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Five Minecraft Costumes Perfect for Halloween

Posted on by amber
Nothing brings more joy than being able to represent your favorite game during the spookiest time of the year! That’s why today we explore five Minecraft costumes perfect for Halloween. But be warned, Halloween is only a week away!

Minecraft Steve

Minecraft Steve Costume Nothing screams Minecraft more than Steve! Straight from the official Mojang store is a Steve mask and shirt. Those seeking a little extra can also add a diamond pickaxe and sword! Both made of foam, of course.

Diamond Armor

Diamond Armor Minecraft Costume It is always good to be yourself, so why not be yourself in a menacing suit of diamond armor! This set of gear requires no diamonds to craft, but a few hours of work or extra chores may be needed instead. It should be noted that similarly to the foam sword and pickaxe, it is not actually made of diamond.

Minecraft Pig Wheelchair Cover

Pig Riding Wheelchair Accessory Be it as Steve or in a suit of diamond armor, Mojang has released an amazing accessory for wheelchairs that creates the illusion of someone riding a pig through the overworld! Hats off to Mojang for ensuring everyone is included in a rather creative way.

Minecraft Creeper

Creeper Minecraft Costume This explosive costume will give trick-or-treaters and friends quite the fright! Mojang’s Minecraft creeper costume turns you into Minecraft’s most iconic mob. Just hope that you don’t run into Steve or someone with a diamond sword!

DIY Official Minecraft Masks

Printable Mob Masks Need something last minute? Luckily Mojang has you covered! Released with spookyfest this year are free DIY printable masks of Minecraft mobs. For example, the printable zombie mask only requires a light blue shirt to complete the costume. Not to mention the fun of creating it yourself!

Five Minecraft Costumes Perfect for Halloween

Hopefully our list has helped you find the perfect costume for Halloween! Each was from the official Mojang store, with multiple sizes offered alongside the materials used to avoid allergies. Be it as Minecraft Steve, yourself in diamond armor, or a zombie, we wish you the very happiest of Halloweens. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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