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Valheim Black Core Farming Guide: Locations, Uses, & All Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Black Cores in Valheim are valuable resources used to craft end-game buildings. However, finding these materials can be challenging in more ways than one. So, keep reading as we guide you into collecting Black Cores and help ensure your survival during your farming runs.

Where to Find a Black Core in Valheim

Valheim Black Cores Search within the dungeons in Mistlands for Black Cores. In particular, explore the Infested Mines beneath Black Marble buildings. Players will know if they’re about to enter an Infested Mine if Seekers typically guard the area. Preparing yourself before exploring an Infested Mine as you search for Black Cores is ideal. Equip powerful gear, like the Skoll and Hati, before venturing into the mine. Also, improve survivability by achieving max comfort. Remember, entering unprepared can lead to an early death. Here, you’ll encounter various aggressive enemies, including Seeker Soldiers, Seeker Broods, and Ticks. An Infested Mine can have up to 96 rooms. So, pay attention to your surroundings since it can be easy to get lost. Don’t forget to search an Infested Mine for hidden rooms. Black Cores are rare item spawns but are only uncommon inside secret areas. You’ll know when you’re near a secret room when you see white rune markings near its entrance. Also, you’ll generally find at least two Black Cores per Infested Mine. However, some Infested Mines may not spawn Black Cores.

Black Core Crafting Recipes in Valheim

Use Black Cores in Valheim to craft specific yet important structures. The buildings you can make with this particular material are the following:
  • Black Forge: 10x Black Marble, 10x Yggdrasil Wood, and 5x Black Core
  • Galdr Table: 10x Black Metal, 20x Yggdrasil Wood, 5x Refined Eitr, and 5x Black Core
  • Eitr Refinery: 20x Black Marble, 5x Black Metal, 10x Yggdrasil Wood, 3x Sap, and 5x Black Core
Out of the three structures to build, it’s ideal to craft the Black Forge first. With it, players can craft quality gear, including the Carapace armor set. Next, craft the Eitr Refinery to make Refined Eitr, which is used to create certain magical items in Valheim. Finally, craft the Galdr Table to make magical equipment, such as the Staff of Embers, Dead Raiser, and Eitr armor set.
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