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Smalland Silk Guide: How To Get, Locations, & Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
In Smalland, silk is one of the game’s various must-have materials. Gathering this item allows you to make the Silkweave armor set, along with various other tools and weapons when processed into silk thread. So, let’s take a look at how you can gather this material, including good locations to farm it, and all of the recipes it can go into.

How to Get Silk In Smalland

Smalland Silk Requirements You can’t gather Silk in Smalland without Flint Shears or a higher-level pair of shears. If you don’t have Flint Shears yet, here are the materials you must gather to make that tool:
  • 5x Fiber
  • 5x Resin
  • 5x Refined Wood
  • 8x Flint
You can find Fiber, Flint, and Resin in different locations in the world of the Smallfolk. But you can only get Refined Wood by combining Wood and Seed Oil at a Stonecutter. After gathering these materials, you can craft Flint Shears by interacting with your Stonecutter.

Smalland Silk Location

Smalland Silk Location Once you have Flint Shears, travel to the western side of the map to find Silk Cocoons. You’ll know if you’re in the right location when you see Spider-type enemies spawning in the area. Search the location for spider cocoons. Equip your Flint Shears, and start cutting the cocoons to gather Silk. Note: Turn on the “Arachnophobia Mode” in the settings menu if you fear spiders. Activating this mode will transform the models of these insects into different in-game objects.

Silk Crafting Recipes

Smalland Silk Crafting Recipes At the time of writing, there are not a lot of crafting recipes that exist in the game utilizing raw Silk. Instead, these recipes require Silk Thread to be manufactured from the resource via the Loom & Spindle building. This requires 2x Silk and 1x Resin. Currently, these are all of the recipes utilizing Silk Thread in Smalland:
  • Chitin Axe: 3x Silk Thread, 4x Refined Wood, and 10x Chitin
  • Chitin Spear: 3x Silk Thread, 4x Refined Wood, and 12x Chitin
  • Chitin Bow: 8x Fiber, 3x Silk Thread, 4x Refined Wood, and 10x Heavy Chitin
  • Recurve Bow: 8x Fiber, 3x Silk Thread, and 6x Refined Wood
  • Silkweave Torso: 8x Textile Patch, 6x Silk Thread, and 3x Herptile
  • Silkweave Leggings: 8x Textile Patch, 4x Silk Thread, and 3x Herptile Hide
  • Silkweave Mask: 3x Spider Head, 8x Textile Patch, and 4x Silk Thread
  • Silkweave Arms: 4x Chitin, 4x Silk Thread, 3x Herptile Hide, and 3x Insect Fur
Note: Wearing the full Silkweave armor set grants you 20 Protection, 12 Cold protection, +12% Piercing Resistance, and +8% Movement speed. You can only access the NPC to craft this armor set after helping Skadi.
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