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Valheim Update 0.218.16 Patch Notes: Trollstav Changes, Bug Fixes, & More

Posted on by justin
Ashlands has arrived in Valheim on the Standard Branch, but that doesn't mean the Public Test Branch won't receive new patches after this major update. In particular, developer Iron Gate Studio has released Update 0.218.16 for the Valheim Public Test Branch, which delivers various bug fixes and improvements to this survival sandbox title, including some adjustments to the chaotic Trollstav, in its patch notes.

What’s in Valheim Patch 0.218.16?

Valheim Update 0.218.16 Public Test Branch players can now encounter various tweaks to weapons and building pieces in The Valheim Update 0.218.16. For instance, the Trollstav, which is a weapon that can summon trolls, can no longer be used in dungeons. So, players must rely on their gear, skills, and wits to win dungeon encounters rather than letting summoned trolls fight for them. Additionally, bosses can now target the trolls summoned by the Trollstav. Gone are the days wherein players could summon trolls against bosses, as these minions remained relatively safe while fighting major enemies. Moving forward, Public Test Branch players can now place Shield Generators over lava without worry. Before, this action wasn’t possible since lava would damage and eventually destroy a Shield Generator. Also, some players were able to duplicate stackable items using the catapult. This issue has been fixed with the Valheim Update 0.218.16.

Valheim Patch 0.218.16 Full Patch Notes – May 27, 2024

It’s important to mention that this Valheim Public Test Branch Update doesn’t contain new content and features. Nonetheless, here are the full patch notes for this update:
Fixes & Improvements
  • Trollstav can no longer be used in dungeons
  • Trollstav will now give a warning message when trying to spawn too many trolls
  • Bosses can now attack spawned trolls
  • Smoke bombs can now be used to put out fire
  • Stone portal is now able to be built on stone & black marble
  • Shield Generator no longer take damage from being built over lava
  • Grausten arched roof pieces no longer display a gap between the top of two roof pieces
  • Fixed a performance issue related to grausten building pieces
  • Fader's flame is no longer visible at a longer distance than his body
  • The catapult will no longer duplicate stacked items
  • Magma fish is now interested in hot fishing bait
  • The immobilized tooltip will no longer show unnecessary stats
  • The loading screen will now freeze the window for a much shorter period.
  • The intro will now start playing while loading to shorten the overall loading time when starting the game for the first time
  • You can now cycle through hints in the loading screen
  • Localization tweaks
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