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Palworld Ancient Civilization Core Guide: Bellanoir Boss Fight, How to Summon, & Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Not to be confused with Ancient Civilization Parts, the Ancient Civilization Core is a new endgame resource introduced in the Palworld Sakurajima Update. Farming Ancient Civilization Core allows Pal Trainers to craft late-game items, including one that allows them to see enemies' attack and defense stats! So, without further ado, here's our guide to getting the Ancient Civilization Core in Palworld.

How to Get Ancient Civilization Core in Palworld

Palworld Ancient Civilization Core At the time of writing, there’s only one method of obtaining Ancient Civilization Core in Palworld – defeating Bellanoir. Remember, Bellanoir in Palworld is a Raid Boss released in Version So, Pal Trainers must undergo specific steps before summoning this powerful entity. Here’s a rundown of the steps to summon Bellanoir in Palworld:
  • 1. Unlock the Palworld Summoning Altar crafting recipe at Technology Level 33
  • 2. Craft the Summoning Altar using 100x Stone and 20x Paldium Fragment, and place the structure at your preferred location (as long as it's near a Pal Box)
  • 3. Find 4x Bellanoir Slab by opening treasure chests in dungeons, specifically in places like the Ravine Grotto and Cavern of the Dunes
  • 4. Use the 4x Bellanoir Slab at the Summoning Altar, forcing Bellanoir to appear
Remember, it’s important to make the necessary preparations before summoning Bellanoir. Additionally, you only have 10 minutes to defeat this powerful Pal before it despawns, losing your chances of obtaining an Ancient Civilization Core. For more information on defeating Bellanoir, read our guide on this particular Palworld Raid Boss here. Note: The chances of acquiring an Ancient Civilization Core are higher when defeating the more difficult version of the Raid Boss, Bellanoir Libero. Also, check out the teaser trailer for the Bellanoir Raid Boss Battle below to see the Pal you’ll be dealing with when farming Ancient Civilization Core:

Ancient Civilization Core Crafting Recipes

Palworld Ancient Civilization Core Crafting Recipes Currently, Pal Trainers must gather 9x Ancient Civilization Core in Palworld to craft the two craftable items using this item as an ingredient. These late-game items are the following:
  • Ability Glasses: 30x Refined Ingot, 20x Paldium Fragment, 10x Ancient Civilization Parts, 5x Ancient Civilization Core
  • Electric Egg Incubator: 50x Refined Ingot, 15x Circuit Board, 10x Ancient Civilization Parts, and 5x Ancient Civilization Core
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