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All Minecraft Biome Vote Winners & Nominees

Posted on by amber
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What began in 2017 as a selection of four mobs has spawned into a yearly tradition that fans adore, but two among them were for biomes rather than mobs. Today we look back on the biome votes that have come to pass, and if there is a chance we will ever see them again.

2018 Biome Chooser

The first biome vote occurred in 2018 and went by the name Biome Chooser. During this event, players were able to vote for one of three biomes, with the winner receiving an overhaul.
The desert overhaul would have included naturally generating oases, palm trees, and meerkat mobs. Unfortunately, it did not win, but Minecraft 1.20 looks to be adding new desert features. Perhaps we will see these lost features then?
[Winner] Taiga
The winner of the biome chooser was none other than the Taiga! Fans found the possibility of berry bushes, fox mobs, and the new campfire item too enticing to pass up. These features can all be found in the game as of version 1.14.
The Savanna overhaul would have added baobab trees, termites, and ostrich mobs to the game. All exciting additions, like the desert overhaul, we hope to see one day.

2019 Biome Vote

Biome Vote 2019 Promo Image The first official biome vote occurred the very next year, in 2019. While the rules were the same, fans were told they were only picking which biome update came first, and the others would be added down the line. So far, two out of three biomes have been added to live!
The Badlands overhaul would have included tumbleweeds, new flowery cactus, and the vulture mob. Of the three biomes voted on, this option remains the only one not yet added to the game.
Added as part of Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update, mangrove swamps, frogs, and boat chests can all be found in game. However, notably missing were fireflies which did not make it to live because they were poisonous to frogs.
[Winner] Mountains
The winner of the 2019 biome vote was mountains which led to the caves and cliffs update coming in 1.17. The noted features at the time were powdered snow, goats, and various updates to mountains. Little did players expect how much more it would truly entail!

All Minecraft Biome Vote Winners & Nominees

Only two biome votes have occurred since the voting tradition began in 2017. Fans speculate it may return when the losing biome updates are all added to the game, but until then, we can look forward to the mob vote that continues to this day. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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