 75 gold pieces
  • Gold: 90 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 120 gold pieces
Note: All selling prices increase by 10% with the Tiller profession. Also, Iridium quality Garlic is now possible using the Deluxe Fertilizer since version 1.5.


Like Garlic, Parsnip matures in 4 days and has no regrowth period. However, Parsnip sells less than Garlic. On the other hand, Parsnip Seeds are reasonably cheap, making Parsnip a beginner-friendly crop to grow and harvest during the game’s first couple of years.
Selling Prices
  • Regular: 35 gold pieces
  • Silver: 43 gold pieces
  • Gold: 52 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 70 gold pieces
Note: All selling prices increase by 10% with the Tiller profession.


Cauliflower has a 12-day growth period and doesn’t regrow. That means you can only grow and harvest a Cauliflower plant up to twice per Spring period (unless you place it in a Greenhouse). But selling mature Cauliflowers is a great way to increase your return on investment (ROI) in Spring.
Selling Prices
  • Regular: 175 gold pieces
  • Silver: 218 gold pieces
  • Gold: 262 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 350 gold pieces
Note: All selling prices increase by 10% with the Tiller profession.

Ancient Fruit

Although not a Spring-exclusive plant, the Ancient Fruit can fetch a hefty sum when sold. But you must first donate one Ancient Seed to the Museum to unlock its recipe. Then, you can craft Ancient Seeds from an Ancient Seed artifact. Alternatively, you can place an Ancient Fruit in a Seed Maker to obtain Ancient Fruit Seeds. Otherwise, you can wait for the Traveling Cart to have the seeds in stock, which may take a while.
Selling Prices
  • Regular: 550 gold pieces
  • Silver: 687 gold pieces
  • Gold: 825 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 1,100 gold pieces
Note: All selling prices increase by 10% with the Tiller profession.


Last but not least is the Strawberry. This plant matures eight days after planting its seeds and has a regrowth period of 4 days. If planted in Spring 1, you can harvest up to five mature Strawberries for the entire Spring season. Note that you can only purchase Strawberry Seeds during the Egg Festival for 100 gold pieces per pack. Also, this event happens near the middle of Spring. So, it might be ideal to hold off on growing Strawberries until Year 2. Otherwise, you can only harvest Strawberry plants twice if you plant them after the Egg Festival.
Selling Prices
  • Regular: 120 gold pieces
  • Silver: 150 gold pieces
  • Gold: 180 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 240 gold pieces
Note: All selling prices increase by 10% with the Tiller profession.

Spring Events in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Spring Events Spring season in Stardew Valley offers 11 events for players. These occasions include various birthdays and festivals.
  • Spring 4: Kent’s birthday
  • Spring 7: Lewis’ birthday
  • Spring 10: Vincent’s birthday
  • Spring 13: Egg Festival
  • Spring 14: Haley’s birthday
  • Spring 15 to 18: Salmonberry Festival
  • Spring 18: Pam’s birthday
  • Spring 20: Shane’s birthday
  • Spring 24: Flower Dance Festival
  • Spring 26: Pierre’s birthday
  • Spring 27: Emily’s birthday

Other Ways to Make Money During Spring in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Spring Money Aside from planting and selling Spring crops, the season offers players many other opportunities to earn money as well. These include:
  • Fish at the Mountain Lake to catch and sell Carp (sells for 30 to 90 gold pieces per piece) and Bullhead (sells for 75 to 225 gold pieces per piece)
  • Unlock and use the Mayonnaise Machine to process eggs into more lucrative Mayonnaise jars
  • Head for the Mines and gather as much ore as you can
  • Travel south from Marnie’s house to reach the forest and collect (and sell) Spring Onions from that location
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