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Stardew Valley Coop Guide: How to Build, All Upgrades, Requirements, Materials, & more

Posted on by justin
By making the Coop in Stardew Valley, you can increase your yields by adding livestock to your farm. But how can you add this building? And what are the requirements to build and upgrade it? Here we'll cover everything you need to know about the Coop in Stardew Valley and how to make use of it.

How to Build the Coop in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Coop Talk to Robin, mother of Maru and Sebastian, at her Carpenter’s Shop (which is also her home) at 24 Mountain Road to start constructing the Coop for your farm. Robin requires you to gather materials before she can build the Coop. The necessary items are 300x Wood and 100x Stone. Plus, Robin will ask for a building cost of 4,000 gold pieces. If you have the items, choose your preferred location on your farm for the Coop. Then, Robin can begin constructing the establishment. Note that it’ll take her three days to complete the building. A standard Coop in Stardew Valley will have the following perks:
  • Maximum livestock capacity: 4
  • Livestock: Chicken
  • Features: Hay Hopper and Feeding Bench

Coop Upgrades and Livestock

Stardew Valley Coop Upgrades The Coop in Stardew Valley has two upgrades after its initial development. Talk to Robin’s shop between 9 am to 5 pm any day (except Tuesdays) about upgrading your farm’s Coop. Robin will begin upgrading if you have the necessary materials for each tier. It also takes two in-game days for her to complete the task. Note: You can’t talk or give gifts to Robin while she’s building or upgrading the Coop. Below are the requirements for each coop upgrade and the additions for each tier:

Big Coop

  • Building Cost: 10,000 gold pieces
  • Materials needed: 400x Wood and 150x Stone
  • Maximum livestock capacity: 8
  • Livestock additions: Duck, Void Chicken, Dinosaur, and Golden Chicken
  • Extra features: Incubator

Deluxe Coop

  • Building Cost: 20,000 gold pieces
  • Materials needed: 500x Wood and 200x Stone
  • Maximum livestock capacity: 12
  • Livestock additions: Rabbit
  • Extra features: Autofeed system
Note: You can sell livestock for extra profit but can’t butcher them.
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