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Minecraft 1.20: All Features of the Unnamed Update

Posted on by amber
The last of Minecraft 1.20’s features have been shared, and community testing is already well on its way! However, for those who may not have the time, here are all the features coming to Minecraft when the Unnamed Update finally goes live.
New Blocks:
  • Hanging Signs
  • Chiseled Bookshelves
  • Full Bamboo Wood Set
  • Full Cherry Tree Wood Set
  • Pots
Announced during Minecraft live, hanging signs will hang from two chains on either side, varying in appearance depending on what’s above. In addition, chiseled bookshelves will bring fully functioning bookshelves to the game for the very first time. This includes redstone compatibility for book-activated secret doors too! Jumping over to wood sets, bamboo is receiving a full set of blocks, including the unique bamboo mosaic block. Cherry trees, which we will speak on more below, will also be getting a full set of pink wood blocks to match the biome they call home. As for pots, they will be a puzzle of their very own, requiring pottery shards to become whole. Sniffer in Cherry Blossom Biome Screenshot
New Items:
  • Trimmed Armor
  • Smithing Templates
  • Brushes
  • Pottery Shards
  • Piglin Heads
  • Pink Flowers
  • Pink Petal Blocks
  • Ancient Flowers
  • Ancient Seeds
  • Sniffer Eggs
  • New Spawn Eggs
  • Bundles (Possibly)
Most items listed are covered in the more specific sections below, but piglin heads will now drop if a pigilin is killed by a charged creeper’s explosion. As for bundles, they have appeared in past snapshots for previous versions as well, but this time there is a good chance they will make it to live! The last item not covered below are spawn eggs for bosses such as the warden and ender dragon. They are hidden and obtainable only through commands. Minecraft 1.20 Smithing Screenshot
New Mobs:
  • Camels
  • Sniffers
  • Vex (Visual Update)
Minecraft 1.20 will see two new mobs and a visual overhaul for the Vex. Starting with the mob vote winner of 2022, sniffer eggs will spawn in chests found in ruins on the sea floor, and if brought ashore, they will hatch once more! Sniffers are passive mobs that wander about, sniff flowers, and dig up ancient seeds for the player. Then, if those seeds are planted, they grow into ancient flowers! Camels, on the other hand, will spawn naturally in deserts, be ridable by two players, and have the ability to jump long distances. They are also so tall melee mobs will not be able to hit the player! Cactus will be their go-to food and what’s used for breeding too. Minecraft 1.20: Archeology Screenshot: Brush
New Biome
  • Cherry Blossom Biome
Only one new biome will be included in the unnamed update, but it is one that has been requested since biomes were first implemented! Cherry blossom biomes will spawn in the mountains, be filled with cherry trees and pink flowers, and offer a wood set that’s pink like the cherry tree’s flower petals. Cherry Wood House in Cherry Blossom Biome Screenshot
New Features:
  • Playable Mob Sounds
  • Smithing Overhaul
  • Archeology
The first major feature announced after Minecraft Live was playable mob sounds! Using note blocks with a mob head on top causes the block to instead play the respective mob’s sound, including creepers hissing for those looking to do redstone-activated pranks. Smithing was already present in the game for upgrading diamond to netherite, but now smithing templates found throughout the world allow armor to be decorated with various trims. All that’s needed is the desired trim’s template and the material that the trim itself will consist of! Finally, archeology will be making its way into the game, at least in part. Using the new brush tool, players will be able to sweep away suspicious sand around desert temples to reveal ancient goodies such as pottery shards. Those shards can then be turned into decorative pots!

Minecraft 1.20: All Features of the Unnamed Update

The hype for Minecraft 1.20 has skyrocketed since cherry blossom biomes were announced. However, for those neutral towards pink flower petals, what are your thoughts on the update as a whole? We would love to know! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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