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Valheim Shield Generator Guide: How to Craft, Crafting Recipe, & Placement

Posted on by justin
(Estimated Read Time: 4 minutes)
The Valheim Ashlands Update added a new defensive item to its massive list of potential crafts. With it, bases gain an extra defense layer for structures. This item becomes invaluable in dangerous areas, especially when exploring the hellish landscape of the Ashlands. So, keep reading as we show you a step-by-step guide on how to craft the Shield Generator in Valheim.

How to Craft the Shield Generator in Valheim

Valheim Shield Generator Maintaining structures and building materials in the Ashlands is almost impossible without the Valheim Shield Generator. Without it, your structures would burn up from the hot ashes. Albeit the Shield Generator in Valheim becomes a priceless late-game item, its usefulness is on par with its rarity. In particular, players must go through a challenging process before they can make full use of it, particularly since you must So, here are the steps to make this item and build your dream Ashlands base:

Step #1: Upgrade the Artisan Table With an Artisan Press

Valheim Artisan Press Assuming that you have an Artisan Table, build an Artisan Press using the following materials:
  • 5x Black Marble
  • 5x Bronze
  • 1x Majestic Carapace
Gather the 5x Bronze by destroying the braziers in Frost Caves at the Mountain biome. Next, travel to the Mistlands and mine the Giant Remains to farm the 5x Black Marble. While in this location, challenge and defeat the biome's boss, The Queen, to collect its Majestic Carapace. Return to your base and use these items to build an Artisan Press. Note: It’s only possible to craft the Artisan Press only after defeating The Queen.

Step #2: Craft a Shield Core

Valheim Shield Core Now that you have an Artisan Press, your next task is to craft a Shield Core. This time, you must gather and use 1x Black Core, 1x Surtling Core, and 5x Ceramic Plate. Find a Black Core in one of the Infested Mines in the Mistlands. Note that some mines may not contain a Black Core, leading you to search for another location for this item. Next, defeat Surtlings in swamps or the Ashlands to collect a Surtling Core. Finally, gather 25x Black Marble and use them in the Artisan Press to make 5x Ceramic Plate. Interact with the upgraded Artisan Table again to use the collected materials to make the Shield Core.

Step #3: Craft the Shield Generator

Valheim Craft Shield Generator Equip the Build Hammer and use the Shield Core with 5x Iron and 5x Copper to craft the Shield Generator. Copper and Iron are relatively common resources in Valheim. However, if you lack these items, smelt Iron Ore or Scrap Iron at the Smelter to make Iron and use Copper Ore or Copper Scrap in the same station to craft Copper.

Step #4: Place and Use the Shield Generator

Valheim Place Shield Generator Place the Shield Generator in your ideal base location in the Ashlands. Next, feed it Bone Fragments or Charred Bone to ensure the shield remains active. Remember, the shield uses one fuel per 500 damage received. So, pay attention to its fuel, or you'll return to a burnt-down base.
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