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Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update – All Known Details About the Warden

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft 1.19 is not yet out, but that has not stopped players from testing its features! Today we will be exploring all there is to know about Minecraft’s newest mob, the Warden. Its home biome, weaknesses, and why most players will likely flee rather than fight.

The Deep Dark

Minecraft Screenshot: Ancient Cities
Screenshot by LuminesceIncandesce

Among the many new features of 1.19 is a biome known as the deep dark. It spawns far beneath the surface, is home to ancient cities lost to time, and is infested with sculk. Players will find themselves alone in this land of eerie emptiness, but should they disturb sculk shriekers three times, something within the shadows may begin to stir.

The Warden emerges as the darkness status effect descends upon the player.

The Warden

Wardens are an extraordinarily strong mob spawned by disturbing the deep dark’s plant-like skulk shriekers three times. The Warden will then hunt the player relentlessly until nothing is detected for 60 seconds, at which point it despawns by digging into the ground. This frightening mob has 250 hearts beaten only by Bedrock edition’s hard mode Wither with 300 hearts, but don’t let past victories against the Wither give false hope.

To make up for those fifty missing hearts, the Warden does 45 points of damage (22.5 hearts) for each and every hit on hard difficulty. Even easy is not much easier when it comes to the Warden. With the same health pool, it does 16 points of damage (8 hearts) for every hit. Remember, Steve and Alex only have ten hearts! With these stats and no reward/loot for killing the Warden, it is made quite clear that the purpose of this mob is to make players hide and run.

Fleeing The Warden

Minecraft Speed Boot

The Warden is blind and relies on its smell and hearing to find the player. Sneaking is essential to reduce noise and vibrations, and throwing/shooting distant areas can lead the Warden away. However, should the Warden detect the player, it will roar and make chase. Only by escaping and not causing any vibrations for 60 seconds will the Warden calm and lose the player’s trail.

Fighting The Warden

Minecraft Screenshot: Fighting the Warden
Screenshot by Deshman-gpuser

In the unfortunate circumstance a player must stand their ground and fight, chances are that they have already lost. On hard difficulty, the Warden can one-shot players wearing full netherite armor, save only those who have it enchanted with protection, which may allow one or two more hits before death. The Warden’s attacks additionally disable shields.

For the true heroes among us, the Warden is classified as undead, making Smite enchanted weapons the best way to fight back. Also, be wary of run and gun strategies for the Warden was designed to be very good a cave pathfinding. Only experience points are dropped in the rare circumstance that the player is victorious.

The Faded Journal Ends Here

As of this blog’s posted date, these are all known details about the Warden, save for a few sparse notes about their history. The glowing souls within each Warden’s chest are stated to be very important, and the Warden itself was inspired by the creature heard at the end of music disc 11. However, for the time being, the details of this frightening creature end here.

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