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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mill Guide: How to Get, Cost, & Uses

Posted on by justin
Unless you’re filthy rich in Stardew Valley, you’d typically want to save your extra cash for certain important things, such as presents. One way to save money is to develop a building that can produce items you need, and one notable example of this in Stardew Valley is the Mill. Here, you’ll learn how to build the mill, its costs, and everything you can use it for!

How to Get the Mill in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Mill Introduced in version 1.1, Stardew Valley players can purchase the Mill from Robin’s Carpenter Shop at 24 Mountain Road. The costs and materials needed for her to build it are the following:
  • 2,500 gold pieces
  • 50x Stone
  • 150x Wood
  • 4x Cloth
Once you give Robin the requirements to build the Mill on your farmland, you must select a location for it. Note that the Stardew Valley Mill takes up 4x2 tiles. It’ll also take two in-game days for Robin to complete the construction.

Mill Usage

Place various items into the Mill for it to produce different ingredients. The items and the ones they yield are the following:
  • Wheat → Flour
  • Beets → Sugar
  • Unmilled Rice → Rice
It also takes one day for the Mill to produce different items. After placing the initial materials, you can retrieve the produced goods from the box beside the Mill in the morning. The box near the Mill can also be an extra storage container. However, ensure enough space for the Mill to place the finished goods. Otherwise, it’ll result in lost stacks. Additionally, the items produced by the Mill are typically ideal for cooking. Giving these items to villagers isn’t generally a good idea since many dislike or hate receiving Flour, Sugar, and Rice. On the other hand, you can use the produced goods as ingredients to cook specific dishes. For example, use 1x Rice, 1x Seaweed, and 1x Fish (any) to make a Maki Roll (provided you already know the recipe). Then, give this dish to NPCs like Abigail, Sebastian, or Shane to increase their bond with you.
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