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How To Get The Shovel In Sons Of The Forest

Posted on by justin
The shovel is a must-have tool in Sons of the Forest, as players need it to progress through the story. Players that don’t get the shovel will find themselves stuck during the early parts of the game, dashing any hopes to get to important items like keycards. With that, here's how to get the shovel in Sons of the Forest, and all the items you'll need to make it happen.

Sons Of The Forest Shovel Requirements

Shovel Sons of the Forest Before you start your journey to find the shovel in Sons of the Forest, you'll need to gather a few items first, including:
  • Rope Gun: Found in a cave near the helicopter crash site
  • Rebreather: Found in a cave by a beach at the northern part of the map
  • Air Tank: Found in a cave at the west of the base of the snowy mountains at the center of the map
It’s important to mention that each of these caves has enemies inside. To navigate them safely, players need to defend themselves by bringing weapons and recovery options as well. DON'T MISS IT: How to Get Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest

How to Get The Shovel in Sons of the Forest

Air Tank and Shovel Location Sons of the Forest After collecting the Rope Gun, Rebreather, and Air Tank, players can reach the shovel by completing the following steps:
  1. Players should start in the cave where they can find the air tank. You can build a tent by the intersection with the three streams nearby in case something wrong happens inside.
  2. Use the rope gun to zipline into the cave’s entrance.
  3. Once you've landed, dive into the body of water to the left. Don’t forget to equip the rebreather.
  4. Follow the underwater tunnel and surface on the other side.
  5. Move forward until an incline with running water appears. Slide down the incline to a pool of water.
  6. After landing in the pool of water, turn right to climb onto a ledge to the cave floor.
  7. Go through the opening and navigate through the cave system.
  8. Travel through the tunnels until a larger room with two dead humans inside.
  9. Continue moving forward by sticking to the right until another large cavern appears.
  10. Search the large cavern for a dead body with a flashlight attachment.
  11. Return to the back of the cavern and follow that path until another body of water appears.
  12. Dive into that body of water and continue swimming to the other side.
  13. Surface from the water, then move forward until you find a dead body with the shovel.
Sons of the Forest players can use the shovel in predetermined locations across the game’s map. These areas include a bunker or a grave. Players need only to equip the shovel and look down until a prompt to use the tool appears. If done correctly, holding the left click should make the character do a digging animation, which should unearth important in-game items. Looking to play Sons of the Forest with your friends? Learn more about our dedicated servers here - you might dig them, shovel or not! DON'T MISS IT: Sons of the Forest GPS Locators Guide: Locations & How to Get Them
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