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Ark Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Wyvern Species Guide - How to Tame, Locations, Stats, & more

Posted on by justin
Only a few of the many creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved can stand against the fiercest beings. One creature you should consider adding to your roster of domesticated non-human allies is the Wyvern. So, continue reading this ARK: Survival Evolved Wyvern species guide if you’re looking into taming one to have on your team.

ARK: Survival Evolved Wyvern Species Guide

ARK: Survival Evolved Wyvern The Wyvern in ARK: Survival Evolved is a fairly uncommon creature on different maps. You’ll generally find this winged being in the following locations: This particular creature also has multiple variants, which are the following:
  • Wyvern Alpha Blood Crystal Wyvern
  • Alpha Fire Wyvern
  • Blood Crystal Wyvern
  • Wyvern Bone Fire Wyvern
  • Wyvern Brute Fire Wyvern
  • Corrupted Wyvern
  • Crystal Wyvern Queen (Gamma)
  • Crystal Wyvern Queen (Beta)
  • Crystal Wyvern Queen (Alpha)
  • Dodo Wyvern
  • Ember Crystal Wyvern
  • Fire Wyvern
  • Forest Wyvern
  • Ice Wyvern
  • Lightning Wyvern
  • Poison Wyvern
  • Tropical Crystal Wyvern
  • Voidwyrm
  • Zombie Fire Wyvern
  • Zombie Lightning Wyvern
  • Zombie Poison Wyvern
However, the Wyvern has a highly aggressive temperament regardless of its variant. Survivors can typically find this creature in specific regions and not flying around different areas.

Base Stats and Growth

  • Health: 1,295 base value. +194.25 per level increase for wild units.
  • Stamina: 315 base value. +15.75 per level increase for wild units.
  • Oxygen: 150 base value. +15 per level increase for wild units.
  • Food: 1,800 base value. +180 per level increase for wild units.
  • Weight: 400 base value. +8 per level increase for wild units.
  • Melee Damage: No base value. +4 per level increase for wild units.
  • Movement Speed: 100% base value.
  • Torpidity: 725 base value. +43.5 per level increase for wild units.

Fighting the Wyvern

Besides being highly aggressive, the Wyvern in ARK: Survival Evolved is also quite territorial. Couple that trait with it being found in packs, and unprepared players will find themselves running for their lives (if they can get away at all). Fighting a Wyvern isn’t for the faint of heart. Nonetheless, it’s no impossible feat. For instance, you can bring down a flying Wyvern with a Chain Bola. Mounting up on a Paraceratheirum equipped with a Platform Saddle is also an effective strategy. Attack the Wyvern once it falls to the ground for an easy kill. Alternatively, you can also bring the Wyvern closer to you with a Grappling Hook. Doing so can even bring the flying beast within melee range, allowing you to attack with weapons like spears. But be wary, as the Wyvern can hit you while grappled. If you want to be as safe as possible, you can reduce the risks of being damaged by a Wyvern attack by attacking it from a distance utilizing tools like homing missiles.

Taming the Wyvern

It’s impossible to tame a Wyvern in ARK: Survival Evolved using ordinary means. Instead, you must steal an egg from a Wyvern nest. But this act is already challenging, considering you must also deal with aggressive Wyverns. After claiming a Wyvern egg and surviving the onslaught of angry Wyverns, it's time to incubate your prize. Then, it should hatch into a domesticated Wyvern variant. Additionally, a Wyvern egg requires more heat than most eggs from other creatures in the game - so make sure you handle it properly by utilizing our ARK: Survival Evolved breeding guide. In particular, incubating a Wyvern egg requires a temperature range of 176 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit (80 to 90 degrees Celsius). You can achieve this desired temperature by putting the egg in or around a Campfire or Standing Torch. However, placing it in an Egg Incubator is still the best consistent option for incubation. Once it hatches, you can’t feed the young Wyvern with Raw Meat, unlike other carnivorous creatures. Instead, you must only feed it Wyvern Milk until it matures. Once it’s an adult, that’s the time you can feed it Raw Meat. Note: You must kill an Alpha Wyvern to acquire Wyvern Milk.


With a Wyvern as your ally, you can use it to fulfill various roles. At first, you may consider using your Wyvern for offense. But it can also handle many other responsibilities, including the following:
  • Resource Collection: Wyverns can collect thatch, wood, and cactus sap while they’re on ground level.
  • Air Travel: This creature’s flying speed is reasonably fast, making it a good choice for air travel within ARKs.
  • Item Transportation: Wyverns also have a pretty high maximum carry weight for transporting goods.
  • Aerial Hunting: Wyverns are ferocious, fast, and have low stamina-drain similar to the Argentavis, making them an effective hunter.
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