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New Default Minecraft Skins – All Seven Released, Mojang’s Plans, & More

Arriving much sooner than expected are Steve and Alex’s highly anticipated friends! Seven of them, in fact! Today we explore the new additions, Mojang’s plans for their inclusion, and how to change your default Minecraft skins in both game versions.

The New Default Minecraft Skins

Minecraft 1.20 Default Skins Jumping right into the details, all seven of the new skins can be seen in the image above. From left to right, they are Sunny, Kai, Makena, Steve, Alex, Zuri, Efe, Ari, and Noor. Each offers a unique design, and players that don’t normally use skins now have more options to better represent them!

Mojang’s Plans

As stated during Minecraft Live and later in the release blog, Mojang will include the seven new additions in promotional content alongside Steve and Alex. Their example being last year’s Wild Update trailer which was quite well received. Hopefully, this means we will be a similar trailer for Minecraft 1.20! Mojang also mentioned this allows them to shape their own story using Alex, Steve, and all their new friends. Does that mean a new chapter of Minecraft Story Mode is on the horizon?

How to Change Your Default Minecraft Skin

Changing your default skin will vary depending on the game version. In Java Edition, players need only open the launcher, select skins at the top, and then click use on their preferred default. For Bedrock Edition, players will need to open the game, select ‘Dressing Room’ on the bottom right, and then create a new character to find the new options.

New Default Minecraft Skins – All Seven Released, Mojang’s Plans, & More

While not a feature that will change the game, it is something small that can mean a lot to different people. Plus, it means Steve and Alex aren’t alone in the world anymore. Their adventure continues just as it did before, but now with more friends. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)