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Smalland Achievements Guide: Every Achievement and How to Get Them

Posted on by justin
There are quite a few Smalland achievements available for players to complete, and thankfully they don’t require extensive farming or grinding. This makes the game a perfect fit for casual and completionist players since they're within reach for virtually all players. With that, here are all of the Smalland: Survive the Wilds achievements available so far.

All Smalland Achievements and How to Get Them

Smalland achievements


Acquire this achievement when you climb a tree and claim it. To obtain this trophy, search for a large tree in the game. You’ll know if you can climb a tree if it has mushroom pads growing on its trunk. Once you reach the top, you should find a gnome statue next to a hot air elevator. Interact with the statue and choose, “I want to claim this tree.” The achievement should appear immediately on your screen once you confirm this setting. Note: If you’re a new player, you may want to wait until you get the grappling hook before attempting this achievement.

Something Wicked

Find and interact with the hidden NPC Tuhala to obtain this achievement. You can find her on Mangrove Beach near the Ruins. Note: Tuhala can craft the Healer’s Armor and will tell you the location of the Spider Matriarch boss.


Find Nok in Smalland to acquire this achievement. This NPC’s location is at the Greylands, atop a house made of artifacts from the “Giants.” Note: Nok can craft the Ironwing Armor, and she’ll tell players the location of two bosses: the Black Hornet and King Stag Beetle.

Hang Time

Don the Ironwing Armor or the Regal Armor and glide for the first time. Then, this achievement should appear on your screen. Find and talk to Drustana if you want the Regal Armor set. Prepare the following items to craft each armor set piece:
  • Regal Mantle: 3x Bee Head, 3x Chitin, and 3x Textile Patch
  • Regal Plate: 10x Insect Wings, 12x Chitin, 6x Textile Patch, and 5x Herptile Leather
  • Regal Vambraces: 6x Chitin and 3x Textile Patch
  • Regal Greaves: 9x Chitin and 3x Textile Patch
If you want the Ironwing Armor set, go to Nok and give her the following items:
  • Ironwing Helmet: 3x Fiber, 1x Heavy Chitin, 2x Iron Ingot, and 2x Charcoal
  • Ironwing Breastplate: 6x Fiber, 3x Heavy Chitin, 3x Iron Ingot, 3x Insect Fur, 1x Sapphire Wings, and 2x Charcoal
  • Ironwing Vambraces: 3x Fiber, 1x Heavy Chitin, 2x Iron Ingot, and 2x Charcoal
  • Ironwing Greaves: 3x Fiber, 1x Heavy Chitin, 2x Iron Ingot, and 2x Charcoal

The Key

Defeat the game’s final boss, the King Stag Beetle, to obtain the Clover Key. Then, return to the Elder’s home and open the Walnut Chest with the key. Once opened, you can add this achievement to your Smalland trophy list.

Other Smalland Achievements

The following achievements are a bit more simple and most players will complete them without even trying:
  • One VERY small step: Meet the Elder
  • Getting some shuteye: Sleep in a bed
  • Stone Age: Collect stone
  • Forming bonds: Tame any creature
  • Metal Age: Collect a metal piece
  • Insect hunter: Collect chitin
  • Vertebrate hunter: Collect bones
  • Smooth as silk: Collect silk
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