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How To Get Skoll and Hati in Valheim

Posted on by justin
On December 6, 2022, Valheim received a ton of new content courtesy of the Mistlands update. One of the weapons introduced in this patch was the Skoll and Hati, and we’re here to guide you into getting this dual-wielded knife and sickle combination.

Crafting Skoll and Hati in Valheim

Valheim Skoll and Hati Crafting Crafting a Quality 1 Skoll and Hati in Valheim requires the following items at the Black Forge:
  • 4x Fine Wood
  • 10x Iron
  • 10x Black Metal
Chop Birch and Oak trees at the Meadows and Plains biomes to harvest Fine Wood. Feed Scrap Iron or Iron Ore into a Smelter to receive Iron. Finally, smelt Black Metal Scrap in a Blast Furnace with Coal as fuel to receive Black Metal. You can also upgrade Skoll and Hati as you upgrade the Black Forge. Upgrading the weapon from Quality 1 to Quality 2 requires 4x Iron and 4x Black Metal with a Level 2 Black Forge. Then, you need 8x Iron and 8x Black Metal with a Level 3 Black Forge to upgrade a Quality 2 Skoll and Hati to Quality 3. Tip: Use console commands to spawn the materials needed to craft Skoll and Hati if you want to skip the grind.

Skoll and Hati Stats

Valheim Skoll and Hati Named after the mythical wolves of Norse mythology, Skoll and Hati in Valheim is a knife-class weapon. It’s also the first weapon many players can encounter that they can dual-wield. This weapon also has two weapon attacks – slash and pierce. Below are the stats of the Skoll and Hati weapon at each quality level:


1 2














Note: It’s possible to reach Quality 4 with Skoll and Hati, but only by upgrading the Black Forge to Level 4 using console commands (at the time of writing).
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