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Top 10 Best Heart Events in Stardew Valley

Posted on by justin
Sometimes, with some effort or luck, you’ll see memorable scenes in Stardew Valley called Heart Events. These unique scenarios prove you reached a specific friendship level with a particular NPC. But some Heart Events in particular stick out as massive story details or simply just for their engaging scenes of dialogue or extra beautiful set pieces. Here we'll rank the very best of these Stardew Valley Heart Events, and which ones you may have missed that are worth the time to grind to.

Ranking the Top 10 Best Stardew Valley Heart Events

Stardew Valley Heart Events Note that each potential marriage candidate in Stardew Valley has unique Heart Events. But other NPCs also have these special scenes, even if you can’t marry them. You can check the social menu for the characters you can befriend and interact with for their Heart Events. Below are the top Heart Events in Stardew Valley that you should consider prioritizing over other scenes:

10. Emily and the Bear

If you select Emily as your in-game partner, you’ll eventually trigger her ten-heart event. You’ll be camping in the woods with her, but a bear interrupts your sweet moment. Although the bear leaves, you and Emily enjoy your time in the tent throughout the scenario.

9. Maru’s Robot

Maru’s Heart Events are pretty complex, requiring players to make the right choices to increase her friendship level. Some options may even end Heart Events abruptly, making progressing the relationship more challenging than intended. But reach her ten-heart friendship level, and you can see the completion of her “big project.” Enter her home, and you’ll see Maru revealing a robot for her family. But the mechanical being becomes sentient and decides to fly into space.

8. Leo Moves Into Town

Leo is an NPC introduced in version 1.5. Initially, he lived on Ginger Island with his Parrot. Also, he won’t speak to you unless you give the parrots on the island some Golden Walnuts. Once Leo warms up to you and you reach a six-heart friendship level with him, he’ll decide to move to Pelican Town. Next, watch as he and the townsfolk warm up to each other, welcoming the once-lost boy with open arms.

7. Sebastian’s Pet

Sebastian resonates with many players, especially since he likes playing video games. But his passion for digital life detours when he finds an injured frog during his 14-heart Heart Event. He takes the animal back to the farmhouse and makes it his pet.

6. Alex’s Past

At first, Alex appears to be nothing more than a meathead jock. Although the only thing on his mind seems to be sports, you’ll find him crying at the beach during his eight-heart event. Here, you’ll learn about his past and that he often finds people misunderstanding him. But a little encouragement from you will make him feel better.

5. Haley’s Charity Cake

Like Alex, it can be easy to misunderstand Haley during your first meeting. She comes off as rude while prioritizing looks over other elements. Persevere building a relationship with her, and you’ll eventually see her 14-heart Heart event. In this scene, you’ll see Haley raising money for a charity event. She’ll also bring a chocolate cake for all attendees to enjoy.

4. Shane’s Addiction

Without too significantly getting into spoiler territory, Shane is a depressed alcoholic. But increasing his friendship level to 14 (which means marrying him) will unlock his last Heart Event. In this scene, you must find Shane since people expect the worst from him after he exits the tavern. But he’s now happy and with a new addiction – video gaming. He’ll then tell his spouse to trust their significant other.

3. Sam Plays for the Kids

Befriend Sam, and you’ll know he wants to form a band. But his skills shed new light on his passion for music when he lands a new job during his 14-heart event. This new career path entails making songs for children, which also gives the player an item to listen to his tracks at home.

2. Leah’s Growth

Reaching a ten-heart friendship level with Leah will trigger a scene wherein she invites you to a picnic. But her ex storms into your alone time with the artist, leading to a serious confrontation. Choose the correct option, and the game rewards you with a more confident Leah than before.

1. Marnie and Mayor Lewis

Unlike other Heart Events, you must have a six-heart friendship level with Marnie and Mayor Lewis to trigger this special scene. Once initiated, you’ll learn about Marnie and Mayor Lewis’ secret relationship.
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