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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Zipline Guide: Rope Gun Location, Requirements, & How to Use

Posted on by justin
Getting the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest allows players to zipline across gaps and access new areas. But getting this item is no easy feat, especially for a new player. Thankfully, we're here to help. Here's our zipline guide to help you prepare for the challenges you’ll face along the way to getting the Rope Gun and exploring more of the oh-so-dangerous Island in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Location The Rope Gun can be found in a cave on the western side of the Island. It’s near the leftmost stream from the lake that interconnects four similar bodies of water. Warning: Make a tent outside the cave and save your game. That way, you don’t have to walk to the Rope Gun cave from afar if something goes wrong while you’re inside. DON’T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest GPS Locators Guide: Locations, Requirements, & How to Use Them

Navigating the Rope Gun Cave

Sons of the Forest Rope Gun Enter the cave when you’re ready. Take note that your objective here is to acquire the Rope Gun, but it’s at the far end of this fairly large cave. Once you’re inside, proceed further until you see an enemy blocking your path. Blow it up and keep going straight. You’ll then eventually end up at an intersection after battling with mutants and other enemies. Take the left path to get closer to the Rope Gun. Optional: Take the right path for a piece of paper that provides some lore about the game’s story. Continue moving forward after taking the left path. Over time, you’ll end up at another fork in the road. This time, taking the left path will lead to a dead end, although it has some materials for you to pick up if you’re short on supply. Take the right path at that intersection and continue moving forward to reach the rope gun. At this point, you can immediately use it to create a zipline to reach the cave’s exit with ease! DON’T MISS IT: How To Get Tech Armor In Sons Of The Forest

How to Use the Rope Gun in Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest Using Rope Gun The Rope Gun doesn’t use the standard rope in Sons of the Forest. Instead, players must craft a Rope and a Grappling Hook to create the Zipline Rope. This item will be the ammo used by the Rope Gun.
Rope Locations
  • Abandoned boats
  • Abandoned campsites
  • Bunkers
  • Cannibal camps
  • Inside caves
As for the Grappling Hook, players need to consume 100ml of Printer Resin at a 3D Printer to create it. One of the easiest locations to access a 3D Printer is at the Maintenance A Bunker on the western side of the Island. If you have a sufficient amount of Zipline Rope in your inventory, using the Rope Gun is a straightforward affair. You only need to equip the Rope Gun, point it at the desired location, and shoot. A successful shot should allow you to interact with the zipline rope by pressing the “E” key. DON'T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest Keycard Guide: All Locations & How to Get Them Try out the Rope Gun and other massive items in Sons of the Forest with one of our dedicated servers here.
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