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Minecraft 1.20 Features: Playable Mob Sounds Announced

Posted on by amber
Keeping to their promise from Minecraft Live, the first of Mojang's Minecraft 1.20 announcements has arrived! This time Playable Mob Sounds, which will be making its debut in a snapshot as soon as this week! So, let's jump right into the details before it's too late.

Playable Mob Sounds

Playable Mob Sounds Example Screenshot Starting with how this new feature works, it is as simple as crafting a noteblock, setting it down, and placing a mob head on top. In fact, that is all there is to it! Doing so will cause the noteblock to play the respective mobs' ambient noise when clicked by the player or triggered by redstone. Those seeking to play terrifying ghast sounds will be disappointed, however. The only mobs this will be possible with are those with heads available in-game, including zombies, skeletons, creepers, wither skeletons, ender dragons, and the newly added piglins. Perhaps more will arrive with future patches?

How To Obtain Mob Heads

Playable Mob Sounds All Heads Screenshot Obtaining mob heads in vanilla ranges from easy to hard. For example, wither skeletons simply have a low chance of dropping their head on death, ender dragon heads are found throughout the end, and skeleton heads spawn naturally in ancient cities. As for zombies and creeper heads, a unique method using supercharged creepers is required. Supercharged creepers are creepers struck by lightning, which greatly empowers their explosion. If one of these creepers kills another creeper or a zombie, it will cause their respective mob head to drop. The easiest way to do this is during a thunderstorm with a channeling enchanted trident, allowing players to create as many supercharged creepers as required. As for the newly added Piglin heads, we can only speculate that they will also be obtained through supercharged creepers.

Minecraft 1.20 Features: Playable Mob Sounds Announced

Our prediction is that this feature will mainly be used to mess with friends, but we wouldn't put it past Mojang for there to be some hidden uses! Attracting mobs to their matching note blocks would completely change up mob farms, for instance. Otherwise, we can look forward to creeper noises activating when someone walks out their front door, zombie noises in the floorboards, and the roar of an ender dragon on a redstone repeater hidden in town. Who doesn't love mob ambiance? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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