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Stardew Valley: Best Livestock for Making Money

Posted on by justin
Stardew Valley has a variety of animals you can place and care for on your farm. Some of these farm animals can also help you produce sellable goods, with some making much more than others. With that in mind, here we'll rank the best livestock in Stardew Valley for making money and improving your farm.

Ranking the Best Livestock in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Best Livestock Note that the following list disregards animals that don’t produce sellable goods, which includes the horse, crow, cat, and dog.

#5 - Cow

Cows in Stardew Valley produce milk daily. If you build a friendship with the cows in your barn, these animals will produce large milk, a more expensive variant than the game’s regular milk. Although Goat’s Milk produces more gold pieces than Cow’s Milk, the latter is more lucrative because of the daily production. Plus, you can add to your farm's productivity by placing milk in a Cheese Press to produce Cheese, which sells for additional gold pieces.

How to Obtain

You can purchase a cow from Marnie’s Ranch for 1,500 gold pieces. Stardew Valley’s cows come in two colors: brown and white. Note that the game chooses these colors randomly, and you have no control over which color to select.

Sellable Goods

  • Base tier: 125 gold pieces
  • Silver tier: 156 gold pieces
  • Gold tier: 187 gold pieces
  • Iridium tier: 250 gold pieces
Large Milk
  • Base tier: 190 gold pieces
  • Silver tier: 237 gold pieces
  • Gold tier: 295 gold pieces
  • Iridium tier: 380 gold pieces

#4 - Dinosaur

The Dinosaur is one of the game’s rarest livestock. Particularly, its egg, which is a random find in the game. So, some players may find one after a few hours of playing the game, while others may not be so lucky. Players can sell Dinosaur eggs for a good amount of money. However, the creature requires seven days to produce one egg. Although the money acquired from selling the egg will help increase your farm’s return on investment (ROI), players shouldn’t disregard other money-making methods in the game which may be more impactful in the meantime. Tip: Place a Dinosaur Egg in a Mayonnaise Machine to produce Dinosaur Mayonnaise. Sell the Dinosaur Mayonnaise for more money than a regular Dinosaur Egg.

How to Obtain

You can hatch a Dinosaur from a Dinosaur Egg, which you can obtain as a random find by doing any of the following tasks:
  • Digging it from an Artifact Spot in The Mountains and Quarry
  • Achieving Fishing Level 2 and opening it in a Treasure Chest from fishing
  • Obtaining it as a random drop after defeating a Pepper Rex in the Skull Cavern
  • Foraging for it in the Prehistoric Floors of the Skull Cavern
  • Winning it as a prize in the Crane Game in the Movie Theater
Once obtained, place the Dragon Egg in an incubator in a Big or Deluxe Coop. The egg will hatch as a tame Dinosaur after 12 in-game days of incubation.

Sellable Goods

Dinosaur Egg
  • Base tier: 350 gold pieces
  • Silver tier: 437 gold pieces
  • Gold tier: 525 gold pieces
  • Iridium tier: 700 gold pieces

#3 - Golden Chicken

Another rare livestock, the Golden Chicken, can be a reward for a player’s hard work. Alternatively, you must be extremely lucky to get the Golden Egg that’ll hatch into a Golden Chicken by sheer RNG luck. Nonetheless, a Golden Chicken produces 1x Golden Egg daily, making it one of the most lucrative livestock in Stardew Valley.

How to Obtain

You can hatch a Golden Chicken by placing a Golden Egg in an incubator. Acquire a Golden Egg by completing one of the following objectives:
  • Buy it from Marnie’s Ranch for 100,000 gold pieces
  • Buy it from Qi’s Walnut Room for 100 Qi Gems
  • Fish and open a Treasure Chest
  • Obtain from a random event wherein a golden witch flies over the Coop while you’re asleep
After acquiring a Golden Egg, place it in an incubator in a Big or Deluxe Coop. Next, wait for the egg to hatch for six in-game days (only three days if you have the Coopmaster Profession).

Sellable Goods

Golden Egg
  • Base tier: 500 gold pieces
  • Silver tier: 625 gold pieces
  • Gold tier: 750 gold pieces
  • Iridium tier: 1,000 gold pieces
Note: All Golden Egg selling prices increase by 20% with the Rancher Profession. Also, putting 1x Golden Egg in a Mayonnaise Machine produces 3x Mayonnaise. Selling the 3x Mayonnaise yields more gold pieces than 1x Golden Egg when sold.

#2 - Ostrich

Introduced in version 1.5, the Ostrich is a barn animal in Stardew Valley, and it’ll produce an Ostrich Egg once a week. Despite its rarity, an Ostrich can lay eggs that fetch a fairly hefty amount of money.

How to Obtain

Initially, you can find an Ostrich Egg on Ginger Island after finding Journal Scrap #10. Once you find this item, dig outside the Volcano Dungeon’s entrance to find the egg. Place the Ostrich Egg in an Ostrich Incubator for 9 in-game days and 10 hours (4 in-game days and 18 hours with the Coopmaster Profession) to hatch it. Alternatively, you may find an Ostrich Egg in one of the chests in the Volcano Dungeon.

Sellable Goods

Ostrich Egg
  • Base tier: 600 gold pieces
  • Silver tier: 750 gold pieces
  • Gold tier: 900 gold pieces
  • Iridium tier: 1,200 gold pieces
Tip: Placing 1x Ostrich Egg in a Mayonnaise Machine yields 10x Mayonnaise with the same quality as the egg. Selling all ten mayonnaise jars will yield more money than vending off a single Ostrich Egg.

#1 - Pig

Generating income from pigs in the game differs from some other livestock in Stardew Valley that only requires them to be happy and well-fed to produce. Instead, you must release a Pig outside the barn for the animal to find Truffles during the right seasons. Next, sell these items for a massive amount of money.

How to Obtain

You can purchase a Pig from Marnie’s Ranch for 16,000 gold pieces. Place two pigs in one barn for a chance to reproduce. Alternatively, you can purchase additional pigs from Marnie’s Ranch to add to your barn.

Sellable Goods

  • Base tier: 625 gold pieces
  • Silver tier: 781 gold pieces
  • Gold tier: 937 gold pieces
  • Iridium tier: 1,250 gold pieces
Tip: Place a Truffle in an Oil Maker to produce Truffle Oil, which is a more profitable item.
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