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Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Keycard Guide: All Keycards, Requirements, and How to Get Them

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Finding the keycard locations in Sons of the Forest can be a chore if you don’t know where to look. Take note that this game has a total of three keycards that players can get. So keep reading this guide, and you’ll learn where to find these keycards and the requirements needed to obtain each one.

All Sons of the Forest Keycard Locations

Sons of the Forest Keycards Below, you’ll find the steps and items needed to reach the locations that hold each keycard in Sons of the Forest.

Maintenance A Keycard

Sons of the Forest Maintenance A Keycard Requirements:
  • Shovel
To reach the Maintenance A Keycard, first, travel to the green circle marker at the northwestern part of the Island. It should be the nearest circle marker next to the snowy mountain. Once you arrive at this destination, look for two golf cards with surveying equipment. Search the area for a dirt patch and use your shovel on it to unearth the entrance to a bunker. Prepare yourself for a fight before entering the underground bunker. Once you head down to the new area, baby mutants will attack you when you reach the back. After dealing with the enemies, search and go through a hallway that should lead you to a room filled with ice. Grab the Firefighter Axe and return to the hall. Next, go to the room with the computers. Search the area for the Maintenance keycard, along with the Laser Sight. Tip: Place a GPS Locator in this location because you may want to return to the place for its 3D Printer. DON’T MISS IT: How To Get The Shovel In Sons Of The Forest

VIP Keycard

Sons of the Forest VIP Keycard Requirements:
  • Maintenance A Keycard
  • Rebreather
After exiting the bunker, proceed to the green circle marker at the north-westernmost area of the Island. You’ll know if you’re at the right location when you see two gold carts in front of a cave entrance. Navigate through the dark tunnels, which should lead you to a trap door on the ground. Open the new entrance and climb down to an underground bunker. Here, you can grab many food supplies while searching the dead bodies in the area. Once you finish looting the area, go to the kitchen and use the Maintenance A Keycard on the locked door. Go through the new area to find two hydroponics rooms. The second room, in particular, has the Crossbow that you can find next to a bloodied dead body. Continue moving forward past different areas until you reach a water-filled hydroponics room. Go through the corridor after that hydroponics room and proceed to the door on the left. At this point, you should now be in the bunker’s control room. Search the area for the VIP Keycard. Continue exploring the area to find NPCs jumping into the water. Equip your Rebreather and follow the NPCs to exit the area. Tip: Use the VIP Keycard on the locked door near the control room to find a dress for Virginia. DON’T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest GPS Locators Guide: Locations, Requirements, & How to Use Them

Guest Keycard

Sons of the Forest Guest Keycard Requirements:
  • VIP Keycard
  • High-powered weapons (e.g., Shotgun, Katana)
Before attempting to get the Guest Keycard, take note that it can also be the toughest keycard to get out of the three. This is because you’re going to encounter numerous cannibals and mutants along the way. After making the necessary preparations, travel to the green circle marker at the western part of the island. The location should be between the ocean and the snowy mountain. You’ll know if you’re at the right place if you see an abandoned golf cart. Then, search the area for a cave entrance and enter it. The path from the entrance to the underground bunker is quite short. Enter the bunker and go through the corridor until you reach a locked door. Use the Maintenance A Keycard on it to find a deserted gym. Enter the gym and turn left to enter the spa. Don’t forget to loot the food and pieces of clothing you can find as you pass by these areas. You’ll eventually enter a small dining area after going through glass doors. Continue forward to climb a flight of stairs to find another locked door. But you can’t open it yet. Instead, continue walking the path to find a bar. Grab the Guitar in this area before proceeding to the back room. Press forward until you reach a room filled with dead bodies. At the center of the macabre sight is a glass table. Examine it to receive the Guest Keycard. Return to the locked room in the main hall and use the Guest Keycard on it to find a letter, the Shotgun Rail, and other resources. Next, return to the spa area and open another locked door in that room with the keycard. You should now be inside a dark room with a flight of stairs to the right. Head upstairs to find a hallway and find a hidden home theatre room. Search this place for the Chainsaw that should be next to a hunched dead body. Try out all of the keycards in Sons of the Forest to find other items in the game with one of our dedicated servers.
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