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Ark Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Map Guide: Resource Locations, Bosses, and Dinos

Posted on by justin
Ragnarok, called doomsday or the end of days in Norse mythology, arrived in ARK: Survival Evolved as a DLC expansion map. With this map players can find various Nordic elements, as well as valuable resource locations and unique bosses. Here we'll cover everything you need to know about the Ragnarok map, including its unique creatures, bosses, and the resources you'll need to survive it.

ARK: Survival Evolved Ragnarok Map Guide

ARK Survival Evolved Ragnarok Despite Ragnarok being roughly the same size as The Island, it separates itself from ARK’s original map with unique environmental features. Some distinct characteristics are the following:
  • An active volcano that occasionally erupts, creating lava flows and meteor showers
  • Basilosaurus corpses across the map’s beaches
  • Boxes along the beaches (break these containers to receive equipment)
  • Viking ruins, such as boats, scattered around the map
  • Massive Beaver Dams
  • Intermittent wind storms
  • Hot springs you can interact with to obtain the Rested buff
Additionally, you can find multiple Easter eggs on Ragnarok. For instance, you can find the hut of a popular green ogre on the map and his faithful donkey, though neither is home.

Resource Locations

The Ragnarok DLC map is home to many resources. Some of these materials are more abundant in this ARK than others.

Oil Veins

Note that you must have an Oil Pump placed on an Oil Vein to gather a unit of Oil per 20 seconds. Thankfully, Ragnarok has a few notable Oil Veins you can use to harvest Oil. The coordinates for two notable locations are 83 LAT - 28 LON, and 82 LAT - 80 LON.

Bee Hives

If there’s a Bee Hive, you’ll likely find (and harvest) honey. In particular, you can obtain Giant Bee Honey from a Bee Hive in Ragnarok IF you have a tamed Giant Bee or Dire Bear. When you have these domesticated creatures, travel to 32 LAT - 30 LON, and 51 LAT - 38 LON to harvest that sweet prize.

Black Pearls

Crafting certain Tek Tier items requires multiple Black Pearls. Although you can get this material from other means, such as from a Phoenix (albeit rarely), travel to specific locations in the Ragnarok map to find this sought-after item. The coordinates you should be going to are 70 LAT - 20 LON, and 47 LAT - 4 LON.

Cementing Paste

Generally, you can create Cementing Paste by combining Chitin, Keratin, and Stone using the Mortar and Pestle crafting station. But you can skip the time it takes to make this resource by traveling to Ragnarok. Specifically, the coordinates to gather Cementing Paste on this map are 38 LAT - 75 LON, and 62 LAT - 35 LON.


If you want to tame a Rock Elemental or have a Phoenix to feed, you must have a consistent supply of Sulfur. You can mine this resource by smiling small rocks with yellow streaks at 24 LAT - 71 LON, and 84 LAT - 32 LON in Ragnarok.

Silica Pearls

A large body of water surrounds Ragnarok, making it the ideal location to farm Silica Pearls. You can spend hours swimming around the waters of this map. Alternatively, travel to 22 LAT - 36 LON, and 33 LAT - 44 LON for clusters of this valuable resource.


Use Metal to craft various structures and tools in ARK: Survival Evolved. If you’re in Ragnarok and want to refresh your Metal supply, travel to 1 LAT - 2 LON, and 8 LAT - 3 LON for multiple metal nodes to gather this material.


Obsidian is an uncommon resource in ARK: Survival Evolved, and you primarily use it to craft Polymer, an endgame crafting ingredient. Although this DLC map has abundant Obsidian deposits, 8 LAT - 5 LON, and 0 LAT - 8 LON are your best coordinates to farm this material. Note: Solo players can also use spawn IDs and commands to obtain certain items in Ragnarok without the grinding aspect.

All Bosses

You can find unique creatures in Ragnarok, and among these distinct beings are bosses that claimed this map as their new home. Here are the bosses you can find on Ragnarok in ARK: Survival Evolved:

Spirit Dire Bear

A variant of the Dire Bear, you can find the Spirit Dire Bear in Life’s Labyrinth. But prepare yourself; this boss fight isn’t a 1-on-1 combat scenario. Instead, you’ll fight Spirit Dire Bears in waves, and they also come with Spirit Direwolves.

Iceworm Queen

Travel to Blizzard Peak in Ragnarok to find the Iceworm Queen Arena. Once you enter the arena, her majesty will spawn from the ground. She'll start her rampage after a quick check to see her opponents. Note: The Iceworm Queen won’t spawn if you’re mounting a creature.

Lava Elemental

Another boss unique to Ragnarok in ARK: Survival Evolved is the Lava Elemental, and you can find it in its arena at the map’s Jungle Dungeon. Its appearance resembles the Rock Elemental but it's still about twice the size of its rocky cousin. Tip: Cheese this fight by using ranged attacks at a certain location near the opposite side of the entrance. Here, the Lava Elemental can’t retaliate.

Unique Creatures

Aside from the bosses in Ragnarok, the only other creature unique to this DLC map is the Griffin. Introduced during E3 2017, this creature is a majestic yet aggressive flying being. But taming one can provide you with various perks, thanks to the multiple roles it can fill. Some of its potential functions include a fast mount, excellent player and item carrier, and an energetic dogfighter.
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